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Business communications manager.
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Business Communications Manager
IP Phone 1140E


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    Title page Business Communications Manager IP Phone 1140E User Guide...

  • Page 3: Revision History

    Revision history November 2005 Preliminary 0.22. This document is up-issued to support Nortel Business Communications Manager Release 4.5 software. Revision history...

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    Revision history...

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Contents About the Nortel IP Phone 1140E ..... 7 Basic features ........7 Telephone controls .

  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Contents Memory buttons ....... . 27 Program memory buttons ......27 External autodial .

  • Page 7: About The Nortel Ip Phone 1140e, Basic Features

    About the Nortel IP Phone 1140E Your Nortel IP Phone 1140E brings voice and data to the desktop by connecting directly to a Local Area Network (LAN) through an Ethernet connection. Note: In this guide, user-defined feature key labels appear beside the keys, and soft key labels appear directly above the keys.

  • Page 8

    10/100/ 1000BaseT Ethernet jack. CAUTION The IP Phone 1140E is designed for use in an indoor environment only. Figure 1 on page 9 shows the IP Phone 1140E.

  • Page 9: Telephone Controls

    Contact your system administrator to find out if this feature is available for you. Telephone controls Note: Some IP Phone 1140E phones are equipped with optional key caps. Text in parentheses indicates labels appearing on the key caps, for example, (Services).

  • Page 10

    About the Nortel IP Phone 1140E GrpCl (Mute) (Handsfree) A steady LCD light beside a line (DN) key indicates that the line is active. A flashing LCD light indicates the line is on hold or the feature is being programmed.

  • Page 11

    (Headset) Press the Bluetooth Setup menu. (Headset) (Headset) About the Nortel IP Phone 1140E Navigation keys to scroll through Send/Enter key, at the center of the Select soft key.

  • Page 12

    About the Nortel IP Phone 1140E (Goodbye) (Copy) (Services) Goodbye Use the key to terminate an active call. When a message is waiting, the orange Visual Alerter/Message Waiting indicator flashes. Also, this indicator flashes when the telephone ringer is on.

  • Page 13

    CallPilot (Inbox) mailbox. For more information about mailbox options, refer to your CallPilot Quick Reference Card. About the Nortel IP Phone 1140E Services key twice to access the Services key to close any menu or...

  • Page 14: Telephone Display

    About the Nortel IP Phone 1140E (Directory) Telephone display Your IP Phone 1140E has three display areas: • The upper display area provides labels for the six user-defined feature keys. • The middle display area contains single-line information for items such as caller number, caller name, feature prompt strings, user- entered digits, date and time information, and telephone information.

  • Page 15: Entering And Editing Text, Entering Text Using The Telephone Dialpad

    Entering and editing text You can enter and edit text on your IP Phone 1140E using the following methods. Which method you use for text entry or editing depends on the applica- tion. Table 1 shows the applications and input devices that you can use for text entry.

  • Page 16

    Entering and editing text When on a call, you can use the function keys (f1, f2, f3, f4, f5, f6, f7, and f8) to control the telephone. Table 2 shows the function keys and their associated action during telephone calls. Table 2: USB keyboard function keys during telephone calls Function key Action...

  • Page 17: Configuring Options, Preferences, Display Settings

    Note: Many of the options discussed in this section are for administrator use only. Do not make any changes unless instructed by an administrator. Your IP Phone 1140E has both local and server-based options. Two methods are available to navigate in the Local Tools menu: •...

  • Page 18: Language, Bluetooth Setup

    5. Press the soft key. Changes are saved automatically. 3. Bluetooth Setup Your IP Phone 1140E is equipped with a Bluetooth radio system to support Bluetooth headsets. You can access the Bluetooth Setup options using either of the following two methods: Headset •...

  • Page 19

    1. Check with your administrator to ensure that Bluetooth is available for your use. 2. Restart your IP Phone 1140E using one of the following methods: • If you are using an AC power adapter, unplug it, wait 10 seconds, and reinsert it.

  • Page 20

    Configuring options c. If the search is successful, a list of Bluetooth devices appears in the Found: combo box. Note: If the search is not successful, the message "Search completed. No device found" is displayed. If this happens, power off the Bluetooth headset, and repeat steps 5 and 6.

