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KitchenAid KRSC 9010 Instructions For Use Manual

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KRSC 9010

Instructions for use



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  • Page 1: Instructions For Use

    5019_715_02010_GB_IFU_SbS.qxp 12-03-2007 9:36 Pagina 1 KRSC 9010 Instructions for use...
  • Page 2 5019_715_02010_GB_IFU_SbS.qxp 12-03-2007 9:36 Pagina 2...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    5019_715_02010_GB_IFU_SbS.qxp 12-03-2007 9:36 Pagina 3 Before using the appliance Safeguarding the environment Precautions and general recommendations If the appliance is not going to be used Maintenance and cleaning Storing, freezing and thawing food Description of the appliance Control panel description Air Flow Guide to the inside parts Using the appliance...
  • Page 4: Before Using The Appliance

    5019_715_02010_GB_IFU_SbS.qxp 12-03-2007 9:36 Pagina 4 Before using the appliance • Your new appliance is designed exclusively for domestic use. To ensure best use of your appliance, please carefully read the operating instructions which include a description of the product and useful advice. Keep these instructions for future reference.
  • Page 5 5019_715_02010_GB_IFU_SbS.qxp 12-03-2007 9:36 Pagina 5 Safeguarding the environment Declaration of conformity • This appliance has been designed for preserving food and is manufactured in compliance with Regulation (CE) No. 1935/2004. • This appliance has been designed, manufactured and marketed in compliance with: - the safety objectives of Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/CE (which replaces 73/23/EEC and subsequent amendments);...
  • Page 6: Precautions And General Recommendations

    5019_715_02010_GB_IFU_SbS.qxp 12-03-2007 9:36 Pagina 6 Precautions and general recommendations INSTALLATION SAFETY • The appliance must be handled and installed by • Do not store or use petrol, flammable liquids or two or more persons. gas in the vicinity of this or other electrical •...
  • Page 7: If The Appliance Is Not Going To Be Used

    5019_715_02010_GB_IFU_SbS.qxp 12-03-2007 9:36 Pagina 7 If the appliance is not going to be used For short vacations • The refrigerator does not have to be disconnected from the power supply if you will be away for less than three weeks. Use up perishable food and freeze other food. •...
  • Page 8: Maintenance And Cleaning

    5019_715_02010_GB_IFU_SbS.qxp 12-03-2007 9:36 Pagina 8 Maintenance and cleaning • Before any cleaning or maintenance operation, always unplug the appliance or disconnect it from the power supply. • Periodically clean the appliance with a cloth and a solution of lukewarm water and neutral detergent specific for refrigerator interiors.
  • Page 9: Storing, Freezing And Thawing Food

    5019_715_02010_GB_IFU_SbS.qxp 12-03-2007 9:36 Pagina 9 Storing, freezing and thawing food INTRODUCTION Wrap food so that no water, moisture or condensate can enter; this will prevent odours or aromas going from one part to another in the refrigerator, ensuring better preservation of frozen foods. Use plastic containers with hermetic lids, aluminium trays, aluminium foil, plastic film and waterproof plastic wraps.
  • Page 10: Description Of The Appliance

    5019_715_02010_GB_IFU_SbS.qxp 12-03-2007 9:36 Pagina 10 Description of the appliance REFRIGERATOR COMPARTMENT FREEZER COMPARTMENT A. Inside light Q. Automatic ice-maker B. Inside light R. Racks C. Adjustable shelf S. Bottom basket D. Shelf - drawer lid T. Top basket E. Drawer U.
  • Page 11: Control Panel Description

    5019_715_02010_GB_IFU_SbS.qxp 12-03-2007 9:36 Pagina 11 Control panel description Compartments ON / OFF, MENU (browse), selection and confirmation buttons 1. Freezer compartment temperature control button 2. Refrigerator compartment temperature control button 3. MENU (browse) button 4. Confirmation button 5. Automatic ice maker On/Off button 6.
  • Page 12 5019_715_02010_GB_IFU_SbS.qxp 12-03-2007 9:36 Pagina 12 Control panel description Functions and settings for the freezer compartment Freezer and/or refrigerator compartment door open “Party” function ON Freezer compartment temperature setting Functions and settings for the refrigerator compartment Fast freeze function Refrigerator compartment temperature setting Fast cooling function Vacation function Appliance, alarm and malfunction symbols...
  • Page 13: Air Flow

