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How to use the map
Most of the information provided by your navigation system can
be seen on the map. You need to become familiar with how the
information appears on the map.
The following information marked with an asterisk (*) appears only
when a route is set.
AV information is displayed at the bottom of the Map screen.
1 Shows the number and
name of the street to be
used (or next guidance
2 Shows the next guidance
point (maneuver).*
3 Shows the distance to
the next guidance point
4 Shows the maneuver after
the next maneuver.*
5 Indicates the current
location of your vehicle.
6 Displays the time and
distance information for
your route.*
7 Shows the name of the
street (or city) that your
vehicle is traveling on (or
8 Indicates the current route.*
9 Displays the Navigation
menu screen.
a Indicates the progress to the
final destination.*

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Table of Contents

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