Component Parts; Mounting Plate Mke-7 And Swivel Mounting Plate Hhs-7; Phone Holder Mbt-5; Universal Mobile Charger Lch-6 - Nokia 8110 Installation Instructions Manual

Nhe–6 & nhk–6
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Component Parts

Mounting Plate MKE–7 and Swivel Mounting Plate HHS–7
MKE–7 is a fixed position mounting plate; HHS–7 is a swivel mounting plate
which allows for adjustable fixing. Both two mounting plates are interchange-
Phone Holder MBT–5
The phone holder allows the phone to be firmly located in a convenient posi-
tion. The phone holder is attached to the vehicle's interior using mounting plate
MKE–7 or alternatively swivel mounting plate HHS–7. The mounting must be
secured with a screw (delivered with MKE–7/HHS–7).
Universal Mobile Charger LCH–6
The universal mobile charger enables the phone to be charged via the vehicle's
cigarette lighter socket. The charger connects to the phone via a d.c. jack sock-
et located on the base of phone. The supply voltage may vary between 11 and
32 V.
External Antenna Unit AAH–1D
The external antenna unit allows an external antenna to be connected to the
phone's antenna when the phone is located in the mobile holder. The external
antenna unit is fastened to the bottom of the phone holder as shown below.
Power is supplied either from the vehicle's battery via the fixed mobile charger,
LCM–1 or from the cigarette lighter socket via the universal mobile charger,
LCH–6 (not supplied).
Original 18/96
Installation Instructions
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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents