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Peavey Express 112S TransTube Operating Manual

Peavey express 112 s transtube series operating guide.
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Table of Contents

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   Summary of Contents for Peavey Express 112S TransTube

  • Page 2 Intended to alert the user to the presence of uninsulated “dangerous voltage” within the product’s enclosure that may be of sufficient magnitude to constitute a risk of electric shock to persons. Intended to alert the user of the presence of important operating and maintenance (servicing) instructions in the literature accompanying the product.
  • Page 3 Congratulations on your purchase of the all new ExpressTM 112 TransTubeTM Series. This amp represents years of research on vacuum tube emulation, resulting in a totally new Express. The preamp has been redesigned, using patent-applied for technology that redefines tubelike distortion and harmonic generation in solid-state amps.
  • Page 4 GAIN SWITCH (9) Boosts the overall system gain. Depress to the “in” position to activate. LOW, MID, & HIGH EQ (10) Passive tone controls that regulate the low, mid, and high frequencies, respectively. POST GAIN (11) Controls the overall volume level of the Lead channel. The final level adjustment should be made after the desired sound has been achieved.
  • Page 5: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS Rated Power & Load: Power specs measured with T. Dynamics @ 10 65 W RMS into 8 ohms 4 ohms not recommended Power @ Clipping: (Typically) (5% THD, 1 kHz, 120 V AC line) 65 W RMS into 8 ohms Frequency Response: +O, 3 dB, 60 Hz to 20 kHz, @ 50 W RMS into 8 ohms...
  • Page 6: Tone Settings

  • Page 7 Consulte 10s diagramas de1 panel delantero en la seccibn de ingl& de este manual. HIGH GAIN INPUT (Entrada de ganancia alta) (1) Se usa para la mayoria de las guitar-r-as electricas. Tiene 6 dB m&s volumen que la entrada de baja ganancia. LOW GAIN INPUT (Entrada de baja ganancia) (2) Se suministra para instrumentos que tienen una salida extremadamente alta, la cual puede causar la sobrecarga (distorsion) de la entrada de alta ganancia.
  • Page 8 T. DYNAMICS CONTROL (Control de1 circuit0 T. Dynamics) (15) Ajusta el nivel de potencia de1 amplificador de 10% a 100%. Cuando esta en la position mas baja, la simulation de compresion de potencia sera mas pronunciada. POWER LED (LED indicador de corriente) (16) Se ilumina cuando el amplificador recibe corriente alterna.
  • Page 9 Veuillez vous r6f6rer au “front panel line art” situ6 dans la section en langue anglaise de ce manuel. HIGH GAIN INPUT (Entree haut gain) (1) Cette prise s’utilise avec la plupart des guitares electriques. Elle donne un gain superieur de 6 dB a l’entree “Low Gain”.
  • Page 10 T. DYNAMICS CONTROL (Commande <<Dynamique T>>) (15) Regle le niveau de puissance de l’amplificateur de 10 a 100%. Lorsqu’il est regle en bas de plage, la simulation de compression de puissance est bien plus prononcee. POWER LED (DEL temoin de mise sous tension) (16) S’allume lorsque l’ampli recoit l’alimentation CA.
  • Page 11 Siehe Diagramm der Frontplatte im englischen Teil des Handbuchs. HIGH GAIN INPUT (1) Dieser Eingang kann fur die meisten elektrischen Gitarren verwendet werden. Er ist 6 dB empfindlicher als der Low Gain Input. LOW GAIN INPUT (2) Dieser Eingang ist fur die Instrumente vorgesehen, die ein besonders hohes Ausgangssignal erzeugen. Falls beide Eingange gleichzeitig benutzt werden, sind die Ausgangssignale gleich (beide sind dann Low Gain).
  • Page 12 T.-DYNAMIKREGLER (T. Dynamics Control) (15) Regelt den Leistungspegel des Verstgrkers von 10% bis 100% Leistung. Bei den niedrigeren Einstellungen ist die Simulation der Leistungskompression sehr vie1 betonter. POWER LED (16) Zeigt die eingeschaltete Netzspannung an. POWER SWITCH (Netzschalter) (17) Bringen Sie den Schalter auf die ON-Position. Die rote Kontrollampe (LED) leuchtet und zeigt an, da13 das Gertit eingeschaltet ist.
  • Page 13 For further information on other Peavey products, ask your Authorized Peavey Dealer for the appropriate Peavey catalog/publication: Bass Guitars Guitars Bass Amplification Guitar Amplification Sound Reinforcement Enclosures Microphones Keyboards Lighting Mixers, Powered/Non-Powered Accessories/Cables Effects Processors AxcessTM Wear The Peavey BeatTM...
  • Page 14 REGISTRATION CARD will help ensure that you are contacted and properly notified. b. Notice of address changes - If you move from the address shown on the WARRANTY REGISTRATION CARD, you should notify Peavey of the change of address so as to facilitate your receipt of any bulletins or other forms of notification which may become necessary in connection with any condition that may require dissemination of information or correction.
  • Page 15: Important Safety Instructions

    The user should not attempt to service this equipment. All service work should be done by a qualified service technician. This product should be used only with a cart or stand that is recommended by Peavey Electronics. Exposure to extremely high noise levels may cause a permanent hearing loss. Individuals vary considerably in susceptibility to noise induced hearing loss, but nearly everyone will lose some hearing if exposed to sufficiently intense noise for a sufficient time.
  • Page 16 Features and specifications subject to change without notice. Peavey Electronics Corporation 711 A Street / Meridian, MS 39301 / U.S.A. / (601) 483-5365 / Fax 486-1278 01995 #I8030231 0 Printed in U.S.A. 2/95...

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