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Thank you for selecting the Streamlight LiteBox
any fine instrument, reasonable care and maintenance of this product will provide years of dependable
service. Please read this manual before using your Streamlight. It includes important safety and
operating instructions and should be saved. Charge the LiteBox/FireBox overnight before
first use.
The LiteBox is available in three basic systems, each available in regular and dual lamp versions: the
Standard model, the Vehicle model and the Power Failure model. All come with convenient recharging
racks that do not require LiteBox disassembly for charging. The battery is rated at a nominal 10
ampere-hours and is capable of being recharged up to 500 times and will power the lamp options for
various run times described in Table 2.
The Standard and Vehicle systems use the same basic lantern with different charging racks. For
Standard use, the LiteBox/FireBox comes complete with both AC 120 volt or 230 volt and DC 12 volt
cigarette lighter power cords and Standard type charge racks, which will accept these cords. The
Vehicle model version comes complete with a truck mountable hardware rack, and an 8 watt spot lamp
standard. The Power Failure lantern itself differs electronically from the other model, but uses the
same charge rack as the Standard model. Both AC and DC cords are included, but only the AC works in
the power failure mode. The power failure feature of this unit provides emergency lighting
automatically when the power fails. It is one of the few units available anywhere that gives you total
portability in an emergency type light.
: To reduce the risk of fire, electrical shock, or personal injury, DO NOT attempt to
recharge the LiteBox/FireBox with any other chargers than those supplied by Streamlight. Likewise,
do not attempt to charge any other product with Streamlight chargers.
: Never leave your LiteBox/FireBox with its lamp face against any surface including skin
while in operation. The resultant heat build-up can cause a fire or burns.
D. Careful observation of the lantern LEDs serves as an important warning of possible charge circuit
malfunction which may cause battery overcharging. The green LED should turn "on" steadily and
the red LED should turn "off" completely within 24 hours. If the red LED stays "on" past this time,
remove the light from service and return it immediately to the Streamlight factory at 30 Eagleville
Road, Eagleville, PA 19403 for evaluation and repair. In extremely rare circumstances an
overcharged battery may release a flammable hydrogen gas mixture. In the unlikely event that this
mixture should ignite, bodily injury could result.
E. The LiteBox/FireBox should not be switched on and off during charging unless only the green LED
is lighted.
F. Remove the LiteBox/FireBox from the charger holder (rack) before attempting any cleaning or
routine maintenance. Do not try to repair the lantern or charger yourself. Take it to a qualified
repair facility or return it to the Streamlight factory.
G. Recycle the battery responsibly when no longer serviceable. DO NOT INCINERATE THE BATTERY
fire. Recycle properly.
H. Handle the battery carefully and never allow it to short circuit. A shorted battery can deliver
hundreds of amperes of current which can easily start a fire.
, a truly remarkable portable light. As with
To release the light from the rack, push the black bar down, slide the light forward and lift up. The
LiteBox/FireBox will only fit one (1) way into the rack.
The on/off switch is on the left side of the handle. A pair of charging indicators are on the opposite
side underneath the information label. The red LED means that the light is charging. The green LED
means it is fully charged and ready for use. It is important to understand that a battery can take from
only minutes to a maximum of 24 hours to fully charge depending on the battery's residual charge and
other factors. When fully charged, the red LED should turn "off" completely and the green LED should
turn "on" steadily.
Charge your LiteBox/FireBox overnight before first use. Charging will occur only when the lamp is "off."
While the lead-acid batteries supplied with the LiteBox/FireBox have been specifically selected to
tolerate deep discharges, the battery should be charged as soon as possible after use to ensure
maximum service life. The batteries should never be "exercised" in an attempt to erase "memory"
which never occurs with lead-acid batteries.
The Power Failure lantern is intended to be used with an AC transformer. If you wish to mount the
lantern in a vehicle and charge it with DC power, it should be wired so that charge power is always
available. If connected through the ignition switch, the lantern may turn on when the ignition is
switched "off." The power failure function will work properly only with an AC source.
The charging racks supplied with the LiteBox/FireBox are meant for permanent installation, depending
on the model, either indoors or in a vehicle. All three models can be charged without racks.
The Standard and Power Failure models (LiteBox only) include cigarette lighter adapter for temporary
non-rack charging in most vehicles.
Four (4) self-tapping 1 1/4" #8 screws are included with each rack and should be sufficient for most
mounting situations. Should your mounting situation require heavier hardware, use #8 machine screws.
The recommended mounting positions are from vertical to horizontal, but with the lamp end facing up.
Allow enough extra space above the rack for removing and replacing the LiteBox/FireBox.
Before mounting a Streamlight charger in a vehicle, please read the following section.
Installing A Direct Wire Charger
The 12V DC Direct Wire Charge Cord (#22050) is offered for those who would like to permanently
mount a Streamlight charger in their vehicle.
1. Never attempt to directly wire any LiteBox/FireBox charge rack to a 120 volt AC power source. It is
intended for 12-15 volts DC only.
2. Before making electrical connections in a vehicle, keep in mind that a shorted battery can deliver
hundreds of amperes, which can easily start a fire. Make all connections with insulated solder
joints, lugs, or other devices intended for such use. Be sure that your installation is fused. If you
install a separate fuse for your LiteBoxes/FireBoxes, 2 amps per unit are recommended.
Before installation, determine if your hookup is to be switched or non-switched. (Please read Power
Requirements near the end of this manual).
The LiteBox/FireBox is protected from reverse polarity. If connected backwards, the unit simply will not
The positive lead from the charge rack is solid red or has a red stripe. The negative lead is solid black


