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Jumbl High Resolution Digital Scanner Manual page 2

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Thank you for purchasing this product. Please read this manual carefully
before use, and save the instructions for future reference. There are
many functions and details regarding the use of this scanner so we
highly recommend that you read through the manual first so you can
optimize the use of your new device.
Please Read First
Be careful to keep your product dry and do not expose this to rain or
moisture to preserve the life of your product.
CAUTION: To prevent the risk of electric shock, Do not disassemble
the film scanner.
VENTILATION: Never place the unit in a way where the ventilation vent
is blocked. Leaving your unit on a bed or a couch can lead to the
unit overheating.
HEAT: The unit should be situated away from sources of high heat such
as radiators or a stove.
SERVICING: The user should not attempt to service the device beyond
those means described in this instruction manual. All other servicing
should be referred to a qualified technician. Never attempt to open the
unit on your own.
USB CORD: If you are not using your device for a long period of time it
is recommended to unplug the USB cord from your computer.
General Tips
We strongly suggest using a clean, dry, non-alcohol cotton swab to
clean the glass surface periodically to produce a clear image. Do not
overload the USB connections on your computer. If you have too many
devices connected to your computer, there may not be enough power
for the film scanner to operate properly.

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