Panasonic CQ-C3433U Operating Instructions Manual

Wma mp3 cd player/receiver
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¡Please read these instructions (including "Limited Warranty" and "Customer Services Directory") carefully before using this product
and keep this manual for future reference.
¡Prière de lire attentivement ces instructions (y compris la «Garantie limitée» et le «Répertoire des services à la clientèle») avant
d'utiliser ce produit et conserver ce mode d'emploi pour s'y référer ultérieurement.
¡Lea estas instrucciones cuidadosamente antes de usar este producto y guarde este manual para usar como referencia futura.
WMA MP3 CD Player/Receiver
Récepteur/lecteur CD avec lecture WMA/MP3
Reproductor de CD, WMA y MP3/receptor
Operating Instructions
Operating Instructions
Manuel d'instructions
Manuel d'instructions
Manual de Instrucciones
Manual de Instrucciones


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Panasonic CQ-C3433U

  • Page 1 ® WMA MP3 CD Player/Receiver Récepteur/lecteur CD avec lecture WMA/MP3 Reproductor de CD, WMA y MP3/receptor CQ-C3433U/C3403U/ Model: C3333U/C3303U (CQ-C3433U) Operating Instructions Operating Instructions Manuel d’instructions Manuel d’instructions Manual de Instrucciones Manual de Instrucciones TEXT ¡Please read these instructions (including “Limited Warranty” and “Customer Services Directory”) carefully before using this product and keep this manual for future reference.
  • Page 2: Safety Information

    They contain instructions about how to use the sys- from improper connections and operations. The meanings of tem in a safe and effective manner. Panasonic assumes no the pictographs are explained below. It is important that you responsibility for any problems resulting from failure to fully understand the meanings of the pictographs in order to observe the instructions given in this manual.
  • Page 3 If any part of your body or clothing comes into contact with For maximum safety, have it installed by your dealer. battery liquid, wash it with plenty of water. Panasonic is not liable for any problems resulting from your ● If battery liquid comes into contact with your eyes, wash own installation of the unit.
  • Page 4 OF PROCEDURES OTHER THAN THOSE SPECIFIED HEREIN Any unauthorized changes or modifications to this MAY RESULT IN HAZARDOUS RADIATION EXPOSURE. equipment would void the user's authority to operate DO NOT OPEN COVERS AND DO NOT REPAIR YOURSELF. this device. REFER SERVICING TO QUALIFIED PERSONNEL. CQ-C3433U/C3403U/C3333U/C3303U...
  • Page 5: Before Reading These Instructions

    Differences among 4 Models ¡ This operating instruction manual is for 4 models CQ-C3433U, CQ-C3403U, CQ-C3333U and CQ-C3303U. All illustra- tions throughout this manual represent model CQ-C3433U unless otherwise specified. The following table describes the differences among 4 models.
  • Page 6: Limited Warranty

    If non-rechargeable bat- teries are included, they are not warranted. This warranty only applies to prod- Panasonic Canada Inc. warrants this product to be free from defects in materi- ucts purchased and serviced in the United States or Puerto Rico. This warranty...
  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Contents .............. 7 The optional adapter (Conversion Cable for DVD/CD Accessories ............8 Changer: CA-CC30U) allows you to connect the optional Remote Control Unit ......... 8 Panasonic CD changer unit (CX-DP880). Preparation ............9 ● iPod ® ¡ Remote Control Unit The optional adapter (Direct Cable for iPod: CA- ¡...
  • Page 11: Radio

    System Upgrade Guidebook (when connected) (Sound source connected to the Port 4 port 4 of Expansion Module System Upgrade Guidebook Note: ¡For information about connectable devices, refer to the System Upgrade Guidebook or the instruction manual for each device. CQ-C3433U/C3403U/C3333U/C3303U...
  • Page 13 5 seconds each. (scanning) Preset number Note: ¡ To stop scanning, press one of the buttons from [1] to [6]. Preset Station Calling q Select a band. Previous page) w Press one of the preset buttons from [1] to [6]. CQ-C3433U/C3403U/C3333U/C3303U...
  • Page 17: Random Play

