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Once the image is captured, press the OK button to save the image
onto the SD card or the internal memory.
Summary: While your image is displayed on the screen, press the
SCAN button to scan the image and then press the OK button to save
the image.
Your scanner has the option of saving the scanned images to the
scanner's built in memory or on an external memory card. If you would
like your images to be stored on an external memory card, insert an
SD/MMC (Secure Digital Multi-Media Card) into the film scanner. The
slot for your SD/MMC cards is located on the back of the unit. If an
SD/MMC card is in the slot the scanned images will automatically be
saved to the SD card.
Memory Full:
Once the internal memory (128 MB)
or the memory card is full, a Memory
Full icon will appear an the screen if
you attempt to scan a new image. If
it is your memory card that it is full you
will want to either replace it with a
different card that has available memory
or you can offload some of the images to
your computer to make available space. If it is your internal memory that
is full you will want to transfer the images from your scanners memory
onto your PC. At this point, you can download the image files to a PC
or Mac by following the instructions in the EXPORTING IMAGES section.
Film Type Setup
Your device has to be setup for the correct film type that is being used
before beginning. You will have to choose whether you are using slides
or negatives or Black and White. To change the setting, locate the "Film
Type" option in the main menu. Press the SCAN/MENU button twice to
bring you to the main menu. Press the LEFT/RIGHT button until the Film
Type icon appears in the center of the screen with the word "Film Type"
shown below the icon. Press the OK button to access that selection.
Once you accessed that selection you can use the RIGHT/LEFT button to
select the film type you are using. Once you have highlighted the correct
film type press the OK button to apply your selection.
After you have selected the correct film type your device will automatically
go back into capture mode.

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