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Functions - Whirlpool HSCR80420 Use & Care And Installation Manual

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To switch the dryer on: press the
button until the Start/Pause button
lights up .
To switch the dryer off after
programme end: press the button
until the lights go off .
After cancelling a running
programme, quickly remove
all items and spread them
To select and confirm programmes,
options and settings .
Turn to select
To start the programme, after you
have finished your settings
This function allows you to lock the
buttons and the knob of the control
panel against unwanted operation, for
example by small children .
The dryer must be switched on .
Press and hold the Key lock button
until button lights up .
Enables to have the laundry ready at a
particular time by moving the start of
the programme to a later time .
Select programme and options .
Press the Start delay button – the
button lights up .
Turn the knob to select a delay up to
23 hours . and confirm it by pressing
the knob
To cancel a running programme:
press and hold the button until "rES"
appears on the display .
out so that the heat is
Push to confirm
To pause a running programme
To continue a paused programme
Knob and buttons are locked now .
The only working function is On/Off to
switch the dryer off .
The key lock remains active also if you
switch off and on again the dryer .
To unlock the buttons/knob, press and
hold the option button again until the
button light goes off .
Press Start / Pause - the display shows
the countdown of
the delay until start of the
programme . The Start / Pause
button lights up . A sound by
activation of the pump may
occur .
The colon on the display between
hours and minutes blinks .



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