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   Summary of Contents for Suzuki gsr750

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    1. Outline of engine ................23 2. Modifications for low-to-mid rpm range torque ........24 (1) Camshaft profiles................. 24 (2) Suzuki Dual Throttle Valve (SDTV) injection system ...... 24 (3) Injectors ..................24 (4) Transmission ................25 (5) Suzuki Exhaust Tuning (SET) ............25 (6) Transistorized ignition control circuit ...........
  • Page 3 Chassis ....................29 1. Summary................... 30 2. Modifications of functional parts ............31 (1) Riding position and handlebars ............ 31 (2) Frame ..................32 (3) Swingarm ..................33 (4) Front suspension ................. 34 (5) Rear shock absorber ..............34 (6) Front brake .................. 35 (7) Rear brake ...................
  • Page 4: Introduction And Concept

    Introduction and Concept The 2011 Suzuki GSR750 is a blend of the modern and the futuristic with a powerful 749cm four-cylinder fuel- injected engine. For this model, we spent more than 2 years conducting serious and intensive market surveys on design and customer needs.
  • Page 5: Concept Chart

    A dynamic ride with strong acceleration and sporty handling 749cm engine to deliver robust torque with strong acceleration Engine design Camshaft profiles Suzuki Dual Throttle Valve (SDTV) Extra-fine-atomization, 8-hole fuel injector Close-ratio transmission Suzuki Exhaust Tuning (SET) Inverted front fork Chassis design...
  • Page 6: Key Features Overview

    Introduction and Concept 2. Key Features Overview Feature map of the new GSR750 (1) Overall styling Overall styling expresses a lean and mean, futurisfic and mechanical image. The side body has several strong character lines starting at the front and moving up and back.
  • Page 7 (3) Front suspension (Inverted front forks) Inverted front forks with massive image feature 41mm stanchion tubes and gold-color anodized upper tubes and allow spring preload to be externally adjusted. (see page 13) (4) Frame The use of steel helped allow the frame design to be kept slim to realize the styling concept.
  • Page 8: Styling

  • Page 9: Styling Concept

    Styling Styling 1. Styling concept The styling concept of the GSR750 can be summed up as “Cool Villain” - aggressive, futuristic and attractive bad guy image. The design takes its inspiration from movies, Japanese animations and subculture artifacts. The side view contains several character lines extending upwards toward the rear.
  • Page 10 Styling 2. Overall styling GSR750 GSR600...
  • Page 11: Details

    We have added details, which give the styling a "Bad" image. Multi-reflector combined high/low beam with a dual-filament halogen bulb and clear main lens. Integrated dual position lights with patterned blue lenses. Item GSR750 Wattage 12V60/55W (H4) Light distribution Multi-reflector...
  • Page 12: Front And Rear Fenders

    Styling (2) Front and rear fenders Features The front and rear fenders are designed with strong lines starting at the front and moving up and back. The hole added to the front fender reinforces the mechanical image.
  • Page 13: Inverted Front Forks

    Styling (3) Inverted front forks Features Inverted KYB front forks with massive image feature 41mm stanchion tubes and gold-color anodized upper tubes and allow spring preload to be externally adjusted.
  • Page 14: Fuel Tank And Front Section

    Styling (4) Fuel tank and front section Features The fuel tank is shaped short in length and tall in height to create a prominent, voluminous feel. The fuel tank is flanked by side panels with textured surfaces that deliver an eye-pleasing contrast with the tank surface.
  • Page 15: Hugger Fender

    (5) Hugger fender Features The rear hugger not only helps protect the rear of the bike from dirt while riding, but also features stylish design matched with futuristic styling.
  • Page 16: Seats

    The pillion rider’s seat is separated from the rider’s seat, and is designed very sharply. A compartment underneath the removable pillion rider's seat can carry a U-shaped lock or can be used to store small items. 815mm Item GSR750 Rider's seat height 815 mm Rider's seat length 295 mm...
  • Page 17: Muffler

    (7) Muffler Features The muffler has a distinctive triangular shape. The muffler cover is a form-fitting, brushed-stainless steel heat shield.
  • Page 18: Tailsection

    Styling (8) Tailsection Features Angular tailsection with integrated LED taillight. Together with LED and the muffler-less tail design, it provides sharpness and freshness.
  • Page 19: Footrest

    The aluminum mounts also work as part of character lines on the side body. Hooks built into the pillion rider's footrest mounts make it easier to secure a small bag or parcel to the rear seat. Item GSR750 Rider's footrest Foldable with rubber grip Pillion rider's footrest...
  • Page 20: Instrument Cluster

    Styling (10) Instrument cluster Features The silver-accented instrument cluster is designed to provide freshness and quality feel. The instrument cluster has a prominent analog tachometer on the left and other functions packed in a back-lit, brightness-adjustable LCD display on the right. The main functions are indicated as below: The instrument cluster also include neutral indicator, high beam indicator, turn signal indicators, and oil pressure / coolant temperature indicator.
  • Page 21: Rearview Mirrors

    (11) Rearview mirrors Features Molded rearview mirrors, which accentuate the overall styling with futuristic and mechanical image, are newly designed with straight lines.
  • Page 22: Engine

