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Basic Operations; Selecting An Input Source; Channel Selection; Volume Control - Hitachi VC325000 Owner's Manual

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Table of Contents

Basic Operations

Selecting an input source

• Press the SOURCE button at the left lower side of the back panel, or on the
remote control, to display the input source list.
• Press the / buttons to select the desired input source, and then press OK to
confirm your selection from the following options: DTV, ATV, AV, YPbPr, DVD,
NOTE: When you switch on this TV for the first time, you need to select the
language and the country to auto-search for all the DTV programs in
your area. See opposite for instructions.

Channel selection

• Press the CH+/- button to select the next/previous channel.
• Alternatively, press the number buttons to select a channel directly (press the
-/-- button repeatedly to select the first or second digit).

Volume control

• Press the VOL+/- button to adjust the volume level.
• Press the MUTE button to mute the sound, press it again to restore sound.
Picture and sound mode
• Press the P-MODE button on the remote control repeatedly to select the
picture mode directly (available options: Standard, Mild, Personal, Dynamic).
• Press the S-MODE button on remote control repeatedly to select the sound
mode directly (available options: Standard, Music, Personal, Movie).

Sleep time setting

• Press the SLEEP button on the remote control repeatedly to select the
desired sleep time directly (available options: Off, 5min, 15min, 30min, 60min,
90min, 120min, 240min).
Video and audio settings
• Press the ASPECT button repeatedly to select the desired video size directly
from the following options: Auto, 4:3, Just scan, 16:9, Zoom1, Zoom2
(Available sizes may vary for different input sources.)
NOTE: If there is no signal, pressing this button will be ineffective and the
available video size may be different for different input sources.
• Press the AUDIO button repeatedly to select the desired audio language.
NOTE: The channel you are watching must support multi-audio languages.
Information display
• Press the DISPLAY button to display information about the current program.
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Table of Contents

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