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Warranty - Keurig K150C Owner's Manual

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Warranty Information
What is covered by this warranty?
Keurig UK Limited ("Keurig") warrants that your Keurig
K150C Plumbed brewer (the "brewer") will be free of defects in
materials or workmanship when used in accordance with this use
and care guide for one year from the date of purchase (the
"warranty period").
This warranty only applies to Keurig
purchased directly from Keurig and operated in the United Kingdom;
if you purchased your K150C Plumbed brewer from a Keurig
Authorised Distributor, you should look to such distributor to resolve
any issues with your brewer, as this warranty does not apply.
What will happen if you file a claim under this warranty?
Keurig will either repair or replace the brewer without charge upon its
receipt of proof of the date of purchase from Keurig and the brewer in
accordance with the terms of this warranty. If Keurig chooses to
replace the original product under this warranty, this warranty applies
to the replacement product only during the remaining warranty period
for the original product after which this warranty will expire and shall
have no effect.
Keurig will reimburse the costs for returns of the brewer where this
warranty applies if shipped with an ATR (as defined below) to the
place designated herein and in accordance with Keurig's instructions.
What is not covered by the Limited Warranty?
This warranty does not extend to, and Keurig is not liable for:


Model K150C Plumbed brewers
any damages of any kind whatsoever which do not directly arise
from defects in materials or workmanship of the brewer. Such
damages include without limitation property damage, any
economic loss, loss of profit or goodwill, costs and expenses
resulting from any breach of this warranty;
damages caused by any act, omission or services performed by
anyone other than Keurig or its authorised service providers, use of
parts other than genuine Keurig
abuse, misuse, power supply or acts of God; or
any express warranty, written or oral, other than the terms set out
in this warranty.
Paragraph 1 does not affect, whether during or outside the
warranty period:
Keurig's liability in respect of:
death or personal injury caused by Keurig's negligence;
any representation by Keurig which amounts to a fraud;
loss or damage which arises from the brewer proving defective
while in consumer use and results from the negligence of a person
concerned in the manufacture or distribution of the brewer;
Keurig's liability in respect of:
Keurig not having the right to sell the brewer, the brewer not being
free from any charge or encumbrance and your possession of the
brewer as a purchaser being disturbed by third parties who claim
their rights over the brewer;
the brewer not corresponding with the description; or
the brewer not meeting the standard that a reasonable person
would regard as satisfactory, taking account of any description of
the goods, the price and all other relevant circumstances.
parts, or external causes such as

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