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Samsung YP-T5 yepp' User Manual

Digital audio player.
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- MP3 and WMA playback
- Removable Storage Device
- Encoding function
- FM reception
- 3D sound
- Upgradable
- 12 hours of continuous play
AH68-01567B (Rev 0.0)


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   Summary of Contents for Samsung YP-T5 yepp'

  • Page 1

    YP-T5 - MP3 and WMA playback - Removable Storage Device - Encoding function - FM reception - 3D sound - Upgradable - 12 hours of continuous play AH68-01567B (Rev 0.0)

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Preparations Safety Instructions Features Accessories Location of Controls (yepp) Connection to Computer Connecting the yepp to a PC Manual Installation of the USB Driver Using the removable storage Downloading/Uploading files Disconnecting the USB cable Formatting Installing yepp Studio To View Help on yepp Studio Basic Usage Playing Music and Turning Off the Device Adjusting the Volume/Hold Function...

  • Page 3: Safety Instructions

    Safety Instructions Read and understand all the instructions to avoid injury to yourself and damage to the equipment. Do not expose to extreme Do not apply excessive pressure Do not let any foreign matter spill temperatures (above 95°F or below to the device.

  • Page 4

    MP3 & WMA Playback MP3 is an MPEG1 Layer3 audio format. WMA is a Microsoft Windows Media audio format. Removable Storage Device You can easily copy and paste files to the yepp player using Windows Explorer. Encoding Function You can make an MP3 file from an external source using the ENC jack on the main unit.

  • Page 5: Accessories

    Direct Connect Neck Strap Line In Cable (1.5V AAA/LR03 type) USB Adapter Model YP-T5 H YP-T5 V Built-in memory 128MB 256MB The capacity of the useable built-in memory is less than indicated as the internal firmware uses a part of the memory as well.

  • Page 6: Location Of Controls (yepp)

    Location of Controls (yepp) Display Loop Repeating Button Play/Pause Button Recording Button Hold Switch Microphone ENC Jack Earphone Jack USB Cable Connection Port Battery Cover Display Neck strap Hook Play/Stop/Pause indicator MENU, Navigation button/ Move to Track/Speed Search/ Equalizer, SRS indicator Volume Button Bit rate indicator Play mode indicator...

  • Page 7: Connecting The Yepp To A Pc

    However, you must install the program in order to format yepp and upgrade firmware. If the YP-T5 program has not been installed in Windows 98, then it will not communicate with your removable disk. You must install the USB driver file first.

  • Page 8

    Go to the device manager to check that installation has been successfully completed. Upon installation of the USB driver "Samaung yepp YP-T5" will appear in the [System Properties] [Device Manager]. How to check the USB driver...

  • Page 9: Manual Installation Of The Usb Driver

    Manual Installation of the USB Driver Go to “Downloading/Uploading files” on page 20 if the USB driver is in place. Follow these steps if the USB driver is not in place : When an error occurs during installation of the USB driver Check the device manager.

  • Page 10

    You must reboot your computer to complete the installation. USB driver location [CD ROM]\setup\Drivers You cannot use it as a removable disk in Windows 98 if the YP-T5 program is not installed. Make sure to install the USB driver file first.

  • Page 11: Using The Removable Storage

    Using the removable storage Downloading/Uploading files Connect the yepp to your PC and turn it on. Open Windows Explorer on PC. Select the file to save and drag-and-drop it into the removable disk icon. (In numerical, alphabetical order) The “WRITING/READING” message will appear during file download or upload.

  • Page 12: Formatting

    Using the removable storage Formatting Select the removable disk Press the [Start] button. icon and click the right mouse All saved files will be formatted. button to select [Format]. You can change the name of removable disk by selecting [Volume label]. By formatting, all previously preset menus will be initialized.

  • Page 13: To View Help On Yepp Studio

    Installing yepp Studio Click [Next] in the series of windows that appear. Please refer to Help for more information on how to use yepp Studio. When the [Register Serial Number] message appears, at your first execution of yepp Studio, enter the yepp’s serial number. To View Help on yepp Studio Run yepp Studio and press F1.

