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HMR3500 User's Guide
4.5.1 File Menu
COM Port
An open COM port dialog will appear, showing the current status of the input to CompassHost and listing
all available COM ports in the range of COM1 through COM8. Select an available port and "open" (or you
can double-click the port). If a port is currently open, you can choose "close" if needed. Exit with "quit." If
no port is open, most of CompassHost's services are unavailable.
Log File
The dating logging facility can be used to store test data for later analysis and plotting. If a log file is open,
CompassHost gathers information from several messages to create a set of data in the form of an ASCII file readily
imported into spreadsheet programs, such as Excel. For more information, see Data Logging, on page 23.
Opens a log file. By default, the directory is the current directory. The shortcut used to launch
CompassHost can set the directory, and only existing files with the name Compass*.dta are shown. A
default file name is created of the format Compass<module's serial number>.dta. The "Files of type:"
dropdown can be used to show all existing files. If you attempt to open an existing, non-empty file, you will be asked
whether you want to overwrite it or append to it.
Closes an open logging file.
If a log file is open, this command will close it and attempt to open a new file with an incremented name
but with the same extension in the same directory. If a file with the new name already exists, a file open
dialog box will come up. Otherwise, the new file is opened, and logging proceeds.
Terminates CompassHost.
4.5.2 View Menu
Toggles the visibility of the toolbar.
Status Bar
Toggles the visibility of the status bar.
Status View
Toggles a special child window on top of the main display. This view maintains a summary of current
information taken from DORIENT and DRMC messages as illustrated in Figure 5.



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