  • Page 21

    a. Confirm that the Bluetooth headset is still in search/pair mode. On the GN Netcom GN 6210 headset the blue LED should still be lighted when the pairing operation starts. If the headset timed out and exited search/pairing mode, put the headset in pairing mode, as discussed in step 5, and repeat step 9.

  • Page 22

    Configuring options paired to its base as well as to the 1140E. If it is paired to both, the 1140E is the second device, and the following applies: Press the headset "telephone" key: • If a single tone sounds, the headset is connected to the base.

  • Page 23

    When you do not want to use Bluetooth If a Bluetooth headset is connected, and you want to use the wired headset, you can switch between the two. It is not necessary to unpair or disable Bluetooth. To switch between a wired headset and Bluetooth: 1.

  • Page 24: Local Diagnostics, Ip Set&dhcp Information, Network Diagnostic Tools, Ethernet Statistics, Ip Networks Statistics

    5. USB device information The USB Devices tool provides information about any Universal Serial Bus (USB) devices that you connect to your phone. Your IP Phone 1140E automatically detects USB devices when you connect them to the USB port in the back of the telephone.

  • Page 25: Network Configuration, Lock Menu

    Configuring options 3. Network Configuration The Network Configuration tool displays information that was configured when the telephone was installed. This tool is for administrator use only. 4. Lock Menu The lock menu tool is used by the system administrator to protect the Local Tools menu items from accidental or unwanted changes.

  • Page 26: Telephone Setup, Language Choice, Ring Type, Call Log

    Telephone setup Telephone setup Note: For more information about the features available to your telephone and how to use them, refer to the Business Communications Manager Telephone Feature Card. Language choice Select the Primary Language for the telephone display. Choose one of the following three options: •...

  • Page 27: Time Offset, About Your Programmable Buttons, Memory Buttons, Program Memory Buttons

    Time offset When your IP Phone 1140E is located in a different time zone than your system, the display shows the system time instead of the local time. The Time Offset feature allows you to adjust the time that appears on the display.

  • Page 28: External Autodial, Internal Autodial, Features, Erase Memory Buttons

    Telephone setup External autodial 1. Press Feature *1. 2. Press a memory button. 3. Dial the external phone number. 4. Press to store the phone number. Internal autodial 1. Press Feature *2. 2. Press a memory button. 3. Dial the extension number. 4.

  • Page 29: Making A Call, Making External Calls Using Line Soft Keys

    Making a call There are many ways to place a call depending on your telephone programming and the type of call. Making external calls using line soft keys 1. Lift the handset. 2. Tap a line soft key. 3. Dial the external telephone number. Making external calls using intercom soft keys 1.

  • Page 30: Answering A Call

    Answering a call Answering a call When your telephone rings and the light flashes, or an intercom or line soft key indicator flashes: • Lift the handset. • Press the line or intercom soft key with the flashing before you lift the handset. indicator...

  • Page 31: While On An Active Call, Placing A Call On Hold, Using Handsfree, Using A Headset

    While on an active call Placing a call on hold • Calls are put on hold automatically when you switch from one line to another. • While on a call, press flashes. • To retrieve a held call, tap the line soft key with the flashing indicator.

  • Page 32: Muting The Microphone

    While on an active call Muting the microphone You can use mute ( • While on a call, press button lights when the microphone is off. • Press again to turn the microphone on. ) on handset, handsfree, or headset calls. to turn the microphone off.

  • Page 33: Accessing External Server Applications

    Accessing External Server Applications Use External Server Applications to access a variety of applications directly from your IP Phone 1140E. To find out what features and services are available, contact your system administrator. Depending on what is available on your system, your phone can provide information;...

  • Page 34

    Accessing External Server Applications...

  • Page 36: User Guide

    User Guide Copyright © Nortel Networks Limited 2005 All Rights Reserved Information is subject to change without notice. Nortel Networks reserves the right to make changes in design or components as progress in engineering and manufacturing may warrant. Nortel, Nortel (Logo), the Globemark, This is the Way, This is Nortel (Design mark), SL-1, Meridian 1, and Succession are trademarks of Nortel Networks.

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