    5019_715_02010_GB_IFU_SbS.qxp 12-03-2007 9:36 Pagina 13 Air Flow “MULTIFLOW” is a ventilated airflow system that ensures an even temperature inside the refrigerator compartment. Food can be arranged on any shelf inside the appliance, taking care not to obstruct the air vents, thus allowing air to circulate freely Guide to the inside parts Removing and repositioning the refrigerator compartment and freezer shelves The shelves can be positioned as required.
  • Page 14: Using The Appliance

    5019_715_02010_GB_IFU_SbS.qxp 12-03-2007 9:36 Pagina 14 Guide to the inside parts Removing the freezer compartment baskets 1. Slide the basket out as far as it goes. 2. Lift the front of the basket to release it from the retainer. 3. Pull out the basket completely. Positioning racks in the freezer compartment (depending on the model) To obtain maximum storage capacity, remove the two bottom drawers and position the racks supplied inside the appliance.
  • Page 15 5019_715_02010_GB_IFU_SbS.qxp 12-03-2007 9:36 Pagina 15 Using the appliance Standby compartment, depending on where the fault This function turns off the refrigerator and freezer occurred. compartments. Note: Call the After-sales Service, specifying the To activate the standby function, press the button code shown in place of the temperature on the for 3 seconds.
  • Page 16 5019_715_02010_GB_IFU_SbS.qxp 12-03-2007 9:36 Pagina 16 Using the appliance OPTIONAL FUNCTIONS Automatic ice-maker control panel lock All these functions are activated by pressing the This function consists of deactivating ice and water Menu button. dispensing for easier cleaning or to prevent Each press of the button corresponds to a function.
  • Page 17: Using The Ice And Water Dispenser

    5019_715_02010_GB_IFU_SbS.qxp 12-03-2007 9:36 Pagina 17 Using the ice and water dispenser Water dispensing When the ice and water dispenser is used for the Ice Mode first time, the first ice cubes and water coming out The function is activated when the symbol is lit. of the dispenser may have an unpleasant taste and Press the ice mode button to select the symbol should therefore be discarded.
  • Page 18: Changing A Water Filter Cartridge

    6-7 minutes). This will clean the system and clear air from the lines. NOTE: as air is cleared from the system, water may spurt out of the dispenser. Ordering replacement filters To order more water filter cartridges, please contact your KitchenAid Customer Care Centre.
  • Page 19: Troubleshooting Guide

    5019_715_02010_GB_IFU_SbS.qxp 12-03-2007 9:36 Pagina 19 Troubleshooting guide Before contacting the Customer Care Centre... Operation problems are often due to minor causes that can be found and fixed without using any tools. Noises from the appliance are normal, since the fans and compressors for controlling its operation switch on and off automatically.
  • Page 20 5019_715_02010_GB_IFU_SbS.qxp 12-03-2007 9:36 Pagina 20 Troubleshooting guide If moisture has accumulated: • Make sure the air ducts inside the compartment are not blocked and thus preventing the circulation of air. • Make sure food is properly packaged. Dry any wet food containers before placing them in the appliance.
  • Page 21 5019_715_02010_GB_IFU_SbS.qxp 12-03-2007 9:36 Pagina 21 Troubleshooting guide If the automatic ice dispenser stops working: • Are the ice cubes stuck because the automatic ice dispenser has not been used for some time? Shake the ice bucket to separate the cubes and increase the holding capacity. It is advisable to throw away the old ice cubes and make new ice.
  • Page 22: After-Sales Service

    5019_715_02010_GB_IFU_SbS.qxp 12-03-2007 9:36 Pagina 22 After-Sales Service Before contacting the Customer Care Centre: Switch the appliance on again to see if the problem has been solved. If it has not, switch off the appliance again and repeat the operation after one Note: hour.
  • Page 23: Electrical Connection For Great Britain And Ireland Only

    Socket outlet / plug (valid for both countries) If the fitted plug is not suitable for your socket Fuse replacement outlet, please contact KitchenAid Service for If the mains lead of this appliance is fitted with a BS further instruction. Please do not attempt to 1363A 13amp fused plug, to change a fuse in this change plug yourself.
  • Page 24 5019_715_02010_GB_IFU_SbS.qxp 12-03-2007 9:36 Pagina 24 Printed in Italy 03/07 5019 715 02010...