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Siemens FI18NP Series Operating Instructions Manual

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Operating instructions



  Summary of Contents for Siemens FI18NP Series

  • Page 1 Operating instructions FI18NP.. FI24DP..
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Congratulations ..................3 Safety and warning information .
  • Page 3: Congratulations

    Important information Congratulations Safety and warning when using the appliance – Never use electrical appliances information In buying your new freezer, you have inside the appliance (e. g. heater, chosen a modern and qualitatively, electric ice maker, etc.). high-grade appliance. Explosion hazard! Before you switch ON Your freezer is characterised by efficient...
  • Page 4: Information Concerning Disposal

    – Do not scrape off hoarfrost or stuck Redundant appliances: frozen food with a knife or pointed Cut off the power cord and discard Information object. You could damage the with the mains plug. refrigerant tubing. Leaking refrige- concerning disposal Take off the doors.
  • Page 5 Your new appliance These operating instructions refer to several models. Illustrations can differ. Fascia Drawer Control panel for the ice and water dispenser Ice maker Particle filter / Water filter * 10. Water capture bowl and rest Ice cube container Door storage compartment (detachable) Shelves...
  • Page 6 Fascia +/– On/Off button Setting buttons Symbols in the display field Serves to switch the appliance on and In the temperature setting mode, the off. temperature can be changed using the Display for the freezer +/– setting buttons space, e.g. when Ice maker button See section “Setting the temperature”...
  • Page 7: Installation

    Fixing Installation Electrical For secure installation, the appliance screwed to neighbouring kitchen connection furniture and/or units. Installation location It is very important therefore that all Do not use an extension lead or a multi- bordering furniture and/or units are fixed Install the appliance in a dry, well plug socket.
  • Page 8: Factory Settings

    To set the temperature: Active the setup mode using the Factory settings “super” freezing buttons. symbol is Upon leaving the factory, the appliance The “super” freeze function is ideal displayed. has been supplied with the following when storing larger amounts of food. Set the desired temperature using settings: It should be pre-activated 4–6 hours...
  • Page 9: Variable Interior Design

    Drawers Variable interior design You can vary the shelves inside the appliance and the containers in the door to suit your requirements. Shelves Place the compartment into the guiding The height of the glass shelves can be adapted. positions openings and press down- To take out, lift the drawers slightly and wards.
  • Page 10: Setup Mode

    To switch to the next menu: To deactivate the setup mode: Press setup button Setup mode All of the changed settings are stored. There are menus for adapting the appliance to the individual user require- If no button is selected within ments.
  • Page 11: Holiday Mode

    Temperature unit Energy saving mode Holiday mode The temperature can be displayed in If the energy saving function degrees Fahrenheit ( ° F) or degrees (eco function) is activated, the appliance Celsius ( ° C). switches to energy saving operation. If leaving the appliance for a long period This energy saving function is preset at of time, you can switch the appliance...
  • Page 12: Sabbatical Mode

    How to wrap food Sabbatical mode Freezing and storing correctly: Place the food in the wrapping. food Sabbatical mode settings: Press out all the air. – the “Super freeze” function is Seal the wrapping. ended (if activated); Purchasing deep-frozen Label the wrapping with the –...
  • Page 13: Maximum Freezing Capacity

    Important note: Drinking water quality If the ice cube maker is used for the first Maximum freezing All materials used in the drinks time and/or a long period of not being dispenser are odourless and tasteless. capacity used, do not use the ice which is If the water has an aftertaste, this may produced in the first day for hygiene be caused by:...
  • Page 14 Dispensing water Remove and clean the water capture bowl Place a suitable receptacle under the discharge opening. Overflow water collects in the water capture bowl and has to be regularly removed. Press crushed ice request button. Dispensing ends, when the button is released.
  • Page 15: How To Save Energy

    Locking the ice and water Noises which can be dispenser easily rectified In order to secure the ice and water The appliance is not level dispenser against unintentional use Allign the appliance with the aid activate the childproof lock. of a spirit level. Keep the lock button on the ice Use the height-adjustable feet or place and water dispenser control panel...
  • Page 16: Cleaning The Appliance

    Sensor failure Cleaning the Odours appliance If you experience unpleasant odours: Press the on/off button Press the on/off button and switch the appliance off! and switch the appliance off! Take all food out of the appliance. Pull out the mains plug or switch off Clean the interior.
  • Page 17: Appliance Self-Test

    Appliance self-test Water filter Before you call customer service, Risk of severe illness and death! conduct a self-test on the appliance. (S RSX YWI XLI ETTPMERGI MR TPEGIW Switch off the appliance and wait [LIVI XLI [EXIV UYEPMX] MW VMWO] SV RSX 5 minutes.
  • Page 18: Technical Details

    Specification and performance data sheet for freezer water filter cartridge Technical details Through flow speed (maximum) 0.78 GPM (2.9 l/min) Nominal useful duration (maximal) 750 gallons (2838 l) Maximum operating temperature 100 ºF (38 ºC) Minimum pressure 35 psi (241 kPa) Minimum operating temperature 33 ºF (1 ºC) Maximum operating pressure...
  • Page 19: Eliminating Minor Faults Yourself

    Eliminating minor faults yourself Before you call customer service: Please check whether you can eliminate the fault yourself based on the following information. — Customer service will charge you for advice even if the appliance is still under guarantee! Appliance Fault Possible cause: Remedial action...
  • Page 20 The ice maker does The appliance or ice maker has only just been Approx. 24 hours is needed until ice production not make enough switched on. starts. ice or the ice is A lot of ice has been taken. Approx. 24 hours is needed until the ice cube deformed.
  • Page 21 Water runs from The water connection hose is not properly Replace the hose with a manufacturer’s original the appliance. sealed. part. Incorrect shut-off tap installed. Incorrect taps can cause low water pressure and damage to the appliance. The water pressure Low water pressure.
  • Page 22: Change The Light Bulbs

    Change the light Customer service bulbs Check whether you can remedy the fault yourself on the basis of information provided in the “Eliminating minor faults Warning yourself” section. Your local customer 4YPP SYX XLI QEMRW TPYK SV W[MXGL SJJ service can be found in the telephone XLI JYWI Risk of electric shock! directory or in the customer-service index.
  • Page 24 Subject to alterations. Siemens Elektrogeräte GmbH Carl-Wery-Straße 34 81739 München 9000 265 259 en (8705)

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