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HMR3500 User's Guide
Nav Console
Figure 5: Status View Window
Toggles the Nav Console display window on and off. The display shows the data output from the
compass in real time, as shown in Figure 6. By default, this window is displayed in the upper right corner
of the track display, but it may be moved as well as hidden.
By default, text in displays is shown with the system font, but you can specify any font installed on your machine with
this command, in sizes from 8 through 20 points. Changing to a smaller size can fit more information on the screen.
In particular, the main display (Figure 4) saves and can display up to the 50 most recent messages from the module.
You cannot change the size of the default system font since it is not scalable.
4.5.3 Compass Menu
Serial Number
Issues a VRSN command to the module, with a timeout. You will be notified if there is no response. This menu item
is checked if a version has been received, but it can be issued at any time if, for example, a different module is
It is important that CompassHost have the serial number and related data for the module currently connected.
Several of the program's features are enabled or disabled based on this information. If the automatic inquiry fails,
you should issue this command explicitly when the compass has been powered up and connected.
Several quantities should be supplied to the compass upon startup, and these are gathered together into
this multi-purpose dialog, shown in Figure 7. The quantities are controlled by three messages, and this
command solicits current values from the module for all of them before the dialog is displayed.
Initializations will be overwritten by the startup defaults for these parameters that are stored in non-
volatile memory.
Figure 6: Nav Console Window



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