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Nortel BCM 4.0 Feature User Manual

Business communications manager.
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BCM 4.0
Business Communications Manager
Document Status: Standard
Document Version: 03
Part Code: N0060608
Date: June 2006


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    Return to Menu Telephone Features User Guide BCM 4.0 Business Communications Manager Document Status: Standard Document Version: 03 Part Code: N0060608 Date: June 2006...

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    • CallPilot Telephone Administration Guide for Voicemail features • Contact Center Telephone Administration Guide for Call Center features • BCM 4.0 System-wide Call Appearance (SWCA) Feature Card for SWCA features • BCM 4.0 Hospitality Feature Card for Hospitality features Your system administrator can inform you if any of these features are not available on your telephone.

  • Page 4

    * indicates 7000 and 7100 Digital phones and the IP Phone 2001 Note: If your telephone does not have access to all the features listed in this guide, then either your telephone does not support the feature, or the feature has not been enabled on your telephone.

  • Page 5: Telephone Features

    Call park FEATURE 74 Put a call on hold to enable you to answer the call from any telephone in your system. The display shows a three-digit retrieval code. To retrieve a parked call: press an intercom button and dial the retrieval code.

  • Page 6

    FEATURE 68 plus COS password password Change the dialing filters on a line or telephone, or gain external access to your system. Dialing filters determine which numbers you can dial. The COS password is provided by your System Administrator to change your Class of Service.

  • Page 7

    3. Retrieve the second call from hold. To send Hookswitch or DTMF during a conference call: Either system telephone engaged in a three-way conference call over a Network CLID or DS trunk can issue a hookswitch or DTMF dialing request without leaving the conference, if the feature is enabled.

  • Page 8

    Do Not Disturb FEATURE 85 When you are not on a call, prevent all incoming calls, except priority calls, from ringing at your telephone. When you are on a call, block an incoming priority call. Group FEATURE 802 Listening Use both the handset and speaker while you are on a call.

  • Page 9

    Temporarily suspend a call and prevent other telephones from picking it up. Hold - Auto FEATURE 73 Set your telephone to automatically put a call on Hold when you pick up a second call, or prevent your telephone from doing so. Default is Yes (feature is on).

  • Page 10

    Telephone features Messages FEATURE 1 Send a message to another telephone within your system. To view and reply to your messages: 1. Press FEATURE 65. 2. Press * and # to view your message list. 3. Press 0 to call the person who left you the message.

  • Page 11

    Make a page announcement through an external loudspeaker system. Internal and external page FEATURE 63 and zone (0 to 6) Make a page announcement through both your telephone speakers and an external loudspeaker system. Zone 0 pages all zones. Incoming page during active call: The system can be set to either: •...

  • Page 12

    2. Enter the ring type number (1 to 4). 3. Press HOLD. Ring volume FEATURE *80 Make your telephone ring so that you can adjust the volume. You also can adjust the volume any time your telephone rings. Run/stop FEATURE *9 Store more than one autodial number or external carrier feature code on one memory button by inserting a break point between numbers or codes.

  • Page 13

    If you do not specify the external line, the system automatically chooses a line for the call. 4. Dial the telephone number you want to program (up to 24 digits). 5. Press HOLD. 6. Record the code and number you have just programmed.

  • Page 14

    Briefly display the time and date while you are on a call. Transfer FEATURE 70 Send a call to another telephone within your system, or to an external telephone. You cannot transfer a call on an external line to an external telephone, depending on the capabilities of the lines.

  • Page 15: Call Display Services

    To return a call from your Call Log: return call 1. Display the desired number on your telephone. 2. Edit the number, if required. You can add numbers for long-distance dialing or line pool access, or you can remove numbers using the volume bar.

  • Page 16

    Call Display Services Call log - FEATURE *85 password Program a four-digit password for your Call Log. To reset a forgotten password, see your System Administrator. Logit FEATURE 813 Store caller information for your current call in your Call Log. ETSI feature Malicious FEATURE 897 must be entered 30 seconds after the caller hangs up, and...

  • Page 17

    Activate a display menu of feature options. 1. Press Page+ (move forward) and Page- (move back) to scroll through the list. You also can use the up and down navigation keys on the telephone. 2. When the feature you want is highlighted, press Select.

  • Page 18

    Phone registered on the same system, using the Hot Desking feature. For instance, this feature can be used if you are working temporarily at another site, but you want to retain your telephone setup. Note: The headset mode is not transferred during Hot Desking.

  • Page 19

    Desking on your telephone and enter a new password. Time zone - Use this feature to reset the time on an IP telephone that is located in a adjust different time zone from the system on which it is registered.

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