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AEG MCD1763E-M User Manual

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  Summary of Contents for AEG MCD1763E-M

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  • Page 34: Table Of Contents

    11. ENVIRONMENT CONCERNS ......... . . 65 FOR PERFECT RESULTS Thank you for choosing this AEG product. We have created it to give you impeccable performance for many years, with innovative technologies that help make life simpler –...
  • Page 35: Safety Information

    ENGLISH 1. SAFETY INFORMATION IMPORTANT! IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS: READ CAREFULLY AND KEEP FOR FUTURE REFERENCE. If food being heated begins to smoke, DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR. Turn off and unplug the oven and wait until the food has stopped smoking. Opening the door while food is smoking may cause a fire.
  • Page 36 Do not attempt to replace the oven lamp yourself or allow anyone who is not authorised by AEG to do so. If the oven lamp fails, please consult your dealer or call an authorised AEG service agent. 1.2 To avoid the possibility of explosion and...
  • Page 37 37 ENGLISH taken when handling the container. Do not cook eggs in their shells and whole hard boiled eggs should not be heated in microwave ovens since they may explode even after microwave cooking has ended. To cook or reheat eggs which have not been scrambled or mixed, pierce the yolks and the whites, or the eggs may explode.
  • Page 38 Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.
  • Page 39 39 ENGLISH AEG service agent. Do not immerse the temperature. Always stand back from power supply cord or plug in water or the oven door when opening to avoid any other liquid. Do not allow the power burns from escaping steam and heat.
  • Page 40 Do not place anything on the outer cabinet during operation. Do not use plastic containers for microwaving if the oven is still hot from using the GRILL mode, DUAL GRILL mode and AUTO COOK operation because they may melt. Plastic containers must not be...
  • Page 41: Product Description

    41 ENGLISH 2. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 2.1 Microwave Oven Grill heating element Front trim Oven lamp Control panel Door opening button Waveguide cover Oven cavity Seal packing Door seals and sealing surfaces Ventilation openings Outer cover Rear cabinet Power supply cord...
  • Page 42 • To avoid turntable damage, ensure dishes or containers are lifted clear of the turntable rim when removing them from the oven. When you order accessories, please mention two items: part name and model name to your dealer or an authorised AEG service agent.
  • Page 43: Control Panel

    43 ENGLISH 3. CONTROL PANEL Digital display indicators Grill Microwave Dual Clock Cooking stages Plus/Minus Auto defrost bread Auto defrost Weight Auto cook indicators Auto cook button Auto defrost button Power level button Grill button Timer/Weight knob Start/Quick button Stop button Door open button...
  • Page 44: Before First Use

    4. BEFORE FIRST USE 4.1 Econ mode 4. Press the START/QUICK button. The display will show: The oven is set in energy save mode (Econ). 5. Rotate the TIMER/WEIGHT knob to adjust the hour. 1. Plug in the oven.
  • Page 45: Using The Stop Button

    45 ENGLISH 3. Press the STOP button. 4. The display will show: Econ. 5. Close the door. 6. The oven will count down from 3:00 to zero. 7. When zero is reached, the oven goes into Econ mode and the display goes blank.
  • Page 46: Operation

    5. OPERATION 5.1 Microwave safe cookware Microwave Cookware Comments safe Aluminium foil/ Small pieces of aluminium foil can be used to shield food containers from overheating. Keep foil at least 2 cm from the oven walls, as arcing may occur. Foil containers are not recommended unless specified by the manufacturer.
  • Page 47: Microwave Cooking Advice

    47 ENGLISH 5.2 Microwave cooking advice Microwave cooking advice Composition Foods high in fat or sugar (e.g. Christmas pudding, mince pies) require less heating time. Care should be taken as overheating can lead to fire. Size For even cooking make all the pieces the same size. Temperature of The initial temperature of food affects the amount of cooking time needed.
  • Page 48 Your oven can be programmed for up to Cooking time Increasing unit 90 minutes. The input unit of cooking 0-5 minutes 15 seconds time varies from 15 seconds to five 5-10 minutes 30 seconds minutes. It depends on the total length of...
  • Page 49: Kitchen Timer

    49 ENGLISH 5.4 Reduced power level Cooking mode Standard time Reduced power level Microwave 800 W 20 minutes Microwave 560 W Grill 20 minutes Grill-50 % Dual Grill Grill-20 minutes Grill-50 % IMPORTANT! If you cook the food over the standard time with only the same cooking mode, the power of the oven will lower automatically to avoid overheating (the microwave...
  • Page 50: Add 30 Seconds

    5.6 Add 30 seconds The START/QUICK button allows you to Extend the cooking time operate the two following functions: You can extend the cooking time for multiples of 30 seconds if the button is Direct Start pressed while the oven is in operation.
  • Page 51: Grill Only Cooking

