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Charging Your Power Companion - Dell Power Companion PW7015MC User Manual

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Charging your power companion

WARNING: To avoid injury and damaging your device, only use the
power adapter of your Dell computer.
Before first use, charge the power companion using the power adapter of
your Dell computer.
NOTE: It takes approximately 3 hours to fully charge the power
NOTE: You can charge your devices through the power companion
while the power companion is getting charged.
NOTE: The power adapter is not shipped with the power companion.
1. Connect one end of the power adapter of your Dell computer to the
power-in cable. Then connect the power-in cable to the power-in port
on the power companion.
2. Connect the power adapter of your Dell computer to an electrical outlet.
• The battery-status light turns on (solid white) indicating the battery is
getting charged. Refer to "Checking battery charge status" section for
• The battery-status lights turn off when the battery is fully charged or
when the power adapter is disconnected.
NOTE: If the amber battery-status light lights up while the battery is
charging, this indicates a charging error. Check if you are using the
correct power adapter.
NOTE: For more information on battery-status lights, see "Checking
battery charge status".
Charging your power companion



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