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RackSwitch G8124E
Lenovo Press Product Guide
The RackSwitch™ G8124E (shown in Figure 1) delivers exceptional performance that is both lossless
and low latency. In addition, the G8124E delivers excellent cost savings as you consider acquisition
costs, energy costs, plus its feature-rich design with when it comes to virtualization, CEE/FCoE, high
availability, and its enterprise class Layer 2 and Layer 3 functionality.
With support for 1 Gb Ethernet or 10 Gb Ethernet, the G8124E switch is designed for those clients that
are leveraging 10 GbE today or have plans to in the future. This is the first top of rack (TOR) 10 GbE
switch designed to support Virtual Fabric, which helps clients significantly reduce cost and complexity
when it comes to the I/O requirements of most virtualization deployments today. Virtual Fabric can help
clients reduce the number of multiple I/O adapters down to a single dual-port 10 GbE adapter, in addition
to reducing the number of cables and upstream switch ports required. Virtual Fabric allows clients to
carve up a dual-port 10 GbE adapter into eight virtual NICs (vNICs) and create dedicated virtual pipes
between the adapter and the switch for optimal performance, plus higher availability and better security.
This functionality provides the ability to dynamically allocate bandwidth per vNIC in increments of 100 Mb,
while being able to adjust over time without downtime.
Figure 1. RackSwitch G8124E
Did you know?
The G8124E switch is designed to support a number of separate types of configurations from a server or
downstream switches: 1 Gb, 10 Gb, virtual NIC, Converged Enhanced Ethernet (CEE/FCoE), and iSCSI.
This single switch can handle all these workloads and can connect to an upstream 1 Gb or 10 Gb
infrastructure, or both.
The G8124E is designed to support data center bridging (DCB), which is the IEEE's group of protocols
that provide Lossless Ethernet and allows for clients to reduce the costs of implementing FCoE by
leveraging port aggregation before connecting to more costly upstream gateway devices.
The G8124E can be configured in "easy connect" mode to allow for transparent and simple connectivity to
the upstream network, enabling easy connectivity to upstream Cisco, Juniper or other networks without
having to change those networks.
Virtual Fabric helps clients reduce costs and complexity in environments where they need four or more
NICs per server. A perfect example is virtualization, where clients often need as many as eight NICs per
The G8124E can help clients reduce the complexity of managing VMs and VM migration with VMready
feature that makes the network VM-aware.
RackSwitch G8124E



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  • Page 1 This functionality provides the ability to dynamically allocate bandwidth per vNIC in increments of 100 Mb, while being able to adjust over time without downtime. Figure 1. RackSwitch G8124E Did you know? The G8124E switch is designed to support a number of separate types of configurations from a server or downstream switches: 1 Gb, 10 Gb, virtual NIC, Converged Enhanced Ethernet (CEE/FCoE), and iSCSI.
  • Page 2: Part Number Information

    Table 1. Part numbers and feature codes for ordering Feature code for Feature code for Description Part number MTM 7309-HC6 MTM 7309-HC7 Switch RackSwitch G8124E (Rear to Front) 7309BR6 A1PF None RackSwitch G8124E (Front to Rear) 7309BF7 None A1PG Miscellaneous options...
  • Page 3 Brazil 10A line C13 to NBR 6147 (2.8M) 39Y7929 6223 Argentina 10A line C13 to IRAM 2063 (2.8M) 39Y7930 6222 10A/250V C13 to NEMA 6-15P 2.8m power cord 46M2592 A1RF Japan 10A/100V C13 to JIS C-8303 2.8m power cord 46M2593 A1RE RackSwitch G8124E...
  • Page 4: Supported Cables And Transceivers

    Part 7309-HC6 / quantity number 7309-HC7) supported Description SFP transceivers - 1 GbE Lenovo 1000BASE-T SFP Transceiver (does not support 10/100 Mbps) 00FE333 A5DL Lenovo 1000BASE-SX SFP Transceiver 81Y1622 3269 Lenovo 1000BASE-LX SFP Transceiver 90Y9424 A1PN SFP+ transceivers - 10 GbE...
  • Page 5 Lenovo 3m Active DAC SFP+ Cable 95Y0326 A25B Lenovo 5m Active DAC SFP+ Cable 95Y0329 A25C Lenovo 1m Active DAC SFP+ Cable (replaces 95Y0323) 00VX111 AT2R Lenovo 3m Active DAC SFP+ Cable (replaces 95Y0326) 00VX114 AT2S Lenovo 5m Active DAC SFP+ Cable (replaces 95Y0329)
  • Page 6 Benefits The RackSwitch G8124E switch is considered particularly suited for these clients: Clients who are looking for ultra low latency 10 GbE networking  Clients who are looking to converge their SAN and LAN and needing a FCoE transit switch ...
  • Page 7 Transparent networking capability: With a simple configuration change to Easy Connect mode, the RackSwitch G8124E becomes a transparent network device, invisible to the core, eliminating network administration concerns of Spanning Tree Protocol configuration/interoperability, VLAN assignments and avoids any possible loops. By emulating a host NIC to the data center core, it accelerates the provisioning of VMs by eliminating the need to configure the typical access switch parameters.
  • Page 8: Features And Specifications

