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Formatting/Language - Jumbl High Resolution Digital Scanner Manual

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Deleting a Picture:
While in viewing mode you have the ability to delete a picture. You will
first need to Press the OK button to stop the playing. Press the OK
button again and three icons will appear on the side of the screen. Use
your left/right arrow to select between the three and press OK.
The first icon is an Exit Icon which will
bring you back to Play back mode
The second icon is the delete icon.
Highlight the icon and press OK and the
image will be deleted.
The third icon is the home icon. This icon
will bring you back to main menu.
Formatting the internal memory card and SD Card:
At any time you have the ability to reformat your internal memory card
and your inserted SD Card. Re-formatting will result in the deleting of all
of your stored images. To reformat the memory, access the main menu
by pressing the SCAN/MENU twice. Once in the main menu, use the
right/left arrow to find the Format option. When the Format icon
appears in the center of the screen press OK. Once in the Format menu
you will be asked if you want to format the media or not. Use the right/
left buttons to select yes or no. Once you have selected and highlighted
selection press OK. You will have to wait a moment while the scanner is
formatting . Once it is complete the screen will say "format is successful".
It will then go back to the main menu on its own.

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