Panasonic CQ-C3401 Operating Instructions Manual

Panasonic car stereo system operating instructions


Safety Information

Read the operating instructions for the unit and all other com-
ponents of your car audio system carefully before using the
system. They contain instructions about how to use the sys-
tem in a safe and effective manner. Panasonic assumes no
responsibility for any problems resulting from failure to
observe the instructions given in this manual.
This pictograph intends to alert you to the pres-
ence of important operating instructions and
installation instructions. Failure to heed the
instructions may result in severe injury or death.
Observe the following warnings when using
this unit.
❑ The driver should neither watch the display nor
operate the system while driving.
Watching the display or operating the system will distract
the driver from looking ahead of the vehicle and can cause
accidents. Always stop the vehicle in a safe location and use
the parking brake before watching the display or operating
the system.
❑ Use the proper power supply.
This product is designed for operation with a negative
grounded 12 V DC battery system. Never operate this prod-
uct with other battery systems, especially a 24 V DC battery
❑ Keep batteries and insulation film out of reach of
Batteries and insulation film can be ingested, so keep them
out of the reach of infants. If an infant ingests a battery or
insulation film, please seek immediate medical attention.
❑ Protect the Deck Mechanism.
Do not insert any foreign objects into the slot of this unit.
❑ Do not disassemble or modify the unit.
Do not disassemble, modify the unit or attempt to repair the
product yourself. If the product needs to be repaired, consult
your dealer or an authorized Panasonic Service Center.
❑ Do not use the unit when it is out of order.
If the unit is out of order (no power, no sound) or in an
abnormal state (has foreign objects in it, is exposed to
water, is smoking, or smells), turn it off immediately and
consult your dealer.
❑ The remote control unit should not lie about in the
If the remote control unit lies about, it could fall on the floor
while driving, get wedged under the brake pedal, and lead to
a traffic accident.
❑ Refer fuse replacement to qualified service person-
When the fuse blows out, eliminate the cause and have it
replaced with the fuse prescribed for this unit by a qualified
service engineer. Incorrect replacement of the fuse may lead
to smoke, fire, and damage to the product.
*Available Discs
Page 14)
This manual uses pictographs to show you how to use the
product safely and to alert you to potential dangers resulting
from improper connections and operations. The meanings of
the pictographs are explained below. It is important that you
fully understand the meanings of the pictographs in order to
use this manual and the system properly.
This pictograph intends to alert you to the pres-
ence of important operating instructions and
installation instructions. Failure to heed the
instructions may result in injury or material dam-
Observe the following warnings when
❑ Disconnect the lead from the negative (–) battery
terminal before installation.
Wiring and installation with the negative (–) battery terminal
connected may cause electrical shock and injury due to a
short circuit.
Some cars equipped with the electrical safety system have
specific procedures of battery terminal disconnection.
❑ Never use safety-related components for installa-
tion, grounding, and other such functions.
Do not use safety-related vehicle components (fuel tank,
brake, suspension, steering wheel, pedals, airbag, etc.) for
wiring or fixing the product or its accessories.
❑ Installing the product on the air bag cover or in a
location where it interferes with airbag operation is
❑ Check for piping, gasoline tank, electric wiring, and
other items before installing the product.
If you need to open a hole in the vehicle chassis to attach or
wire the product, first check where the wire harness, gaso-
line tank, and electric wiring are located. Then open the hole
from outside if possible.
❑ Never install the product in a location where it inter-
feres with your field of vision.
❑ Never have the power cord branched to supply other
equipment with power.
❑ After installation and wiring, you should check the
normal operation of other electrical equipment.
