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Samsung Electronics America, Inc.
400 Valley Road, Suite 201 Mount Arlington, NJ 07856
1-800-SAMSUNG (1-800-726-7864)
AH68-01633L(Rev 0.0)
- MP3, WMA , ASF and Ogg Playback
- Removable Storage Device
- Direct MP3 Recording
- FM Reception
- 3D Sound
- USB 2.0 Support
- Upgradable
- 20 Hours of Continuous Play
- Voice Recording Function


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  • Page 1

    Samsung Electronics America, Inc. 400 Valley Road, Suite 201 Mount Arlington, NJ 07856 1-800-SAMSUNG (1-800-726-7864) AH68-01633L(Rev 0.0) - MP3, WMA , ASF and Ogg Playback - Removable Storage Device - Direct MP3 Recording - FM Reception - 3D Sound - USB 2.0 Support...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Downloading Secure WMA Files ...20 Installing Music Studio...22 Using Music Studio ...23 To View Help on Music Studio ...27 Basic Usage Playing Music and Turning Off the Device ...28 Hold Function ...29 Recording Voice ...29 MP3 Encoding ...30 Searching for Music/Voice Files ...31 Listening to FM Radio ...32...

  • Page 3: Safety Instructions

    Do not use the earphones while driving an automobile or riding a bicycle. It’s not only dangerous, but also against the law. To avoid an accident, do not turn up the volume of the earphones too high while walking. Protect your ears Do not turn up the volume too high.

  • Page 4: Features

    20 Hours of Continuous Play This player uses one AAA/LR03 alkaline battery. Operation can last up to 20hours. Actual playing time may vary according to the type and capacity of the battery. Voice Recording Function You can make high quality voice recordings.

  • Page 5: Components

    128MB 256MB 512MB The capacity of the useable built-in memory is less than indicated as the internal firmware uses part of the memory as well. The accessories' design is subject to change for the purpose of improvement, without notice. Display...

  • Page 6: Connecting The Player To Pc

    98, then it will not communicate with your removable disc. VGA graphic You must install the USB driver file first. Before connecting the player to PC, make sure to install USB driver. If “Add New Hardware Wizard” appears, press the [Cancel] button and install the USB driver. Installing software Insert the Installation CD into the CD-ROM drive.

  • Page 7

    USB driver installation, your PC may not function correctly. The USB driver is installed with a message saying that it is searching for a new device. You may not see the display screen during installation. Go to the device manager (see next page) to check that installation has been successfully completed.

  • Page 8: Manual Installation Of Usb Driver

    Double click on the device listed with an exclamation point or a question mark. - If you are using Windows 2000 and your version of Windows does not recognize the USB driver please download and install the latest service pack from - The installation method may vary depending on the type of PC or operating system.

  • Page 9

    [CD ROM]\setup\Drivers : You must reboot your computer to complete the installation. - You cannot use the player as a removable disc in Windows 98 if the YP-T6 program is not installed. Make sure to install the USB driver file first.

  • Page 10: Using The Removable Storage(pc)

    Select the file to save and drag-and-drop it into the removable disc icon. (Files will appear In numerical, alphabetical order) If you change the name of music files in Windows Explorer to 001* * * , 002* * *..., music files will be played in the order of number indicated.

  • Page 11: Downloading Secure Wma Files

    Using the removable storage(PC) Downloading Secure WMA Files Make sure to download the Secure WMA file you purchased from a pay site through Windows Media Player Version 9 or higher. pay site :,,,, etc. Select the Secure WMA file and right-click to select [Play] or [Play with Media Player].

  • Page 12: Installing Music Studio

    Installing Music Studio Music Studio is a program that enables you to play back music files on your PC. Insert the Installation CD into CD-ROM drive. Select language Select [Install Samsung Music Studio]. Follow the instructions in the window to complete the installation.

  • Page 13

    The Album List Window appears. Click your right mouse button to select [New Group] which opens the [New Album] dialog box. Assign a new name and an image for the new album. Using Music Studio After creating the New Album, click the [To HDD Mode] button in the File List Window to select music files stored in your computer.

  • Page 14: To View Help On Music Studio

    Converting Music File Formats Double click the Music Studio icon on your PC. Insert an audio CD into your CD drive and click the [To CD-ROM Mode] button in the File List Window. After selecting the tracks to be converted, click with the right mouse button to choose the file format.

  • Page 15: Playing Music And Turning Off The Device

    [Language] and - If the Memory is full, Voice Recording will be disabled automatically. - Voice Recording does not work in FM Mode or when the Line In cable is connected. HOLD Function HOLD!” message will appear on the display.

