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HMR3500 User's Guide
The column on the left is the message type and corresponds to the mnemonics used in section 3.4, Message
Descriptions, starting on page 7. Following the mnemonic is most or (usually) all of the data from the message, interpreted
and formatted specifically for it.
If a serial COM port was open the last time CompassHost terminated, it will attempt to reopen the same port upon startup.
If this isn't possible, the "open COM port" dialog will come up automatically. This dialog can be brought up at any time to
close the port or change to another one.
CompassHost adjusts its behavior based on the module's firmware version and build options, so it will send a VRSN
request automatically whenever a COM port is opened or whenever a DPOWER message is received, implying module
reset or power up. Depending on when the compass is powered on or connected to the corresponding serial port, the
automatic requests may fail. If so, the window title bar will state "Serial number unknown," and the status bar will show
"No version information available." Or perhaps you have connected a different module, and the old module's information
persists. In either case, you should issue a "Serial No" request from the "Compass" menu. This sends a VRSN command,
enforcing the module's reply with a timeout.
This section describes the actions available from the menu bar. In some cases, they are also available through a button
on the toolbar, and that button is shown with the description.
Figure 4: CompassHost Main Window Display



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