The continuation of their using in abnormal conditions may
cause fire, electrical shock or a traffic accident.
❑ In the case of installation to an airbag-equipping
car, confirm warnings and cautions of the vehicle
manufacturer before installation.
❑ Make sure the leads do not interfere with driving or
getting in and out of the vehicle.
❑ Insulate all exposed wires to prevent short circuit-
Observe the following cautions when using this
❑ Keep the sound volume at an appropriate level.
Keep the volume level low enough to be aware of road and
traffic conditions while driving.
❑ This unit is designed for use exclusively in automo-
❑ Do not operate the unit for a prolonged period with
the engine turned off.
Operating the audio system for a long period of time with the
engine turned off will drain the battery.
❑ Do not expose the unit to direct sunlight or exces-
sive heat.
Otherwise these will raise the interior temperature of the
unit, and it may lead to smoke, fire, or other damage to the
❑ Do not use the product where it is exposed to water,
moisture, or dust.
Exposure of the unit to water, moisture, or dust may lead to
smoke, fire, or other damage to the unit. Make especially
sure that the unit does not get wet in car washes or on rainy
Observe the following cautions when
❑ Refer wiring and installation to qualified service
Installation of this unit requires special skills and experience.
For maximum safety, have it installed by your dealer.
Panasonic is not liable for any problems resulting from your
own installation of the unit.
❑ Follow the instructions to install and wire the prod-
Not following the instructions to properly install and wire the
product could cause an accident or fire.
❑ Take care not to damage the leads.
When wiring, take care not to damage the leads. Prevent
them from getting caught in the vehicle chassis, screws, and
moving parts such as seat rails. Do not scratch, pull, bend or
twist the leads. Do not run them near heat sources or place
heavy objects on them. If leads must be run over sharp
metal edges, protect the leads by winding them with vinyl
tape or similar protection.
❑ Use the designated parts and tools for installation.
Use the supplied or designated parts and appropriate tools
to install the product. The use of parts other than those sup-
plied or designated may result in internal damage to the unit.
Faulty installation may lead to an accident, a malfunction or
❑ Do not block the air vent or the cooling plate of the
Blocking these parts will cause the interior of the unit to
overheat and will result in fire or other damage.
❑ Do not install the product where it is exposed to
strong vibrations or is unstable.
Avoid slanted or strongly curved surfaces for installation. If
the installation is not stable, the unit may fall down while
driving and this can lead to an accident or injury.
❑ Installation Angle
The product should be installed in a horizontal position with
the front end up at a convenient angle, but not more than
The user should bear in mind that in some areas there may
be restrictions on how and where this unit must be installed.
Consult your dealer for further details.
❑ Wear gloves for safety. Make sure that wiring is
completed before installation.
❑ To prevent damage to the unit, do not connect the
power connector until the whole wiring is complet-
❑ Do not connect more than one speaker to one set of
speaker leads. (except for connecting to a tweeter)
Observe the following cautions when handling
the battery for the remote control unit.
Use only specified battery (CR2025).
Match the polarity of the battery with the (+) and (–) marks
in the battery case.
Replace dead battery as soon as possible.
Remove the battery from the remote control unit when not
using it for an extended period of time.
Insulate the battery (by placing them in a plastic bag or cov-
ering them with vinyl tape) before disposal or storage.
Dispose of the battery according to the local regulations.
Do not disassemble, recharge, heat or short the battery. Do
not throw a battery into a fire or water.
In case of battery leakage
Thoroughly wipe the battery liquid off the battery case and
insert new battery.
If any part of your body or clothing comes into contact with
battery liquid, wash it with plenty of water.
If battery liquid comes into contact with your eyes, wash
them with plenty of water and get immediate medical atten-


