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Pioneer AVIC-6100NEX Installation Manual

Pioneer AVIC-6100NEX Installation Manual

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Table of Contents

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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents – Using an AUX input 24 Precautions Connecting an HDMI device 25 Your new product and this manual 3 Connecting the rear display 25 Important safeguards 3 – When using a rear display connected to Connection rear video output 25 Precautions before connecting the Installation system 5...
  • Page 3: Precautions

    Important safeguards manual WARNING ! The navigation features of this product Pioneer does not recommend that you install (and the rear view camera option if pur- this product yourself. This product is de- chased) are intended solely to aid you in signed for professional installation only.
  • Page 4 Section Precautions ! Certain country and government laws may prohibit or restrict the placement and use of this product in your vehicle. Please com- ply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding the use, installation and opera- tion of this product.
  • Page 5: Connection

    Section Connection Precautions before damaged, resulting in a short circuit or malfunction and permanent damage to connecting the system the product. ! Do not cut the GPS antenna cable to WARNING shorten it or use an extension to make it Do not take any steps to tamper with or dis- longer.
  • Page 6: To Prevent Damage

    Section Connection ! To avoid short-circuiting, cover the discon- To prevent damage nected lead with insulating tape. It is espe- cially important to insulate all unused WARNING ! Use speakers over 50 W (output value) speaker leads, which if left uncovered may and between 4 W to 8 W (impedance value).
  • Page 7: Parts Supplied

    Section Connection Parts supplied Parts marked (*) are supplied with AVIC- 8100NEX, AVIC-7100NEX and AVIC-6100NEX. This product Power cord GPS antenna Microphone Mini-jack extension USB cable cable Lock tie*...
  • Page 8: Connecting The Power Cord (1)

    Section Connection Connecting the power cord (1) Yellow To terminal supplied with power regardless of ignition switch position. To electric terminal controlled by ignition switch (12 V DC) ON/OFF. Orange/white To lighting switch terminal. Black (ground) To vehicle (metal) body. With a two-speaker system, do not connect anything to the speaker leads that are not connected to speakers.
  • Page 9 Section Connection This product 14 cm (5-1/2 in.) Yellow/black (MUTE) If you use equipment with a mute function, connect that equipment to the Audio Mute lead. If not, keep the Power supply Audio Mute lead free of any connections. Power cord Fuse (10 A) Note Audio source will be set to mute or attenuate, while...
  • Page 10: Connecting The Power Cord (2)

    Note The position of the speed detection circuit and the position of the parking brake switch vary depending on the vehicle model. For details, consult your authorized Pioneer dealer or an installation professional. Light green (PARKING BRAKE) Used to detect the ON/OFF status of the parking brake.
  • Page 11 Section Connection This product Power supply Power cord Violet/white (REVERSE-GEAR SIGNAL INPUT) This is connected so that this product can detect whether the vehicle is moving forwards or backwards. Connect the violet/white lead to the lead whose voltage changes when the shift lever is put in reverse.
  • Page 12: Connecting The System

    Section Connection Connecting the system iDatalink adapter input Please refer to the instruction manual for the iDatalink adapter (sold separately).* This product SiriusXM Connect Vehicle Tuner Please refer to the instruction manual for SiriusXM Connect Vehicle Tuner (sold separately). Antenna jack 4 m (13 ft.
  • Page 13 Section Connection Notes ! * Before using and/or connecting the iData- link Maestro adapter, you will need to first flash the Maestro module with the appropriate vehicle and head unit firmware. You can find the device number that is required for the acti- vation on the followings (refer to Operation Manual.): —...
  • Page 14: Connecting To Separately Sold Power Amp

    Section Connection Connecting to separately sold power amp Power amp (sold separately) cables Rear outputs (sold separately) (REAR OUTPUT) Power amp (sold separately) 15 cm (5-7/8 in.) Power amp (sold separately) Front outputs (FRONT OUTPUT) This product Power supply White, Red (SWL, SWR) Power cord Blue/white To system control terminal of the power amp...
  • Page 15: Connecting An Iphone, Ipod, Android Device Or A Mirrorlink™ Device

    Section Connection Connecting an iPhone, iPod, Android device or a MirrorLink device ™ Find your device and the function you want to operate from the list below, and refer to the page for the connection. iPhone 6 Plus/iPhone 6/iPhone 5s/iPhone 5c/iPhone 5 iPod (audio) Refer to Connecting via the USB port on page 17.
  • Page 16 Section Connection Android device HDMI port Refer to Connecting an Android device with an HDMI port on page 19. 8100NEX 7100NEX 6100NEX AppRadio Mode MHL port Refer to Connecting an Android device with an MHL port on page 20. 8100NEX 7100NEX ™...
  • Page 17: Connecting An Iphone With Lightning Connector

    Section Connection Connecting an iPhone with Connecting via the HDMI port Lightning connector 8100NEX 7100NEX 6100NEX Notes The following cables are required for the con- nection. ! For details on how to connect an external de- ! HDMI interface cable for iPod / iPhone vice using a separately sold cable, refer to the (CD-IH202) (sold separately) manual for the cable.
  • Page 18: Connecting Via The Rgb Input

    Section Connection Connecting an iPhone with Note 30-pin connector ! When you connect the High Speed HDMI ® Cable, use the lock tie to fix it securely. Notes = For details, refer to Securing the High ® ! For details on how to connect an external de- Speed HDMI Cable on page 21.
  • Page 19: Connecting Via The Rgb Input

