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Eliminating Minor Faults Yourself - Siemens FI24DP31AU Instructions For Use Manual

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Eliminating minor faults yourself

Before you call customer service:
Please check whether you can eliminate the fault yourself based on the following information.
Customer service will charge you for advice – even if the appliance is still under guarantee!
Appliance has no refrigeration
The light does not work.
The display does not illuminate.
The refrigeration unit is
switching on more frequently
and for longer.
The light (LED) does not work. The LED lamp is defective.
Display indicates "E..".
Display indicates
Ice maker
The ice maker doesn't work.
The ice maker does not make
enough ice or the ice is
Possible cause
Appliance has been switched off.
Power failure.
The fuse has been switched off.
The mains plug has not been inserted
Appliance opened frequently.
The ventilation openings have been
Large quantities of fresh food are
placed in the freezer.
Light switch is jammed.
Electronics have detected a fault.
The mains voltage falls below
the permitted limiting value.
Possible cause
Ice maker is not connected to
the mains supply.
Ice maker does not contain any fresh
The freezer compartment temperature
is too warm.
The appliance or ice maker has only
just been switched on.
A lot of ice has been taken.
Low water pressure.
The water filter is bunged up or used. Change the water filter.
Remedial action
Press the On/Off button.
Check whether the power is on.
Check the fuse.
Check whether the mains plug is secure.
Do not open the appliance unnecessarily.
Remove obstacles.
Activate "super" cooling and/or "super"
Call customer service.
Check whether it can be moved.
Call customer service.
When the mains voltage reaches
the stipulated value again, the warning
message goes out. If the warning message
lasts for longer, inform the energy supply
Remedial action
Call customer service.
Ensure that the water is properly connected.
Check freezer compartment temperature
and, if required, set slightly colder.
Approx. 24 hours is needed until ice
production starts.
Approx. 24 hours is needed until the ice
cube container is filled again.
Connect the appliance to the stipulated
water pressure only (see chapter
Connecting appliance, section Water


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