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Hisense 40H5B User Manual

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  • Page 1 ES-G154899...
  • Page 2 English...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Getting Started Installing Batteries in the Remote Control ............3 Making Connections ..................4 Network Connection ..................7 Basic Features Turning your TV on or off ................. 9 Turning the TV On for the First Time ............... 9 Changing Channels / Volume ................. 10 Shortcuts Instructions ..................
  • Page 4 Contents Advanced Features Claro Video....................Netflix......................23 Opera Apps..................... 23 Viewster ......................23 WFD ....................... 24 Facebook ......................24 Browser ......................24 Pandora ......................26 Twitter ......................26 Picasa ......................26 Digital Media Player (HiMedia) ............... 27 Browse Pictures....................27 Enjoy Video Files ....................
  • Page 5: Getting Started

    AT&T U-verse ..........1346, 1013, 1041, 1327, 1363, 1004, 1040 If the Hisense code associated with your Cable or Satellite provider is not listed above, if the code above does not work, or if you cannot locate the instructions for programming your household remote to your television, call your local Cable or Satellite provider’s customer service center.
  • Page 6: Making Connections

    Getting Started Making connections NOTES • Check the jacks for position and type before making any connections. Loose connections can result in image or color problems. Make sure that all connections are tight and secure. • Not all A/V devices have the ability to connect to a TV, please refer to the user manual of your A/V device for compatibility and connections procedure.
  • Page 7: Connecting A Headphone

    Getting Started Connecting an A/V Device with Component (YP ) Cable 1. Use a component cable to connect the external A/V device’s component output jacks to the TV’s YP jacks. Use an audio cable to connect the external A/V device’s component audio jacks to the TV’s AUDIO (L/R) jacks. 2.
  • Page 8 Getting Started Connecting an Audio Receiver with Audio cable 1. Use an audio Optical cable to connect the A/V device’s digital audio in jack to the TV’s DIGITAL AUDIO OUT jack. Or use an RCA Y-cable (1/8”-stereo mini to L/R phono - not provided) to connect analog sound system to the TV’s AUDIO OUT/ jack.
  • Page 9: Network Connection

    Getting Started Network Connection You can set up your TV so that it can access the Internet through your local area network (LAN) with a Ethernet or wireless connection. Connecting to a Wired Network You can attach your TV to your LAN by one of the three following ways: You can attach your TV to your LAN by connecting the LAN port on the back of your TV to an external modem using a Cat 5 LAN cable.
  • Page 10: Connecting To A Wireless Network

    IEEE 802.11n router. When you play the video over a IEEE 802.11b/g connection, the video may not play smoothly. NOTES • You must use the Hisense’s built-in Wireless LAN Adapter to use a wireless network, the set doesn’t support external USB network adapter. •...
  • Page 11: Basic Features

    Basic Features Turning your TV on or off To turn your TV on or off (standby mode): 1. Plug the power cord into an AC power outlet. 2. Press [POWER] button. Your TV turns on. 3. Press [POWER] button again to turn off your TV. When you turn off your TV, it goes into standby mode.
  • Page 12: Changing Channels / Volume

    Basic Features Changing Channels / Volume 7. Select Network : Connect your TV to access the network. 1. Press the [CH /V] (or [CH +/-]) on the TV/remote control 5.Network Next: Channel Search to change the channel. 2. Press the [VOL /V] (or [VOL +/-]) on the TV/remote Select Access Point control to adjust the volume.
  • Page 13: Shortcuts Instructions

    Basic Features Shortcuts Instructions Sleep - It can set the TV to let it enter into the Standby state automatically. Press this button repeatedly to select Aspect - Select the screen aspect ratio from Normal, Wide, the proper sleeping clock mode, and the clock tells you the Zoom, Cinema , 1:1 Pixel Map, and Auto.
  • Page 14: To Use The Menu

    Basic Features To Use the Menu Press the [MENU] button to open the main menu. Picture Press [▲/ ] to select a menu option, then press [ / Picture Mode Energy Savings ENTER] button to enter the menu. Brightness Contrast In each menu, you can: Color Personalize the...
  • Page 15: Using The Audio Menu

    Basic Features Using the Audio Menu MONO: Select this option if there is noise or static on weak stereo broadcasts. Audio STEREO: Select this option for programs broadcast in Sound Mode Standard Balance stereo. Equalizer > DTS TruSurround Personalize the audio SAP: Depending on the particular program being to suit your prefer- Subwoofer...
  • Page 16: Using The Tv Menu

    Basic Features Using the TV Menu Using the Setup Menu Settings Channels Menu Settings Tuner Mode Antenna > Time Setup Auto Channel Search > > Parental Controls Channel Skip > > Caption Favorite List > > Personalize the Personalize the local general TV setting.
  • Page 17: Canadian English Ratings

    Basic Features Canadian English Ratings Input Block - Block selected Input source on the TV. Button Lock(On/Off) - Block or unblock use of the Rating Description remote control. Children Change Password - If you want to change the default password, first enter the new password then enter the Children 8 years and older same password again.
  • Page 18: Using The Network Menu

    • Software Update can also be performed via downloading the latest software to a USB memory device.(www. or • Please be careful not to disconnect the power or remove the USB drive until updates are complete. The TV will be turned on automatically after completing the software update.
  • Page 19: Wireless Setting

    Basic Features Network Setup (Manual) DLNA: Digital Media Player (HiMedia) feature of Digital Living Network Alliance. Press the [◄/►] buttons to set Use the Manual Network Setup when connecting your TV to DLNA to On. a network that requires a Static IP address. Netflix: Deactivate Netflix and display the exclusive Getting the Network Connection Values Netflix ESN.
  • Page 20: Advanced Features

    Advanced Features DLNA Setting 8. If you select Auto, a screen will appear prompting you to select PIN (personal identification number) or PBC You can use DLNA Certified computers, TVs, and other (push button configuration) setup. Choose the method devices to play or transfer the videos, pictures, and music supported by your wireless access point.
  • Page 21: Setting To Share Files

    Advanced Features Setting to Share Files 1. Click “Library” and move the cursor to select “Media Sharing...” as shown in the following screen shot. 2. In the Media Sharing dialog box, select the Share my media check box and click “OK”. 3.
  • Page 22: Network Function

    HiSmart video.). MENU EXIT 2. Internet-based services are not provided by Hisense, may change or be discontinued at any time and may be subject to restrictions imposed by your Internet service ENTER provider. The quality, functionality, or availability of such services may be affected by the capacity of your Internet connection.
  • Page 23: Using The Home Menu

    Advanced Features Using the Home Menu Operation instructions ® 10/10 21℃ Sydney Mostly Cloudy 5 24MPH 2:28 PM Updated Today Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 1/29/2013 1/30/2013 1/31/2013 2/1/2013 2/2/2013 2/3/2013 20/28℃ 20/27℃ 20/27℃ 20/29℃ 20/29℃ 20/26℃ Del this city Add a city ˚C/˚F City List...
  • Page 24: Vudu Movies & Tv

    Advanced Features VUDU MOVIES & TV 2. Press [ENTER] button to display the keyboard. There are some shortcuts on the bottom of the keyboard Brief introduction so that you can input part of the address often used directly. VUDU is an on-demand service that offers high-definition Other keys are used as the keyboard of your computer.
  • Page 25: Netflix

    Advanced Features Netflix Operation instructions Press the [HiSmart] button to display the home menu. Brief introduction 2. Press the [▲/▼/◄/►] buttons to select the Opera Apps icon and press the [ENTER] button to enter My Apps Instantly watch thousands of TV episodes & movies interface.
  • Page 26: Wfd

    Advanced Features Browser 3. IPress [▲/▼/◄/►] button to move the cursor to select service items in the Twitter home page, and [ENTER] button to confirm. Brief introduction 4. Press [RETURN] button to return the upper menu, or The browser allows you to browse any URL, add press [EXIT] button to close the menu.
  • Page 27 Advanced Features 12. Exit Browser. 4. Press the [BLUE] button to confirm to enter the website. Move the cursor to the icon and press the [ENTER] Then the new address will appear on the address bar. button to close the page. How to Add /Edit a bookmark The function of the buttons on the screen: 1.
  • Page 28: Pandora

    Advanced Features Pandora Picasa Brief introduction Brief introduction With Picasa you can explore featured photos in Google Pandora is a personalized radio service that streams music Picasa Web Album, also you can search your favorite photos on your TV. Just start with the name of one of your favorite in Google Picasa Web Album.
  • Page 29: Digital Media Player (Himedia)

    Advanced Features Digital Media Player (HiMedia) Browse Pictures Please note that Hisense does not assume any responsibility 1. Press the [◄] button to switch to All or Picture. for any lost data and cannot guarantee perfect compatibility 2. Press the [▲/▼/◄/►] buttons to select the picture you with all mass storage devices.
  • Page 30: Enjoy Video Files

    Advanced Features Enjoy Video Files Option Set 1. Press the [◄] button to switch to All or Video. Repeat: Once 2. Press the [▲/▼/◄/►] buttons to select the video you Subtitle Selection: want to view. AUDIO1: 3. Press the [ENTER] button to play the video. ・...
  • Page 31: Other Information

    Other Information Troubleshooting If you experience difficulties while using the TV, please check the table below for possible solutions. SYMPTOMS POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS Check if the power cord is in the AC outlet and if it has electricity. No sound or picture. Check if you have pressed [POWER] button on the TV or [POWER] button on the remote control.
  • Page 32 Other Information SYMPTOMS POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS Check the cable connection for an incoming signal. Make sure the signal is coming OK. Best way to confirm signal is to use another TV and/or contact your cable Not getting all of my cable company.

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