    Form factor: 1U rack mount switch  RackSwitch G8124E Rear-to-Front version for ports located in the rear of the rack matching System x®, BladeCenter® and Flex System® designs RackSwitch G8124E Front-to-Rear version for ports located in the front of the rack matching airflow of iDataPlex®...
  • Page 9 Support for IEEE 802.1p, IP ToS/DSCP, and ACL-based (MAC/IP source and destination addresses, VLANs) traffic classification and processing Traffic shaping and re-marking based on defined policies Eight output Class of Service (COS) queues per port for processing qualified traffic IPv4/IPv6 ACL metering RackSwitch G8124E...
  • Page 10  FC-BB5 FCoE specification compliant FCoE transit switch operations FCoE Initialization Protocol (FIP) support for automatic ACL configuration Link Aggregation Group (LAG) support for FCoE traffic Supports 2,048 FCoE sessions with FIP Snooping by using Class ID ACLs RackSwitch G8124E...
  • Page 11 Bootstrap Protocol (BOOTP) and DHCP  RADIUS, TACACS+ and LDAP  VMware Virtual Center (vCenter) for VMready  Routing Information Protocol (RIP)  Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)  Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM)  Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP)  sFLOW  RackSwitch G8124E...
  • Page 12: Standards Supported

    IEEE 802.3z 1000BASE-LX long range fiber optics Gigabit Ethernet  Connectors and LEDs Figure 2 shows the front panel of the RackSwitch G8124E. Figure 2. Front panel of the RackSwitch G8124E The front panel of the G8124E contains the following components: LEDs that display the status of the switch and the network.
  • Page 13: Network Cabling Requirements

    Figure 3 shows the rear panel of the RackSwitch G8124E. Figure 3. Rear panel of the RackSwitch G8124E The rear panel of the G8124E contains the following components: Two redundant fixed AC power supplies (IEC 320-C14 power connector)  Six redundant fixed fans ...
  • Page 14: Warranty

    Lenovo service upgrade offerings are country-specific, that is, each country might have its own service types, service levels, response times, and terms and conditions. Not all covered types of Lenovo service upgrade offerings might be available in a particular country.
  • Page 15: Agency Approvals

     FCC 47CFR Part 15 Class A EN 55022 Class A ICES-003 Class A VCCI Class A AS/NZS CISPR 22 Class A CISPR 22 Class A EN 55024 EN 300386 Environmental  Reduction of Hazardous Substances (ROHS) 6 RackSwitch G8124E...
  • Page 16: Typical Configurations

    Emulex 10 Gb Virtual Fabric Adapters for System x  For more details, see Emulex 10Gb Virtual Fabric Adapter II and III Family for System x , TIPS0844 http://lenovopress.com/tips0844 RackSwitch G8124E  Figure 4. Virtual Fabric topology RackSwitch G8124E...
  • Page 17 Flex System using any of the following Ethernet modules in the chassis: Flex System EN2092  Flex System Fabric EN4093/EN4093R  Low-profile, high-performance, 24-port 10-GbE switch needed to perform aggregation function per  rack Figure 5 shows a G8124E top-of-rack switch. Figure 5. G8124E top-of-rack switch RackSwitch G8124E...
  • Page 18 Full Layer 2/3 feature set: STP, MSTP, RSTP, PVRST+;RIP v1/2, static routes, OSPF.  Security: 802.1X; RADIUS/TACACS+; Wire Speed ACLs, SSH v1, v2; HTTPS Secure BBI.  QoS: Up to eight queues/port, IEEE 802.1p and DiffServ prioritization.  Figure 6. Rack-optimized server aggregation: 1 GbE attached rack servers RackSwitch G8124E...
  • Page 19 Lossless Ethernet Fabric  Ultra-low latency for time-sensitive disk reads/writes  Line-rate, high-bandwidth performance  Low power consumption with fewer components  Low-cost, pay-as-you-grow 10G storage network  Figure 7. G8124E benefits for IP storage over 10 GbE RackSwitch G8124E...
  • Page 20: Related Publications And Links

    RackSwitch G8124E Installation Guide :   RackSwitch G8124E isCLI Command Reference RackSwitch G8124E Application Guide  RackSwitch G8124E Browser-Based Interface Quick Guide   RackSwitch G8124E Menu-Based Command Reference For more information, see the following resources: G8124E Product Page: http://ibm.biz/Bdx4gJ...
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