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Yepp Vocabulary
Yepp (Young Energetic Personal Passinate)
MP3 player that enables you to enjoy audio data like music file in existing CD in high quality by
compressing it to 1/12 level without loss of quality using MPEG1 Layer3(audio compression
technology of animation and sound compression technique). You can also use it for learning foreign
language and Internet broadcasting.
MPEG is an abbreviation of Moving Picture Expert Group and means specification defining the
compression and de-compression type of animation by MPEG established in 1988.
MP3 means MPEG1 Layer3 and compression rate can be up to 96:1(phone) to 12:1(CD) depending
on sound quality with compression coding technique of audio of MPEG technology.
(file extension: "mp3") That is, up to 150 pieces of songs can be recorded in one copy of CD with
MP3 compression.
FLASH Memory
Flash memory is the memory chip where entered information will not be deleted even if the power is
turned off while data is entered, and data can be freely entered or deleted.
Smart Media Card
Compact and light semiconductor media card in dimension of 45.1 x 37.1 x 0.76mm and weight of
2.0g. It is used as a storage of portable device and high quality media storage device of digital
camera and music MP3 player.
Flash memory is embedded to store the data even if the power is turned off and it is a super-high
speed product that can record up to 250 characters per second.(mass production of 8MB, 16MB,
32MB currently at Samsung Electronics)
OTP (Once Time Programmable)
OTP is one type of micro controller(MCU) and is the customer-oriented semi-conductor on which
the customers can directly record the program. OTP type MCU is rapidly growing as its life cycle of
set product and multi-kind/small quantity production system is introduced.
Since existing type of micro controller uses Mask ROM which cannot be played or recorded again, it
requires over 5 months to develop set products, and it is not suitable for products with rapid change
of product model.
It is a program that controls and manages hardware. Firmware is distinguished from hardware in
that it is a program but is distinguished from general applications in that it is closely related to
hardware. In general, firmware is saved in ROM.
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