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Parker Brothers Risk The World Conquest Game Games Manual

For 2 to 6 players
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  Summary of Contents for Parker Brothers Risk The World Conquest Game Games

  • Page 3: Setup

    Mission cards used page Sample RISK Cards: Note: The 12 Secret Mission cards are used only in the Secret Mission RISK variation. Remove them for other games. & containing Cavalry (worth Cavalry). Start game trade Infantry Artillery. To conquer eliminating...
  • Page 4: Playing

    your tum, capture territories defeating armies. careful: Winning battles will depend quick decisions moves. You'll have t$rtiQ attack just theright time y o u deknses Note: time during game, trade equivalent (see page Cavalry Artillery Fortifying yow wition. GE'lT'WG PLACING turn, beginning each...
  • Page 5 After the sixth set has been traded i n , each additional set is worth armies. Example: If you trade in the seventh set, you get 20 armies; if you trade in the eighth, you get m e s , and so om "First"...
  • Page 6: 2 Players

    territories. capturing territory, you capture territory that move least many annies as the your last battle. m e m b e r : most cases, fro@ m t a g e o u s , because whenpu atbcking. ~ l s o remember tfxe territory attacked...
  • Page 7 ATTACKING your turn, attack territory Whenever attack "neutral" territory, "neutral" territory. tral" annies cannot attack and never k&, be the first to eliminate your opponent by capturing a l l of his or her -ria. You do not have to eliminate the "neutral" armies. all "neutral"...
  • Page 8 PLACEMENT INITIAL ARMY color depending number Select aq8, "armies" you'll need start m e . a & P ~ P C O W ~ ~ J ~ P ~ ~ Y Q T - W W ~ O playing, each player counts playing,...
  • Page 9 Advantage when attaddng. temtory you're attacking may, wish, tenitory. again. once stop hand into your You may Commanders. Once dice you've just rolled influence your will happy Relatiens D&artment, have from territory re-roll place card face card than turn, cpestion, tepitary f$&h use.

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