  • Page 16: Searching For Music/voice Files

    - VBR(Variable Bit Rate) file: A file that constantly changes the compression rate according to the type of sounds, such as their pitch, in the file. - When playing a VBR file, you cannot move to and play the previous track even if you push the joystick to the position within 5 seconds after playback starts.

  • Page 17: Listening To Fm Radio

    Listening to FM Radio Press the "M" button to display the menu screen. Press the joystick down to select FM Radio and press the "M" button again. Manual Search for a Frequency Push the joystick left or right briefly to search manually for the frequency you want.

  • Page 18: Loop Repeating

    Encoding of the currently transmitted FM broadcast begins. Press the REC button again. A file is created and the encoding stops. Files are encoded in the order F001, F002, F003...and saved as MP3 files in FM_ENC folder. Loop Repeating Starting Point While playing music files, press the A B button briefly at the beginning of the loop you want to set.

  • Page 19: Using Navigation

    The selected file will be played. - Press and hold the “M” button in Navigation mode to exit the Navigation mode. - Root is the lowest level of memory where files are stored. It is similar to the C drive on your PC. Using Navigation Changing Mode You can change the mode in the following method.

  • Page 20: Setting Playlist

    After folder play is exited, " " mark will appear and the selected file will be played. Setting Playlist - Move to the file you want in Navigation mode and press the “M” button. The selected file will be marked. To exit the playlist setting, move to the marked file in Navigation mode and press the “M”...

  • Page 21: Setting The Advanced Functions

    Normal: To play all the tracks in order one time. Repeat one: To repeat one track. Repeat all: To repeat all tracks. Shuffle: To play tracks at random. Intro: To listen to the first part of all saved tracks for 10 seconds. Return: To move to a previous menu...

  • Page 22: Setting The Eq Mode

    My Sound. Settings In My Sound, use to move to the sound mode you want and press the “M” button. Preset EQ to move to the sound mode you want and then press the “M” button. TruBass Normal Classic Jazz Rock Select User EQ Set to set the EQ as desired.

  • Page 23: User Eq Set

    SRS Labs, Inc. WOW technology is incorporated under license from SRS labs, Inc.. - Please adjust the volume to a suitable level, as the volume may increase in the SRS setting. - This unit supports sampling frequencies of 32KHz, 44.1KHz or 48KHz.

  • Page 24: Tag

    0 to 10. Display Settings to select Tag On or Off. On: Display the Tag information if the music file has Tag information. Display the file name if the music file has no Tag information.

  • Page 25: Setting The System

    (for example: 20) music is played at the default volume level. If the power is turned on again after having adjusted the volume at or below the default volume (for example: 20 or lower), the music is replayed at the previous volume.

  • Page 26: Record Settings

    In SYNC 1 setting, encoding stops and it moves to Music Mode when there is no sound for over 1 second during encoding. If AutoSync Time is set to Off, encoding keeps going even if there is no sound, and then it is saved as one file.

  • Page 27: Menu Table

    The player will be formatted. - All files will be deleted when formatting the built-in memory. - It is recommended that formatting be carried out on a PC that has the provided program installed as formatting in the Menu may take a long time.

  • Page 28: Troubleshooting

    The player does not work and the LCD displays nothing. Check the battery capacity Check to see if the battery is inserted to the right poles ( + , – ) After connecting it to PC, execute YP-T6 Updater in the desktop to update the product.

  • Page 29: Specifications

    ISO/IEC 11172-3 or ISO/IEC 13818-3 used or sold in combination with this product unit. The license only covers the use of this product unit to encode and/or decode audio files conforming to the ISO/IEC 11172-3 or ISO/IEC 13818-3.

  • Page 30: Safety Information

    Connect the equipment to an outlet on a circuit Note: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B different from that to which the receiver is digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC connected.

  • Page 31: Warranty

    For further information by non Samsung Centers, and warranty coverage relating to the Authorized Service Centers will not be valid for any repairs or damage caused contact; by such repairs. 1-800-SAMSUNG (1-800-726-7864) 4.Repair or replacement under the terms of this...

  • Page 32

    SAMSUNG BE GREATER IN AMOUNT THAN THE which vary from state to state. PURCHASE PRICE OF THE PRODUCT SOLD BY This product is for personal use only, and is SAMSUNG AND CAUSING THE ALLEGED only for use in compliance with the DAMAGE.

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