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Summary of Contents for Panasonic CQ-C3401

  • Page 1: Safety Information

    They contain instructions about how to use the sys- from improper connections and operations. The meanings of tem in a safe and effective manner. Panasonic assumes no the pictographs are explained below. It is important that you responsibility for any problems resulting from failure to fully understand the meanings of the pictographs in order to observe the instructions given in this manual.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    PERSONNEL. CQ-C3401W Panasonic welcomes you to our constantly growing family of electronic products owners. We endeavor to give you the advantages of precise electronic and mechanical engineering, manufactured with carefully selected components, and assembled by people who are proud of the reputation their work has built for our company.
  • Page 3: Accessories

    Pull it out in the direction of the ¡Battery Information: Back side arrow using a tough pointed object. Battery Type: Panasonic lithium battery (CR2025) facing up. (Included in the remote control) Battery Life: Approximately 6 months under normal use...
  • Page 4: General

    General Remote control sensor Page 6) [VOLUME] CD Player Mode Display Level Meter Page 22) indicator CQ-C3401W SCROLL RANDOM SCAN REPEAT CLOCK MUTE [SQ] (Sound Quality) [MUTE] (Mute/attenuation) [SRC: Source] (PWR: Power) Power Source Set your car’s ignition switch to the ACC or ON position. Press [SRC] to change the source.
  • Page 5: Radio

    Radio [SRC: Source] (Stereo) indicator CQ-C3401W SCROLL RANDOM SCAN REPEAT CLOCK MUTE Preset Buttons [1] to [6] (Preset station) Display Change Radio Mode Press [DISP] to change the display as follows. Press [SRC] to select the radio mode. F requency Band Frequency Preset number...
  • Page 6: Before Disc Playback

    Before Disc Playback Disc Insert Caution ¡ Do not insert a disc when indicator q Press [OPEN]. lights because a disc is already loaded. ¡ 8 cm discs are not available for this unit, therefore, do not insert them. ¡ Do not use irregularly shaped discs. ¡...
  • Page 7: Mp3/Wma Player

    MP3/WMA Player [SRC: Source] indicator indicator CQ-C3401W SCROLL RANDOM SCAN REPEAT CLOCK MUTE [3] (SCROLL) [5] (SCAN) indicator [4] (RANDOM) [6] (REPEAT) When a disc is in the player *ID3/WMA Tag Setting Press [SRC] to select the MP3/WMA player mode and Press and hold [3] (SCROLL) for more than 2 seconds.
  • Page 8: Notes On Mp3/Wma

    Notes on MP3/WMA What is MP3/WMA? Display Information MP3 (MPEG Audio Layer-3) and WMA (Windows Media Audio) Displayed items are the compression formats of digital audio. The former is ¡ CD-TEXT developed by MPEG (Motion Picture Experts Group), and the Disc title latter is developed by Microsoft Corporation.
  • Page 9: Cd Changer Control

    [5] (SCAN) [SRC: Source] [4] (RANDOM) [6] (REPEAT) ¡CD changer functions are designed for optional Disc Selection Panasonic CD changer unit (CX-DP880). [}]: Next disc Preparation: [{]: Previous disc ¡Connect the CD changer, and load a magazine (CDs). CD Changer Mode...
  • Page 10: Audio Settings

    Audio Settings Turn [VOLUME]. (Press [VOL }] or [VOL {] on the remote control unit.) CQ-C3401W SCROLL RANDOM SCAN REPEAT CLOCK MUTE Volume Default: 18 Setting range: 0 to 40 Bass/Treble You can adjust the bass and treble sound. Default: BAS (bass) 0 dB TRE (treble) 0 dB Setting range: –12 dB to +12 dB (by 2 dB) Balance/Fader...
  • Page 11: Function Settings

    Function Settings Turn [VOLUME]. (Press [8] ( ) or [0] ( ) on the remote control unit.) CQ-C3401W SCROLL RANDOM SCAN REPEAT CLOCK MUTE [DISP] (Return to the regular mode) Security Function Allows you to activate the anti-theft function when leaving your car.
  • Page 12: Anti-Theft System

    ¡ To avoid damaging the face plate, do not push it down or place objects on it while it is open. CQ-C3401W Fuse If the fuse blows out, consult your dealer, or your nearest authorized Panasonic Service Center. OPEN [OPEN]...
  • Page 13: Troubleshooting

    Service Center. The product should be serviced only by qualified personnel. Please refer the checking and the repair to professionals. Panasonic shall not be liable for any accidents arising out of neglect of checking the unit or your own repair after your checking.
  • Page 14: Error Display Messages

    Troubleshooting (continued) ■ MP3/WMA Problem Possible cause The disc has unplayable formatted data. No playback or disc aRefer to the description about MP3/WMA for playable sound data except ejected CD-DA (i.e. music CD). The playability of some CD-R/RWs may depend on the combination of media, The CD-R/RWs that are recording software and recorder to be used even if these CD-R/RWs are playable on other...
  • Page 15: Specifications

    Eject the magazine. If the failure persists, press the reset switch on the CD changer. If normal operation is not restored, consult your dealer or the nearest Panasonic Service Center to ask for repairs. No disc is in the CD Changer (magazine).

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