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Nikon Coolpix S200 User Manual: Cleaning; Storage

Nikon digital camera housing user's manual.
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Caring for the Camera


Avoid touching glass parts with your fingers. Remove dust or lint with a
blower (typically a small device with a rubber bulb attached to one end
that is pumped to produce a stream of air out the other end). To remove
fingerprints or other stains that cannot be removed with a blower, wipe
the lens with a soft cloth, using a spiral motion that starts at the center of
the lens and working toward the edges. If this fails, clean the lens using a
cloth lightly dampened with commercial lens cleaner.
Remove dust or lint with a blower. To remove fingerprints and other
stains, clean the monitor with a soft, dry cloth, being careful not to apply
Use a blower to remove dust, dirt, or sand then wipe gently with a soft,
dry cloth. After using the camera at the beach or seaside, wipe off any
sand or salt with a dry cloth lightly dampened with fresh water, then dry
thoroughly. Note that foreign matter inside the camera could cause dam-
age not covered by the warranty.
Do not use alcohol, thinner, or other volatile chemicals.


Turn the camera off when not in use. Check that the power-on lamp is off
before putting the camera away. Remove the battery if the camera will not
be used for an extended period. Do not store the camera with naptha or
camphor moth balls or in locations that:
• are next to equipment that produces strong electromagnetic fields, such as
televisions or radios
• are exposed to temperatures below –10 °C (14 °F) or above 50 °C (122 °F)
• are poorly ventilated or subject to humidities of over 60%
To prevent mold or mildew, take the camera out of storage at least once a
month. Turn the camera on and release the shutter a few times before put-
ting the camera away again.
Notes on the Monitor
• The monitor may contain a few pixels that are always lit or that do not light. This is a char-
acteristic common to all TFT LCD displays, and does not indicate a malfunction. Images
recorded using the product will not be affected.
• When framing bright subjects, vertical comet-like streaks that whiten toward either end
may appear in the display. This phenomenon, known as "smear," does not appear in the
final photograph and does not indicate a malfunction. Some smear may appear in movies.
• Images in the monitor may be difficult to see under bright lighting.
• The monitor is lit by an LED backlight. Should the monitor begin to dim or flicker, contact
your Nikon service representative.


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