    Section Connection Connecting via the RGB input Connecting the Android ™ device The USB interface cable for iPod / iPhone (CD- IU201S) (sold separately) is required for the 8100NEX 7100NEX 6100NEX connection. App Connectivity Kit (CD-AH200) (sold sepa- USB port 1 This product rately) is required for the connection.
  • Page 20: Connecting An Android Device With An Mhl Port

    Section Connection Connecting an Android device Connecting the Android or with an MHL port MirrorLink device ™ The USB interface cable for use with Android This product ™ or MirrorLink devices (CD-MU200) (sold sepa- rately) is required for the connection. This product HDMI port USB port 2...
  • Page 21: Securing The High Speed Hdmi ® Cable

    Section Connection Securing the High Speed ® HDMI Cable 8100NEX 7100NEX 6100NEX ® Be sure to fix the High Speed HDMI Cable with the lock tie, when you connect the exter- ® nal device with the High Speed HDMI Cable. ®...
  • Page 22: Connecting A Rear View Camera

    Section Connection Connecting a rear view camera Rear view camera (ND-BC6) When this product is used with a rear view (sold separately) camera, it is possible to automatically switch from the video to rear view image when the shift lever is moved to REVERSE (R). Camera To video output View mode also allows you to check what is behind you while driving.
  • Page 23: Connecting The External Video Component

    Section Connection Connecting the external Connecting the video component video component This product Using AV input You can connect an external video component or external camera to this product. Connecting an external camera This product 15 cm (5-7/8 in.) 23 cm (9 in.) Yellow (VIDEO INPUT) Red, white...
  • Page 24: Using An Aux Input

    Section Connection Using an AUX input CAUTION This product Be sure to use a mini-jack AV cable (CD-RM10) (sold separately) for wiring. If you use other cables, the wiring position might differ resulting AUX input in disturbed images and sounds. L : Left audio (White) R : Right audio (Red) V : Video (Yellow)
  • Page 25: Connecting An Hdmi Device

    Section Connection Connecting an HDMI device Connecting the rear display 8100NEX 7100NEX 6100NEX This product This product Yellow (V OUT) Rear audio output Mini pin plug cable (sold separately) RCA cable (sold separately) To audio inputs To video input Rear display with RCA input jacks (sold separately) Notes...
  • Page 26: Installation

    Section Installation ! Do not install this product where it may (i) Precautions before obstruct the driver’s vision, (ii) impair the installation performance of any of the vehicle’s oper- ating systems or safety features, includ- CAUTION ing airbags, hazard lamp buttons or (iii) ! Never install this product in places where, impair the driver’s ability to safely oper- or in a manner that:...
  • Page 27: For Avic-8100Nex And Avic-7100Nex Users

    Section Installation ! Install this product horizontally on a sur- For AVIC-8100NEX and AVIC- face within 0 to 30 degrees tolerance (with- 7100NEX users in 5 degrees to the left or right). Improper Do not install this product in a position where installation of the unit with the surface the opening of the LCD panel is obstructed by tilted more than these tolerances increases...
  • Page 28: Parts Supplied

    Section Installation ! The cords must not cover the area shown Installation using the screw in the figure below. This is necessary to holes on the side of this product allow the amps and navigation mechanism % Fastening this product to the factory to dissipate heat.
  • Page 29: Fastening The Detachable Faceplate

    Section Installation Fastening the detachable faceplate 6100NEX 5100NEX If you do not plan to remove the detachable fa- ceplate, the detachable faceplate can be fas- tened with the supplied screw. Screw (2 mm × 4 mm)
  • Page 30: Installing The Gps Antenna

    Section Installation Installing the GPS antenna Parts supplied CAUTION Do not cut the GPS antenna lead to shorten it or use an extension to make it longer. Alter- ing the antenna cable could result in a short GPS antenna Metal sheet circuit or malfunction and permanent da- mage to this product.
  • Page 31: When Installing The Antenna Inside The Vehicle (On The Dashboard Or Rear Shelf)

    Section Installation When installing the antenna inside the vehicle (on the dashboard or rear shelf) WARNING Do not install the GPS antenna over any sen- sors or vents on the dashboard of the vehicle, as doing so may interfere with the proper functioning of such sensors or vents and may compromise the ability of the metal sheet under the GPS antenna to properly and se-...
  • Page 32: Installing The Microphone

    Section Installation Installing the microphone Attach the microphone clip to the sun visor. ! Install the microphone in a place where its direction and distance from the driver make it easiest to pick up the driver’s voice. ! Be sure to turn off (ACC OFF) the product before connecting the microphone.
  • Page 33: Installation On The Steering Column

    Section Installation 1 Double-sided tape Installation on the steering column 2 Clamps Detach the microphone base from the Use separately sold clamps to secure the microphone clip by sliding the microphone lead where necessary inside the vehicle. base while pressing the tab. Adjusting the microphone angle The microphone angle can be adjusted.
  • Page 34: After Installation

    Section After installation After installing this product Drive down an unobstructed road until the GPS starts receiving the signal nor- Reconnect the negative (–) terminal of mally. the vehicle’s battery. First, double-check that all connections are Note correct and that this product is installed cor- After installing this product, be sure to check at a rectly.

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