    51 ENGLISH To cancel PLUS/MINUS, press the If you select MINUS, the display POWER LEVEL button 3 times. will show If you select PLUS, the display will show 5.8 Grill and dual grill cooking This microwave oven has two grill burning smell when using the grill cooking modes: for the first time, this is normal and...
  • Page 52: Dual Grill Cooking

    Dual grill cooking This mode uses a combination of grill Button Power setting power and microwave power. The Grill x 1 microwave power level is preset to 240 W. Grill x 2 240 W Grill x 3 400 W...
  • Page 53 53 ENGLISH 2. Enter the desired time by rotating the TIMER/WEIGHT knob clockwise until 2.30 is displayed. 3. Check the display. 4. Press the GRILL button once. 5. Enter the desired time by rotating the TIMER/WEIGHT knob clockwise until 5.00 is displayed. 6.
  • Page 54 5.10 Auto cook and auto defrost Auto cook and auto defrost Food Symbol Setting automatically works out the correct Gratinated fish fillet Microwave + cooking mode and cooking time. You grill can choose from 6 auto cook and 2 auto...
  • Page 55: Programme Charts

    55 ENGLISH 6. PROGRAMME CHARTS 6.1 Auto cook chart Weight Auto cook (increasing Button Procedure unit)/Utensils Beverage 1-4 cups • Place cup towards edge of turntable. (Tea/Coffee) 1 cup = 200 ml Boiled and 0.1-0.8 kg (100 g) Boiled potatoes: Peel the potatoes and cut jacket potatoes Bowl and lid them into similar sized pieces.
  • Page 56: Auto Defrost Chart

    6.2 Auto defrost chart Weight (increasing Auto defrost Button Procedure unit)/Utensils Meat/fish/poultry 0.2-0.8 kg (100 g) • Place the food in a flan dish in the Flan dish centre of the turntable. • When the audible bell sounds, turn the food over, rearrange and separate.
  • Page 57: Recipes For Auto Cook

    57 ENGLISH 6.3 Recipes for auto cook Grilled skewers Gratinated fish fillet ‘Italian’ 3 pieces 0.6 kg 0.9 kg 1.2 kg 300 g pork cutlets, cubed 260 g 390 g 520 g fish fillet 60 g streaky bacon ½ tbsp 1 tbsp 1½ tbsp lemon juice 75 g onions, quartered ½...
  • Page 58 Spinach gratin Potato and courgette gratin 0.5 kg 1.0 kg 1.5 kg 0.5 kg 1.0 kg 1.5 kg 150 g 300 g 450 g leaf spinach, 10 g 15 g butter or defrosted, drained margarine to grease the dish...
  • Page 59: Cooking Charts

    59 ENGLISH 6.4 Cooking charts Heating food and drink Quantity Power Time Food/drink Setting Method -g/ml- Level -Min- Milk, 1 cup Micro 800 W do not cover Water, 1 cup Micro 800 W do not cover 6 cups Micro 800 W 10-12 do not cover 1 bowl...
  • Page 60: Defrosting And Cooking

    Defrosting and cooking Standing Quantity Power Time Food Setting Method time Level -Min- -Min- Fish fillet Micro 800 W 10-12 cover One plate Micro 800 W 9-11 cover, stir after 6 minutes meal Cooking, grilling and browning Standing Quantity...
  • Page 61: Care And Cleaning

    61 ENGLISH 7. CARE AND CLEANING CAUTION! Heat up your oven regularly by using the grill. Remaining food or fat splashed can DO NOT USE COMMERCIAL OVEN cause smoke or a bad smell. CLEANERS, STEAM CLEANERS, Turntable and turntable support ABRASIVE, HARSH CLEANERS, ANY THAT CONTAIN SODIUM HYDROXIDE Remove the turntable and turntable...
  • Page 62: Troubleshooting

    • Call an authorised AEG service agent. The interior light is not • Call your local AEG service agent. The interior light bulb can be working? exchanged only by a trained AEG service agent. The food is taking longer •...
  • Page 63: Installation

    63 ENGLISH 9. INSTALLATION The microwave can be fitted in position A, B, C or D: Niche size Position 560 x 550 x 360 462 x 300 x 350 462 x 300 x 360 560 x 300 x 350 560 x 300 x 360 462 x 500 x 350 462 x 500 x 360 560 x 500 x 350...
  • Page 64 9 2 Safe use of the appliance microwave should be allowed to prevent overheating of microwave If fitting the microwave in position B or C: oven, surrounding cupboard and • The cupboard must be a minimum of accessories. 500 mm (E) above the worktop and must •...
  • Page 65: Electrical Connections

    1000 W Microwave Frequency 2450 MHz (Group 2/Class B) Outside Dimensions: MCD1763E-M 594 mm (W) x 371 mm (H) x 316 mm (D) Cavity Dimensions 285 mm (W) x 202 mm (H) x 298 mm (D) Oven Capacity 17 litres Turntable ø...
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