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appears in the center of the screen press OK. Once in the USB MSDC
menu you will see arrows on the bottom of your screen which means the
device is connecting to your compute. After a moment, your computer
will assign a drive letter and the film scanner will become a mass
storage device (similar to a flash drive). You then need to access that
drive on your computer and transfer all the images to your computer.
NOTE: Images cannot be captured while in the USB mode. Images can
only be stored while in the Capture Mode.


As mentioned on previously, the scanner can either save scanned images
to its internal memory or on to an SD CARD. (The Scanner does not
include an SD Card) The SD card is inserted into the slot locate on the
back of the unit. It is important to know that if your SD card has been
used already for some other use, (digital camera or files storage) it will
not be properly recognized by the scanner for the purpose of saving
scanned images. You will either have to use a new SD card or format
your existing SD card.
To format your SD card please follow the steps in the FORMATTING
section or follow the steps below.
PC—Begin by inserting your SD card into the SD reader. Some
computers have it built in while some computers will require a card
reader. Access "My Computer" by either left clicking the My Computer
icon on your desktop by clicking on the start/menu button on the menu
bar and then click the computer icon. Once you are in the my computer
menu find the correct drive that identifies where the SD is inserted into.
The drive will usually say "SD card". Right click on that drive and find
option "format" in the drop down menu. Select and Left click format. The
format window will appear and left click the Start button on the bottom
of that window. You will then need to confirm your decision by clicking OK.
MAC—Begin by making sure that you SD card is inserted into the
computer. You may need a card reader to insert your SD card into your
card. Left click on the spotlight icon on the top right hand corner of the
screen. Type in "Disk Utility" and press OK. Find the Disk utility option
in the drop down menu and left click. The Disk utility window will open.
On the left panel, find SD card and left click to select. On the right
screen you will be given a few options. One of the options will be erase.
Left click to select and reformat your SD card. You will be prompted to
acknowledge your decision. Left click the ERASE button to confirm. Be
careful to always "safe eject" your SD card before taking it out of
the computer.

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