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Stopwatch; Flight Id Entry; Altitude Monitor - Honeywell KT 74 Pilot's Manual

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KT 74 Pilot's Guide


Press the FUNC button twice to display the stopwatch. The
stopwatch can be used as a convenient timer. Pressing ENT will
reset and start the timer. Pressing ENT again will stop the timer.

Flight ID Entry

Press the FUNC button three times to display the Flight ID entry
screen. The edit the Flight ID using the numeric buttons. The lower
portion of the display shows the alpha numeric characters selected
through multiple presses of the numeric buttons. When the correct
character is shown in the flight ID section of the screen, press the
ENT button to accept and advance to the next digit. The flight ID is
terminated with a "space" character located on the 7 button. When
ENT is pressed on the end space, the new Flight ID will replace the
previous value. If a button is not pressed for 7 seconds, the changes
are ignored and the previous code restored.
The Flight ID should correspond to the aircraft call sign entered on
your flight plan. If no flight plan is active, the aircraft registration
should be used as your Flight ID. Use only letters and digits. If the
Flight ID is less than 8 characters long, enter the "space" character
(7 button) to end it.

Altitude Monitor

Press the FUNC button four times to display the Altitude Monitor
enable screen. The Altitude Monitor activates an audio annunciator
or annunciator light (depending on installation) when the aircraft
pressure altitude differs from the selected altitude by more than 200
feet. Pressing ENT toggles the altitude monitor at the current
When altitude monitoring is in use, a small deviation pointer appears
adjacent to the altitude display on the transponder.
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