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Test Software - Honeywell hmr3000 TruePoint User Manual

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HMR3500 User's Guide
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DORIENT interval


Host computer test software is provided in the Engineering Demonstration Kit that will permit a thorough evaluation and
demonstration of the compass capabilities. CompassHost is a 32-bit Windows test program. It is capable of sending and
receiving all messages described in this manual except the BAUD message. It can display all messages received from the
module in the main window with scrolling text. It has a small window summarizing the current status of the module and a
graphic display of the current compass heading, roll, and pitch.
CompassHost can be run under Windows 9x, ME, NT 4.0, 2000 or their successors. One available serial port is required
for communicating with the compass.
CompassHost is supplied as a single file, CompassHost.exe and a folder of ActiveX control files. Apart from the standard
Windows services already present, it uses no DLL, and, although it will create a registry entry when running, does not
require any such entries in advance. A Setup.bat file simplifies the installation process to install the ActiveX control and
register it on the computer for future use. The ActiveX control files are necessary to data display which shows the
graphical roll, pitch, and compass heading in real time. A Readme.txt file is also included to describe this installation
When the ActiveX controls have been installed, CompassHost can be run directly from the floppy disk, but you will
probably want to copy it to a suitable directory on your hard disk, and you will probably want to create a shortcut for it.
These are standard Windows operations. When creating a shortcut, you may want to pay attention to the "Start in:" text
box on the "Shortcut" tab of the properties page. This specifies the current directory when CompassHost executes, and,
when opening a log file, CompassHost displays the file dialog with the current directory as the default. You can control this
default through shortcut properties.
CompassHost's main window provides a scrolling list of messages from the module. Selecting an icon in the toolbar will
cause a small window to pop up, called the Nav Console, with the graphical representation of the compass information,
including a compass rose display of heading as well as roll and pitch in terms of (positive and negative) degrees. You can
hide the small window by pushing the same button again.
The start-up display is the message list, as shown in Figure 4. The module's serial number appears in the window title bar
at the top. If it says "Serial number unknown" try issuing the "Serial No" command under the Compass menu. Immediately
below the title bar is the usual menu bar, and immediately below that is a row of toolbar buttons. At the bottom of the
window is a status bar with four panes. The leftmost contains context-sensitive help which describes the action of the
toolbar button or menu item positioned under the cursor. To its right is the name of the data logging file currently open (if
any). To the right of that is the module's firmware version and other information returned in the DVRSN message. (See
message details for Version, page 13.) Finally, the serial COM port currently active is shown at the lower right corner.
Both the toolbar and the status bar can be hidden if desired.
Byte Offset
Processor, memory, and disk space requirements are minimal.
Current value for milliseconds between DORIENT messages. Zero
signifies none.



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