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Account Login
For a application with multiple account, use ◄ and ► to
access the different account.
User account :
Password :
For a more enjoyable application experience, register
and log in to your account.
For instructions on creating an account, refer to
Settings → Internet@TV ID → Create.
1. Press the Red button in Internet@TV home page.
2. Select desired User account, then press the ENTERE
If you want create account, press Red button;
then create account OSD window appear.
3. Enter the Password.
When login succeeds, User account will be
displayed on the screen.
Setting up Internet@TV
Create IDs and configure Internet@TV settings from this
screen. Highlight Settings using ▲ and ▼ buttons and press
the ENTERE button.
▪ System setup
▪ Internet@TV ID
▪ Service Manager
▪ Properties
Downloaded From Manuals
Create [0~9] Enter PIN R Cancel
▪ Ticker Autorun
: Off
▪ Channel Bound Service
: Off
▪ Change the Service Lock password
▪ Reset
■ System Setup
Ticker Autorun (Off / On): Enable/disable ticker autorun
upon powering on the TV.
The Ticker application provides useful News,
Weather, and Stock Market information. The
Ticker application on Internet@TV must be
downloaded to use this feature.
You must have Ticker application downloaded on
Internet@TV to use this feature.
Channel Bound Service (Off / On): Some channels
support applications as an Internet data service, allowing
you to access the Internet service while watching TV.
Only available if supported by the broadcaster.
Change the Service Lock password
The default password set is "0-0-0-0."
If you forget the password, press the following
sequence of remote control buttons to reset the
password to "0-0-0-0":
8 → 2 → 4 →
Reset: Resets Internet@TV settings to factory default
■ Internet@TV ID
You can use this menu when creating, deleting the
account. You can control your account including
contents site's account information.
Account is only for internet@TV.
Create: Create an account and link it with desired
service applications.
Account will be made less than 10.
Maximum number of characters is 8.
– Service Site: Register login information for service
– Change Password: Change account password.
– Delete: Delete the account.
■ Service Manager: Delete and lock applications installed
to Internet@TV.
Lock: Lock the application.
Accessing a locked application requires the
Delete: Delete the application.
■ Properties: Display information about Internet@TV. Use
the Check the speed of your internet connection
R Return
option to test your network connection.
(off) →


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