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Installation Instructions


There are some important aspects that require special attention in positioning
car kit accessories.
The positioning of the phone holder is the most important factor when trying to
achieve the most comfortable position for the user. The location of the holder
should be selected so that the visibility of the phone's display is good under all
lighting conditions, but not so that the driver's attention is easily distracted. The
holder should be located so that the driver can easily reach the keypad. Under
no circumstances should the holder prevent the driver from controlling or oper-
ating the vehicle in any way or observing traffic.
The fixed mobile charger can be installed in a hidden location, since there is no
need to disconnect cables during normal operation. Ensure the location does
not subject the unit and cables to moisture or mechanical pressure. Also re-
member clean the mounting tape location properly before installing.
The handsfree microphone can be installed on the driver's sunvisor or the
A–pillar. Ensure the microphone is as close to the driver's mouth as possible,
and attached to a surface that is mechanically quiet. The microphone should be
mounted at least 3 ft/1 m away from the handsfree unit speaker to avoid acous-
tic feedback. See separate microphone installation guide.
Ensure cables are routed as far away as possible from the vehicle's electronic
systems (refer to WARNINGS). Also ensure cables are not subjected to undue
mechanical stress e.g. under seats or against sharp edges. The external anten-
na adapter should always be connected to the antenna via a non–radiating
cable (e.g. coax).
The most important component of the installation is the antenna. The location
of the antenna as well the quality of the antenna and its installation have a con-
siderable influence to the overall performance of the whole system. Therefore it
is necessary to emphasize some aspects, which too often have caused unnec-
essary service work.
The best place for the antenna is the rooftop. The overall performance of a
rooftop antenna is clearly superior to any other antenna type or location. The
Antenna shall be mounted in a position such that no part of human body will
normally rest too close to any part of the antenna unless there is a an intervent-
ing metallic screen, for example, the metallic roof.
highest place in the car
proper ground place
omnidirectional radiation pattern
minimum risk for disturbances
user safety
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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents