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Optional Accessories; Technical Data; Consumption Rates; After-Sales Service - Siemens WT34A200HK Instructions For Installation And Use Manual

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Optional accessories

Exhaust air duct set
The exhaust air is extracted via a hose.
Washer-dryer stack connection set
The dryer can be placed on top of a suitable washing machine with the same width and depth
to save space. The dryer must be fastened on the washing machine with this connection set.
If the worktop of the washing machine is less than 544 mm deep, please consult
the after-sales service or your specialist retailer.
For easier loading and unloading. The basket contained in the drawer can be used
to carry the laundry.

Technical data

Dimensions (DxWxH)
Max. capacity
Connection voltage
Connected load
Fuse protection
Ambient temperature
Product number
Production number
The rating plate can be found on the back of the dryer.

Consumption rates

Residual moisture in the
fabrics after spinning
Cottons 7 kg
Cupboard Dry*
1400 rpm
1000 rpm
Iron Dry*
1400 rpm
1000 rpm
Easy-Care 3.5 kg
Cupboard Dry*
* Programme setting for testing in accordance with applicable standard DIN EN61121.
** The values may differ from those specified, depending on the type of fabric, composition of laundry
to be dried, residual moisture in the fabric, the degree of dryness that has been set and the amount
of laundry being loaded.
Cottons 7 kg / 3.5 kg*
Cupboard Dry***
*** Programme setting for testing and energy labelling in accordance with Directive 2010/30/EU.
(order from the after-sales service using the order number, according to model)
60 x 60 x 85 cm (height adjustable)
approx. 36 kg
7 kg
220-240 V
2200 W
10 A
5 - 35°C
Inside of door
Drying time**
107 min
128 min
800 rpm
149 min
83 min
99 min
800 rpm
116 min
800 rpm
47 min
600 rpm
59 min
Drying time
Annual energy consumption
97 min / cycle
482 kWh / year

After-sales service

If you cannot rectify the fault yourself (e.g. switching off/on)
please contact our after-sales service. We will always find an appropriate solution and avoid
unnecessary visits by engineers.
The contact details of your local after-sales service can be found in the enclosed after-sales
service directory.
Please provide the after-sales service the product number (E no.) and the production number
(FD) of the appliance.
Product number
Trust the expertise of the manufacturer. Contact us for assistance. In this way, you can rest
assured that the repair will be carried out by trained service technicians using original spare

What to do if ...

Turn the programme selector to Off and remove the mains plug from the socket.
Start/Pause indicator light
does not light up.
The display panel light and
indicator lights (depending on
model) go out and the
Start/Pause indicator light
The display panel switches off.
3.16 kWh
(Fluff filter/Exhaust air duct)
3.95 kWh
indicator light flashes.
4.60 kWh
1.96 kWh
2.92 kWh
3.63 kWh
Dryer does not start.
1.32 kWh
Programme terminates shortly
1.72 kWh
after starting.
Water is leaking out.
The door opens by itself.
You can find this information:
inside the door* / in the opened service flap*
and on the rear of the appliance.
*depending on the model
Production number
Mains plug plugged in?
Programme selected?
Check the socket fuse.
Energy-saving mode is activated
Energy-saving mode instructions.
The appliance goes into the sleep mode after activating
Finished in option
page 5.
Clean the fluff filter
page 4.
Press the
Start/Pause button to reset the displayed
indication and then press the
to restart the appliance if necessary.
Exhaust air duct blocked or bent?
Clean the exhaust air duct
If necessary, clean the insect screen on the exhaust air
Start/Pause button selected? Door closed?
Programme set?
Ambient temperature greater than 5°C?
Is the appliance loaded with the laundry?
Load too small for selected programme?/Use timed
page 6/7.
Loaded laundry dry?
Make sure the dryer is level.
Push the door closed until you hear it engage.
What to do if..., page 11/12,
see the separate
Start/Pause button again
page 8.



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