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The display shows the following indications:
Active Mode: the Active Mode indicator shows the mode
that is currently set on the Mode Knob. See section 1.4.
Pressure Altitude: The reported pressure altitude is
displayed as a Flight Level (FL), which is the pressure
altitude in hundreds of feet. When non-standard atmospheric
conditions apply, this may not match the altimeter indicated
altitude, but will be correctly displayed by the Air Traffic
Control (ATC) radar.
Squawk Code: The current squawk code selected by the
Numeric Buttons. See Squawk Code Entry in section 1.5
Flight ID: The aircraft call sign entered on your flight plan.
See Flight ID Entry in section 1.6
IDENT Indicator: The IDENT Indicator shows when IDENT
mode is active. See section 1.5.
Reply Indicator: The Reply Indicator is active when the
transponder replies to interrogations.
Deviation Pointer: When altitude monitoring is in use, a
small deviation pointer appears adjacent to the altitude
display on the transponder. See Altitude Monitor in section
Warning message: See section 1.7
Fault Annunciation: See section 1.8.

Light Sensor

If connected to a lighting bus, the KT 74 will adjust the brightness of
the front panel lighting based upon the lighting bus input. If no
lighting bus input is detected, the KT 74 will automatically control the
front panel lighting based on the ambient light sensor. The dim point
for the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) backlight illumination can be
adjusted by using the configuration mode as described in section
1.9 of this guide.
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Table of Contents

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