Power Cable Pch-4J; Handsfree Microphone Hfm-7; Extension Cable Xhc-1 (Optional For Phf-3); External Mobile Antenna (Not Supplied) - Nokia 8110 Installation Instructions Manual

Nhe–6 & nhk–6
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Technical Documentation
Power Cable PCH–4J
The power cable connects the standard handsfree unit, PHF–3, to the vehicle's
power supply. The red wire must be connected to the + voltage on the vehicle's
battery via the supplied fused connector. The black wire must be attached to a
good negative GND connection.
The blue ignition sense (IGNS) wire is connected to +12 V voltage controlled by
the vehicle's ignition key via the supplied fused connector. See section "Ignition
The yellow wire is used for car radio muting (XCRM). The line goes down to 0
volts during a call. See section "Car Radio Muting".
The green wire is used for motor antenna (AMC). The voltage in this output is
+12 V whenever the phone is on. See section "Antenna Motor Control".
Handsfree Microphone HFM–7
The HF microphone connects directly to the standard handsfree unit (to
Extension Cable XHC–1 (optional for PHF–3)
The extension cable allows a phone holder and an external antenna unit to-
gether to be connected to the standard handsfree unit when the unit is located
on the place apart from the others. Ensure PHF–3 is located so that the in-
coming voice from the internal speaker is loud enough.

External Mobile Antenna (not supplied)

The external antenna unit is designed to operate with a high quality external
antenna. However, due to many different types of antennas being available, an
antenna is NOT included as part of this kit. Please, consult the dealer to find
out which is the most suitable antena type for your installation.
Original 18/96
Installation Instructions
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Table of Contents

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