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Ads-B Monitor; Warning Messages; Fault Annunciation - Honeywell KT 74 Pilot's Manual

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ADS-B Monitor

Press the FUNC button five times to display the Altitude Monitor
screen The ADS-B Monitor is only available on installations that
include an ADS-B position source. The ADS-B Monitor provides a
display of the position information that is being transmitted in ADS-B
position reports. This can provide confirmation that the correct
information is being transmitted, particularly where the Global
Positioning System (GPS) source is remote from the transponder.
In the event that valid position information is NOT available from the
GPS, the latitude and longitude display will be replaced by dashes. If
no valid latitude and longitude is shown, then ADS-B position
information is NOT being transmitted.
Loss of ADS-B position information will also result in a WARNING
message being displayed.


If the transponder detects a problem, the screen will indicate
WARNING and a brief statement of the problem. Depending on the
nature of the problem, your transponder may not be replying to
interrogations. Note the message on the screen and pass that
information to your avionics maintenance organization. The
WARNING message should clear when the event has cleared. Press
ENT to clear the message at any time; if the fault is still present the
message may reappear.


If the transponder detects an internal failure, the screen will indicate
FAULT and a brief statement of the problem. No replies will be made
to interrogations when a fault is detected.
Some FAULT indications can be recovered by switching the
transponder off and back on again, although in all cases a FAULT
code implies that there is a fault with the transponder or the
installation. Note the FAULT message at the bottom of the screen
and pass that information to your avionics maintenance organization.
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Table of Contents

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