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Source List / Edit Name - Samsung PS50B859 User Manual

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Table of Contents
Software Upgrade
To keep your product up-to-date with new Digital Television features then software upgrades are periodically broadcast as part of
the normal Television signal. It will automatically detect these signals and display the software upgrade banner. You are given the
option to install the upgrade.
Insert a USB drive containing the fi rmware upgrade into TV. Please be careful to not
disconnect the power or remove the USB drive while upgrades are being applied.
The TV will turn off and turn on automatically after completing the fi rmware upgrade.
Please check the fi rmware version after the upgrades are complete. When software is
upgraded, video and audio settings you have made will return to their default (factory)
By Channel
Upgrades the software using the broadcasting signal.
If the function is selected during the software transmission period, this function
searches for available software and downloads the software.
The time required to download the software is determined by the signal status.
Standby Mode Upgrade
To continue software upgrade with master power on, Select On by pressing the ▲ or ▼ button. 45 minutes after entering standby
mode, a manual upgrade is automatically conducted. Since the power of the unit is turned on internally, the screen may be on
slightly for the product. This phenomenon may continue for more than 1 hour until the software upgrade is completed.
Alternative Software
Show the previous version that would be replaced.
If software was changed, existing software is displayed.
You can change current software to alternative software by Alternative Software.
HD Connection Guide
The brief instruction on how to get the best performance from your new HDTV is displayed. We offer the connection method for HD
You can move the previous or next page by pressing the ◄ or ► button.
Contact Samsung
You can know the Samsung Call center, website and information for product.

Source List / Edit Name

Source List
Use to select TV or other external input sources such as DVD players or Cable Box /
Satellite receivers (Set-Top Box) connected to the TV. Use to select the input source of
your choice.
TV, Ext., AV, Component, PC, HDMI1/DVI, HDMI2, HDMI3, HDMI4, USB.
You can choose only those external devices that are connected to the TV. In the
Source List, connected inputs will be highlighted and sorted to the top. Inputs that
are not connected will be sorted to the bottom.
Using the Colour buttons on the remote with the Source list
- Red (Refresh): Refreshes the connecting external devices.
- T TOOLS (Tools): Displays the Edit Name and Information menus.
Press the
SOURCE button on the remote control to view an external signal
Edit Name
You can name the device connected to the input jacks to make your input source selection easier.
VCR / DVD / Cable STB / Satellite STB / PVR STB / AV Receiver / Game / Camcorder / PC / DVI / DVI PC / TV / IPTV /
Blu-ray / HD DVD / DMA
When a PC with a resolution of 1920 x 1080@60Hz is connected to the
mode to PC in the Edit Name of the Input mode.
HDMI IN 1 (DVI) port, you should set the HDMI1/DVI
English - 27
TV Rear Panel
USB Drive
Source List
Edit Name



Table of Contents

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