  • Page 14: Playing Music And Turning Off The Device

    Playing Music and Turning Off the Device Turning Power On and Off Power On : Press the button to turn on the power. Power Off : Press and hold the button to turn off the power. Playing Music Press the button.

  • Page 15: Recording Voice

    Recording Voice Press the REC button to start voice recording. If the REC button is pressed again, the recording stops and a voice file is created. Recording is performed in order (V001, V002, etc.) and files are saved in the WAV format after recording. If the Memory is full, the Voice Recording is stopped automatically.

  • Page 16: Searching For Music/voice Files

    Searching for Music/Voice Files To search for specific parts during play Pull and hold the keys to the left or right during playback to search for the part you want to listen to. Release the key to resume play normally. To change tracks during play Pull the key briefly during playback to play the next track.

  • Page 17: Fm Encoding

    Listening to FM Radio Searching Stored Frequencies Press the button in FM Mode. PRESET screen will appear. Use the keys to move to the frequency you want. Deleting Stored Frequencies - After moving to the PRESET number you want to delete, press and hold the The saved PRESET number will be deleted.

  • Page 18: Loop Repeating

    Loop Repeating Starting Point Ending Point While playing music files, press the Press the A B button briefly A B button briefly at the beginning again to set the end of the loop. of the loop you want to set. A B appears in the display.

  • Page 19: Setting Playlist

    Setting Playlist Setting Playlist - Move to the file you want in Navigation mode and press the The selected file will be marked. To release the playlist setting, move to the marked file in Navigation mode and press the key again. Playing Playlist Press and hold the A B button in Music mode.

  • Page 20: Managing Files

    Managing Files Deleting Select File in the MENU. (refer to “Setting up MENU”) In File, select File Delete and the mode the target file is in. Use the key to move to the file you want to delete, press the select CONFIRM.

  • Page 21: Setting The Advanced Functions

    Setting the Advanced Functions Settings Select Settings in the MENU. (refer to “Setting up MENU”) In Settings, use the key to move to the function you want and press the key to select. key to move to upper menu. Selecting the Play mode Select Play mode in Settings.

  • Page 22: Setting The Eq Mode

    Setting the EQ mode Select Sound in Settings. In Sound, use the key to move to the sound mode you want and press the ): You will hear 3D Stereo sound. SRS ( TruBass ( ): This is a bass boost feature that adds fullness to the sound. WOW: This feature allows you to enjoy the SRS and Trubass features simultaneously.

  • Page 23: Backlight

    Display Backlight [ Light Time - Jog ] Use the key to set the Light-On time. The setting range for Light-On Time is 0 to 10 seconds. When set to On, the Light stays on continuously. [ Light Time - LCD ] Use the key to set the LCD Light-Off time.

  • Page 24: Power Off Time

    Power Off Time Select Power off in Settings. Time Use the key to set the Power-Off time. You can set the time from 0 to 1 minute. If no key is pressed after play stops, the unit will automatically turn off after the time you set.

  • Page 25: Wow Level

    WOW Level Select WOW level in Settings. Adjusting SRS and TruBass LEVEL If you select SRS or TruBass in WOW level, you can adjust the level of SRS and TruBass. Use the key to select the level you want. The level for SRS and TruBass can each be set within the range of 0 to 10.

  • Page 26: Menu Table

    MENU Table Use the key to move and select.

  • Page 27: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting The software doesn’t work Refer to the recommended PC specifications. yepp does not work and the LCD displays nothing. Check the battery capacity Check to see if the battery is inserted to the right poles ( + , – In PLAY mode, music is not played after pressing the button Check to see if MP3 or WMA files are saved in the built-in memory.

  • Page 28: Specifications

    Specifications Model YP-T5 Built-in Memory capacity 128MB(YP-T5 H), 256MB(YP-T5 V), 512MB(YP-T5 X) Voltage 1.5V X 1 (AAA/LR03 size alkaline battery) Playing time lasts up to 12hours (Alkaline battery, MP3 128Kbps, Vol level 20) Dimensions/Weight 23 X 54 X23 mm / 24 g (without battery)

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