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Nokia M2M PLATFORM Product Manual

Platform application development kit
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  Summary of Contents for Nokia M2M PLATFORM

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    OTHER NOKIA M2M PLATFORM PRODUCTS ... 5 2.2.1 Nokia M2M Gateway ... 5 2.2.2 Nokia 30 GSM Connectivity Terminal ... 6 NOKIA M2M ADK PRODUCT CONCEPT AND USAGE ... 7 EVALUATION MODULE ... 9 INTERFACES ... 9 4.1.1 M2M system interface ... 9 4.1.2 Power interface ...
  • Page 4 Nokia operates a policy of continuous development. Nokia reserves the right to make changes and improvements to any of the products described in this document without prior notice. Under no circumstances shall Nokia be responsible for any loss of data or income or any special, incidental, consequential or indirect damages howsoever caused.
  • Page 5: Acronyms And Terms

    ACRONYMS AND TERMS ANSI CORBA GIOP GPRS HSCSD RADIUS SMSC WIOP Application Development Kit American National Standards Institute Application Programming Interface Common Object Request Broker Architecture Circuit Switched Data General Inter-ORB Protocol General Packet Radio Service Gateway High Speed Circuit Switched Data Hardware Interface Definition Language Internet Protocol...
  • Page 6: References

    REFERENCES Guide for Evaluation Module SW Installation Guide for Nokia M2M Application Development Kit 2/21...
  • Page 7: About This Document

    Machine (M2M) Application Development Kit (ADK). The product concept, purpose of use, main features, and sales packages are depicted at a general level. More detailed information can be found at the Forum Nokia website,, from the Nokia M2M section. All Nokia M2M ADK documentation and installation software is downloadable from that website.
  • Page 8: Introduction

    CORBA method calls, is transparent to different machines, operating systems, and language implementations. The Nokia M2M Platform consists of the Nokia M2M Gateway and Nokia GSM Connectivity Terminals as shown in Figure 1. CORBA is a widely distributed computing infrastructure, standardised by the Object Management Group (OMG) consortium.
  • Page 9: Other Nokia M2M Platform Products

    2.2.1 Nokia M2M Gateway The Nokia M2M Gateway provides wireless CORBA access and interoperability to the Internet. The Nokia M2M Gateway bridges the GSM network and Internet by wireless connection establishment and protocol translation between applications located on the Internet and in remote devices. The CORBA...
  • Page 10: Nokia 30 Gsm Connectivity Terminal

    Nokia 30 GSM Connectivity Terminal editions. The Nokia 30 GSM Connectivity Terminal, presented in Figure 2, is an M2M communications device with versatile interfaces and advanced functions. It forms part of Nokia M2M Platform solution, comprising terminals and the Nokia M2M Gateway.
  • Page 11: Nokia M2M Adk Product Concept And Usage

    Nokia M2M Platform and testing them in the development phase. The Nokia M2M ADK is the easiest way to become familiar with Nokia M2M Platform technology. It shows how to utilize the built-in features of the Nokia...
  • Page 12 Figure 3. Nokia M2M ADK set-up 8/21...
  • Page 13: Evaluation Module

    EVALUATION MODULE The Nokia M2M ADK includes an evaluation module, which is an example HW for the embedded application module. One of the example applications in the Nokia M2M ADK can be used to control evaluation module digital and analog inputs and outputs, see Chapter 7.
  • Page 14: Power Interface

    4.1.2 Power interface The evaluation module has a power interface for the ACW-5 Nokia Power Supply. The input voltage range is 6.4 V - 13.5 V, and the absolute maximum rating is 16.5 V. This power interface is not needed if power is supplied from the terminal through the M2M system connector.
  • Page 15: Tracing Interface

    Example applications are described in Chapter 7 and the rest of the components are described below. A detailed description of the evaluation module SW can be found from the Guide for Evaluation Module SW, which is included in the Nokia M2M ADK documentation. 4.2.1 ORB SW module An optimised ORB for an embedded environment is provided as a software module.
  • Page 16: Os & Hw Wrappers

    4.2.3 OS & HW wrappers This SW module integrates other M2M components to other embedded SW. The purpose is that M2M components could remain the same as far as possible, whatever the overall system. This is achieved by defining a general purpose interface that can be easily mapped to various platforms.
  • Page 17: Nokia M2M Gateway Trial Version

    The Nokia M2M Gateway Trial Version is intended for trialling the Nokia M2M Platform technology and for testing purposes in the software development phase. The server application may be run on the same host as the Nokia M2M Gateway Trial Version.
  • Page 18 Product Operating System Nokia M2M Windows NT 4.0 Gateway Trial / Windows 98 / Version Windows 2000 These requirements are the general requirements for the Nokia M2M ADK software. Hardware Memory (RAM) Pentium III Min 256 MB, processor, 512 MB...
  • Page 19: Configurator Sw

    A PC or laptop and an RS-232 serial cable are needed when configuring the terminal. One of the Nokia GSM Connectivity Terminals used with the Nokia M2M ADK is used as a data modem in the server side and the other one is used in the M2M system mode at the terminal end connected to the evaluation module.
  • Page 20: Application Examples

    (flat cable). The evaluation module must be connected from the RS 232 port to a PC’s communication port with a serial cable. The Nokia M2M Gateway Trial version is not needed with these applications. The purpose of these applications is to show developers how terminal IDLs can be used to control the terminal.
  • Page 21: Server End Example1 And Example2 Applications

    These application examples are implemented with Java. 7.4 REMOTE I/O CONTROL APPLICATION This application example shows how the remote I/O control feature of the Nokia 30 GSM Connectivity terminal can be used. The Nokia 30/31 offers remote input/output control for the M2M System Connector. Three pins of the M2M System Connector can be configured as digital or analog input, and five pins as digital output.
  • Page 22: M2M Tracer

    M2M TRACER The Nokia M2M Application Development Kit includes a tracer for logging the traffic over the M2M system interface between the evaluation module and the Nokia GSM Connectivity Terminal. The tracer includes a tracer interface in the evaluation module and PC software.
  • Page 23: Idl Compiler

    IDL COMPILER The Nokia M2M ADK includes an IDL compiler for the embedded application development. The IDL compiler is a program that reads IDL files and produces the necessary programming language-specific files: skeletons and stubs. These translate message data into a form that is appropriate for cross-platform messaging.
  • Page 24: Documentation

    10. DOCUMENTATION Nokia M2M ADK includes a lot of documentation concerning the ADK HW and SW and about application development on the Nokia M2M Platform. All the documents are available separately from the Forum Nokia website in Nokia M2M section, but they are also included in the CD-ROM in the evaluation module sales package.
  • Page 25: Sales Package

    11. SALES PACKAGE To get full benefit of the Nokia M2M ADK, the developer needs two Nokia GSM Connectivity Terminals, an evaluation module and M2M ADK software in the installation CD-ROM. Evaluation module sales package contains following items: • Package carton •...