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    IMPORTANT mixture should ignite, bodily injury could result. 1. Never attempt to directly wire any LiteBox/FireBox charge rack to a 120 volt AC power source. It is intended for 12-15 volts DC only. E. The LiteBox/FireBox should not be switched on and off during charging unless only the green LED is lighted.

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    : The inner halogen bulb operates at a high temperature and is pressurized. Allow to cool CAUTION 2. Wire the LiteBox/FireBox to the switched side of the ignition. The drawback to this is that while the before handling. We recommend wearing safety glasses when replacing the lamp.

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    UTILIZACIÓN DEL PRODUCTO – Las linternas Streamlight se han diseñado para utilizarse como fuentes de luz de alta intensidad, para trabajos pesados, recargables y portátiles. La utilización de (Recargable) Streamlight para cualquier otra finalidad, además de una fuente de luz, está específicamente rechazada por el fabricante. (Rechargeable) (Aufladbar) IMPORTANT –...

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    Intente posicionar los alambres de la lámpara correctamente y asegúrese de que el estándar, la LiteBox/FireBox viene con cables de 120 V (230 V) CA y 12 V CD para encendedor de auto y rebajo del reflector ajusta en su chaveta en la caja. Vuelva a colocar el anillo de goma.

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    Ceci signifie qu’il est temps de remplacer l’ampoule. La lanterne LiteBox est offerte en trois systèmes de base, chacun en version normale et version à deux lampes : le modèle Standard, le modèle Vehicle (pour véhicule) et le modèle Power Failure (panne d’éléctricité). Toutes REMPLACEMNT DE LA LAMPE les versions sont équipées d’une base qui permet de recharger la lanterne LiteBox sans aucun démontage.

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    LiteBox/FireBox-Handlampe installiert ist, und Vorschläge für das Verhalten in solchen Situationen.Nach dem Lampe nach vorne, um sie anzuheben. Die LiteBox/FireBox paßt nur auf eine einzige Weise in das Gehäuse. völligen Entladen einer Batterie bedarf eine einzelne LiteBox/FireBox-Lampe in den ersten 24 Stunden des Der Ein/Aus-Schalter befindet sich auf der linken Seite des Griffs.

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