    Note: ¡To suspend direct selection, press [DISP]. ¡Random, Folder Random, Scan, Folder Scan, Repeat and Folder Repeat plays are canceled once [#] is pressed. Press and hold [5] (SCAN) again for more than 2 sec- onds to cancel. CQ-C3433U/C3403U/C3333U/C3303U...
  • Page 18: Mp3/Wma Player

    8 (excluding the file extension). Caution ¡Never assign the “.mp3”, or “.wma” file name extension to a file that is not in the MP3/WMA format. This may not only pro- duce noise from the speaker damage, but also damage your hearing. CQ-C3433U/C3403U/C3333U/C3303U...
  • Page 19: Folder Selection Order/File Playback Order

    It is prohibited by copyright laws to copy, distribute and deliver copyrighted materials such as music without the approval of copyright holder except enjoying yourself personaly. No warranty Above description complies with our investigations as of December 2005. It has no warranty for reproducibility and displayability of MP3/WMA. CQ-C3433U/C3403U/C3333U/C3303U...
  • Page 24: Anti-Theft System

    ¡ If dirt or other foreign substances get on the contacts, wipe them off with a clean and dry cloth. ¡ To avoid damaging the face plate, do not push it down or place objects on it while it is open. CQ-C3433U/C3403U/C3333U/C3303U...
  • Page 25: Fuse

    Fuse If the fuse blows out, consult your dealer, or your nearest authorized Panasonic Servicenter. Warning ¡ Use fuses of the same specified rating (15 A). Using substitutes or fuses with higher ratings, or connecting the unit directly without a fuse could cause fire or damage to the unit. If the replaced fuse fails, contact your nearest authorized Panasonic Servicenter.
  • Page 26: Troubleshooting

    Please refer the checking and the repair to professionals. ¡Never try to repair the unit by yourself Panasonic shall not be liable for any accidents arising out of neglect because it is dangerous to do so. of checking the unit or your own repair after your checking.
  • Page 27 Central sound is aPerform the speaker wiring in accordance with the wiring diagram. not settled. The power of the unit The safety device works. aConsult your dealer, or your nearest Panasonic Servicenter. fails unintentionally. ■ Radio Problem Possible cause Possible solution Antenna installation or wiring of antenna cable is faulty.
  • Page 28 For MP3/WMA, Sound skipping or refer to the description about MP3/WMA. noise Playing VBR (Variable Bit Rate) files may cause sound skipping. aPlay Non-VBR files. Note: ¡Refer to “Notes on MP3/WMA” Page 18) CQ-C3433U/C3403U/C3333U/C3303U...
  • Page 29 The sensor is exposed to direct sunlight. (The remote control unit may not be operable when the sensor is exposed to direct sunlight. In such a case, the system is not faulty.) aBlock off sunlight to the sensor. CQ-C3433U/C3403U/C3333U/C3303U...
  • Page 30: Error Display Messages

    Create a new disc if necessary. ( Page 18) To next track/file automatically A WMA file can be copyrighted. The file protected by copyright is not playable. ( Page 18) After 5 seconds To next track/file automatically CQ-C3433U/C3403U/C3333U/C3303U...
  • Page 31: Specifications

    Treble: ± 12 dB (at 10 kHz) Signal to noise ratio : 62 dB : 4 – 8 Ω Speaker impedance AM Radio CQ-C3433U/C3403U Frequency range : 530 kHz – 1 710 kHz Usable sensitivity : 27 dB/µV (22 µV, S/N 20 dB) Pre-amp output voltage : 4 V (CD mode, 1 kHz, 0 dB) Pre-amp output impedance : 60 Ω...
  • Page 32 Panasonic Consumer Panasonic Sales Company, Panasonic Canada Inc. Electronics Company, Division of Panasonic Puerto 5770 Ambler Drive, Division of Panasonic Rico, Inc. (“PSC”) Mississauga, Ontario Corporation of North America Ave. 65 de Infanteria, Km. 9.5 L4W 2T3 One Panasonic Way, Secaucus, San Gabriel Industrial Park,

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