  • Page 23: Outline Of Engine

    The engine’s efficient power output translates into an outstandingly user-friendly running performance in a variety of riding situations. The above engine designs also make the GSR750 10% more fuel-efficient (WMTC mode, Suzuki in- house research) than the GSR600. Specifications...
  • Page 24: Modifications For Low-to-mid Rpm Range Torque

    The cam profiles are designed to optimize the valve timing to tune the GSX-R750 engine – which is designed keeping in mind racetrack use – to obtain the GSR750 power character that’s more suited to the streets and winding roads.
  • Page 25: Transmission

    Benefit The transmission realizes smooth operation and acceleration, contributing to reduction of engine power losses. Power band utilization can be maximized by optimizing the gear ratio for GSR750. (5) Suzuki Exhaust Tuning (SET) Features SET is an exhaust device that opens/closes a butterfly valve in accordance with the engine rpm.
  • Page 26: Devices For Environmental Friendliness

    Engine 3. Devices for environmental friendliness (1) Spark plug Features The iridium spark plug is newly used. Item GSR750 GSR600 Type NGK CR9EIA-9 or DENSO IU27D NGK CR9E or DENSO U27ESR-N Material of electrode Iridium alloy Nickel alloy Shape of discharge point...
  • Page 27: Catalyzer

    The muffler contains a catalyzer to reduce exhaust emissions and enhance environmental performance. The catalyzer is designed to reduce more hydrocarbons (HC), the carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions. Item GSR750 GSR600 Diameter 69.5 mm 76.3 mm Length...
  • Page 28: Pulsed Secondary-air (pair) Injection System

    Engine (4) Pulsed secondary-AIR (PAIR) injection system Features Built-in PAIR system greatly contributes to environmentally friendly performance. The PAIR system directly injects fresh air from the air cleaner box into the cylinder head exhaust port - through a PAIR control solenoid valve which is controlled by the ECM in accordance with throttle position and engine rpm - to react with unburned HC and thus reduces CO emissions.
  • Page 29: Chassis

  • Page 30: Summary

    As measures to improve cornering performance on winding roads, the frame rigidity was further optimized, chassis alignment was modified, and the vehicle mass was centralized by using a lower- right-mounted muffler, instead of a center-mounted muffler. Item GSR750 GSR600 Frame Steel tube twin-spar...
  • Page 31: Modifications Of Functional Parts

    (1) Riding position and handlebars Features The GSR750’s sporty riding position is created by a carefully crafted relationship between the handlebars, footrests and seat. The rider leans the upper body more forward and put the legs more straight to the ground.
  • Page 32: Frame

    Chassis (2) Frame Features GSR750 frame uses D-section tubes on the upper frame rails, for a slimmer design and improved riding position. Each section is carefully designed and reinforcement is added, to balance the rigidity and flexibility. The seat rail is made of steel tube, and now welded to the frame.
  • Page 33: Swingarm

    (3) Swingarm Features The black, rectagular-section steel swingarm is also designed to work well the engine character. The swingarm is also designed to be matched with the frame design of GSR750.
  • Page 34: Front Suspension

    The preload is fully adjustable. The steering stem, upper and lower brackets are also designed for the inverted front forks. Item GSR750 Type Inverted telescopic, coil spring, oil damped Brand Inner tube diameter 41 mm...
  • Page 35: Rear Shock Absorber

    (5) Rear shock absorber Features The rear shock absorber is designed to work well for the GSR750. The diameter of the damper tube is 40mm. The preload is 7-way adjustable. The cushion lever is used to provide progressive movement to the rear wheel.
  • Page 36: Rear Brake

    (Please note that ABS is a supplemental device for brake operation, not a device for shortening stopping distance. Always remember to reduce speed sufficiency before approaching curves and corners.) (8) Tires Features The tires have a new pattern which works better with the GSR750. Item GSR750 Front tire brand...
  • Page 37: Wheels

    (9) Wheels Features The GSR750 features lightweight three-spoke cast aluminum wheels. Item GSR750 Front wheel size 17M/C × MT3.50 Front wheel material Cast aluminum alloy Front wheel color Black Front wheel number of spoke Rear wheel size 17M/C × MT5.50...
  • Page 38: Accessories

    Chassis 3. Accessories Features A selection of Suzuki Genuine Accessories are available for riders who want to customize their GSR750 and make it uniquely their own. Meter visor Under cowl...
  • Page 39: Body Colors

    4. Body colors Pearl Glacier White (YWW) Glass Sparkle Black / Pearl Mira Red (JSP) Glass Sparkle Black (YVB)
  • Page 40: Specifications

  • Page 41 Specifications Dimensions and curb mass Overall length 2,115 mm (83.3 in) Overall width 785 mm (30.9 in) Overall height 1,060 mm (41.7 in) Wheelbase 1,450 mm (57.1 in) Ground clearance 145 mm (5.7 in) Seat height 815 mm (32.1 in) Curb mass 210 kg (463 lbs) Engine...
  • Page 42 Specifications Chassis Frame Steel tube twin-spar Front suspension Inverted telescopic, coil spring, oil damped, KYB, preload fully adjustable Front fork stroke 120 mm (4.7 in) Rear suspension Link type, coil spring, oil damped KYB, preload 7-way adjustable Rear Wheel travel 135 mm (5.3 in) Caster 25°20'...

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