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Operation; Playing A Demo Project - Pioneer TORAIZ SP-16 Operating Instructions Manual

Professional sampler
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The following explanations starts from the home screen. To go to the
home screen, press the [HOME] button.

Playing a demo project

Loading a project
1 Tap the [PROJECT] button.
The PROJECT screen appears on the touch display. In the project screen,
you can perform operations such as loading and saving projects.
2 Turn the rotary selector to select [OPEN] and then
press the rotary selector.
The project list appears.
! To return to a higher level, press the [BACK] button or tap [BACK]
on the touch display.
3 Turn the rotary selector to select a demo project and
then press the rotary selector.
A confirmation pop-up appears.
4 Tap [OK].
Tap [OK] to load the project.
Playing a pattern
1 Press the [d] button.
The current pattern of the demo project plays. The [d] button is lit in
green during playback.
! Pressing the [d] button during playback pauses playback.
! Pressing the [g] button during playback stops playback while
allowing reverberations and other sound to remain, and returns
to the beginning of the pattern. Pressing the [g] button again
stops all sounds including the reverberations.
2 Press the [PATTERN] button.
The unit enters the pattern switching mode and the [PATTERN] button
lights in white. The 16-step keys are lit in the current scene color during
pattern switching mode.
! 16 patterns can be held in one scene. Each pattern is assigned to
one of the 16-step keys.
! All patterns with a sequence recorded are dimmed, all patterns
without a sequence recorded are off, and the current scene is full
3 Press a 16-step key with a sequence recorded.
The pattern assigned to the pressed 16-step key plays.
! The timing for switching patterns depends on the set quantize
! The pressed 16-step key flashes during pattern switching.
! Exit pattern switching mode by pressing [PATTERN] button.
Playing an arrangement
The arranger screen appears. In the arranger screen, you can arrange
and sequence the created patterns to produce a whole song.



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