Fixed Mobile Charger Lcm-1; Output Power Cable Pcc-2; Power Cable Pcm-5; Standard Handsfree Unit Phf-3 - Nokia 8110 Installation Instructions Manual

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Installation Instructions
Fixed Mobile Charger LCM–1
The fixed mobile charger provides a power supply for the external antenna unit
and the mobile phone.
Output Power Cable PCC–2
The output power cable connects the fixed mobile charger to the external an-
tenna unit.
Power Cable PCM–5
The power cable connects the fixed mobile charger, LCM–1, to the vehicle's
power supply. The red wire must be connected to the + voltage supply con-
trolled by the vehicle's ignition key via the supplied fused connector. The black
wire must be attached to a good negative GND connection.
Standard Handsfree Unit PHF–3
The standard handsfree unit enables the phone to operate in handsfree mode.
The unit is attached to the vehicle interior using mounting plate MKE–7, or
swivel mounting plate HHS–7. The mounting must be secured with a screw (de-
livered with MKE–7/HHS–7). A temporary installation can be achieved using
installation belts (not supplied).
Power is supplied from the vehicle's battery via the power cable PCH–4J. The
standard handsfree unit provides the power supply to the phone via the system
The HF microphone, HFM–7, connects to the
be attached to the standard handsfree unit as shown.
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Technical Documentation
socket. The phone holder can
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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents