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GE pgp989 Instructions Manual

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High Altitude
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Read these instructions completely and carefully.
instructions for local inspector's use.
governing codes and ordinances.
Note to Installer –
instructions with the Consumer.
Note to Consumer –
instructions for future reference.


installed by a qualified service agency in accordance
with the manufacturer's instructions and all applicable
codes and requirements of the authority having
jurisdiction. If the information in these instructions
is not followed exactly, a fire, explosion or production of
carbon monoxide may result, causing property damage,
personal injury or loss of life. The qualified service agency
is responsible for the proper installation of this kit. The
installation is not proper and complete until the operation
of the converted appliance is checked as specified in the
manufacturer's instructions supplied with the kit.
conversion, shut off gas supply to the appliance prior
to disconnecting the electrical power.
08-08 JR
Printed in the United States
Save these
Observe all
Be sure to leave these
Keep these
This conversion kit shall be
Before proceeding with the

Gas Cooktop

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• This cooktop is factory set for natural gas operation.
Conversion to high altitude operation should be
performed by a qualified technician or installer. Keep
these instructions for future reference. When converting
to high altitude, save the original parts for possible
future use.
Use the following kit depending on the type of gas
the cooktop is set for:
Natural Gas High Altitude Conversion Kit ........WB28X10114
LP Gas High Altitude Conversion Kit...................WB28X10115
• Product failure due to improper installation is not
covered under the GE Appliance Warranty.
Adjustable wrench
9/32" (7 mm) Nutdriver
Small, thin-blade flat screwdriver with approximately 1/8"
blade width is needed to access the calibration screw.
Brass orifices
Stick-on rating label
Installation instructions
T15 Torx driver



  Summary of Contents for GE pgp989

  • Page 1: Gas Cooktop

    Keep these LP Gas High Altitude Conversion Kit....WB28X10115 instructions for future reference. • Product failure due to improper installation is not covered under the GE Appliance Warranty. FOR YOUR SAFETY: TOOLS YOU WILL NEED WARNING – This conversion kit shall be installed by a qualified service agency in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and all applicable...
  • Page 2: Conversion Instructions

    Conversion Instructions GAS SUPPLY CONVERT SURFACE BURNERS First remove, convert and replace the left side surface • With the installation of this conversion kit, the cooktop burners and then the right side surface burners. should operate on either natural gas at 4″ of water Remove the grates, burner caps and burner heads.
  • Page 3: Test For Leaks

    Conversion Instructions TEST FOR LEAKS ADJUST THE LOW FLAME (SIMMER) SETTING WARNING: DO NOT USE A FLAME TO The top burner valves have low flame/simmer CHECK FOR GAS LEAKS! Do not use the cooktop until adjustment screws in the center of the control shafts. all connections have been leak tested.
  • Page 4 Conversion Instructions...
  • Page 5: Estufa De Gas

    Altitud Elevada ....WB28X10115 • La Garantía de GE Appliance no cubre las fallas del producto debido a una instalación incorrecta.
  • Page 6: Instrucciones De Conversión

    Instrucciones de conversión CONVERSIÓN DE QUEMADORES SUMINISTRO DE GAS DE SUPERFICIE • Con la instalación de este kit de conversión, la estufa Primero quite, convierta y reemplace los quemadores debe funcionar con ya sea que se trate de gas natural de superficie del lado izquierdo y luego los quemadores con una presión de columna de agua de 4″...
  • Page 7: Prueba De Pérdidas

    Instrucciones de conversión PRUEBA DE PÉRDIDAS AJUSTE LA CONFIGURACIÓN DE LLAMA BAJA (FUEGO LENTO) ADVERTENCIA: ¡NO USE UNA Las válvulas de los quemadores superiores cuentan LLAMA PARA VERIFICAR PÉRDIDAS DE GAS! No utilice con tornillos de ajuste para llama baja/fuego lento la estufa hasta que se hayan puesto a prueba todas en el centro de las barras de control.
  • Page 8 Instrucciones de conversión...