Mitsubishi Electric PUH-P200 Installation Manual

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PUH-P200, 250MYA


For safe and correct use, please read this installation manual thoroughly before installing the air-conditioner unit.
Zum sicheren und ordnungsgemäßen Gebrauch der Klimageräte das Installationshandbuch gründlich durchlesen.
Veuillez lire le manuel d'installation en entier avant d'installer ce climatiseur pour éviter tout accident et vous assurer d'une utilisation correcte.
Para un uso seguro y correcto, lea detalladamente este manual de instalación antes de montar la unidad de aire acondicionado.
Per un uso sicuro e corretto, leggere attentamente questo manuale di installazione prima di installare il condizionatore d'aria.
Voor een veilig en juist gebruik moet u deze installatiehandleiding grondig doorlezen voordat u de airconditioner installeert.
Läs denna installationsmanual noga för säkert och korrekt bruk innan luftkonditioneringen installeras.
Para segurança e utilização correctas, leia atentamente este manual de instalação antes de instalar a unidade de ar condicionado.



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  Summary of Contents for Mitsubishi Electric PUH-P200

  • Page 1: Installation Manual

    Air-Conditioners OUTDOOR UNIT PUH-P200, 250MYA FOR INSTALLER PER L’INSTALLATORE FÜR INSTALLATEURE VOOR DE INSTALLATEUR POUR L’INSTALLATEUR FÖR INSTALLATÖREN PARA EL INSTALADOR PARA O INSTALADOR INSTALLATION MANUAL For safe and correct use, please read this installation manual thoroughly before installing the air-conditioner unit.
  • Page 2 = < 50 m = < 40 m (4) Four (3) Triple PUH-P200, 250 Bottom piping through hole * PUH-P200, 250 = < = < L +Ra +Rb +Rc 70 m L +Ra +Rb +Rc +Rd 70 m (bolt hole) = <...
  • Page 3 C Packing (Accessory) D Connecting pipe (Accessory) E Open (Operate slowly) F Cap, copper packing G Service port H Flare nut I ø12.7 PUH-P200, 250 J ø25.4 PUH-P200 ø28.58 PUH-P250 K Field piping L Close-packed packing M Hollow packing [Fig. 8.3.1] [Fig.
  • Page 4 [Fig. 9.2.1] (1) Connecting with PEH-RP200, 250 (4) Connecting with PEH-P400, 500 PUH-P200, 250 PEH-P400, 500 PUH-P200, 250 PEH-RP200, 250 L1 L2 L3 N S1 S2 S3 OUT OUT IN IN S1 S2 S3 S1 S2 S3 L1 L2 L3 N...
  • Page 5 [Fig. 9.3.1] [Fig. 9.4.1] A When installing conduct from bottom panel B When installing conduct from front panel C Mounting plate (attached) D Knock-out hole...
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Contents 1. Safety precautions ..................6 8. Additional refrigerant charge ................. 9 1.1. Before installation and electric work .......... 6 8.1. Additional refrigerant charge ............. 9 1.2. Precautions for devices that use R407C refrigerant ....6 8.2. Caution for piping connection/valve operation ......9 1.3.
  • Page 7: Before Getting Installed

    • Use ester oil, ether oil or alkylbenzene (small amount) as the refrigerator • Install the power cable so that tension is not applied to the cable. oil to coat flares and flange connections. - Tension may cause the cable to break and generate heat and cause a fire. - The refrigerator oil will degrade if it is mixed with a large amount of mineral •...
  • Page 8: Space Required Around Unit

    4. Space required around unit [Fig. 4.0.1] (P.2) (4) When unit is surrounded by walls <A> Top view <B> Side view Note: <C> When there is little space up to an obstruction • Wall heights (H) of the front and the back sides shall be within overall A Front height of unit.
  • Page 9: Refrigerant Piping System

    (Gauge manifold, charge hose, gas leak detector, check valve, refriger- SDT- SDD- SDT- SDT- SDT- ant charge base, vacuum gauge, refrigerant recovery equipment) PUH-P200, 250 112SA-E 50WSA-E 111SA-E 122SA-E 1111SA-E - Mixing of conventional refrigerant and refrigerator oil may cause the refrig- erator oil to deteriorate.
  • Page 10: Airtight Test, Evacuation, And Refrigerant Charging

    [small amount]).] - Brazing the connecting pipe while it is installed will heat the ball valve and cause trouble or gas leakage. The piping, etc. inside the unit may also be I ø12.7 PUH-P200, 250 burned. J ø25.4 PUH-P200 •...
  • Page 11: Wiring

    9.2. Wiring and fitting capacities • Vinyl cab tire round cord: VCTF • Vinyl insulating vinyl sheath cable round type: VVR (1) PUH-P200, 250 • Vinyl cab tire flat cord: VCTFK Main power supply wire thickness, switch capacities and system impedance. •...
  • Page 12: Address Settings

    9.3. Address settings [Fig. 9.4.1] (P.5) A When installing conduct from bottom panel Outdoor unit address settings B When installing conduct from front panel • When controlling a group, the address must be set for each outdoor unit. C Mounting plate (attached) D Knock-out hole •...
  • Page 13 Remote controller MELANS display Error details Problem location display 0403 Serial communication error M-NET board 4103 Reverse phase, out of phase verification Outdoor unit 4115 Faulty input circuit Outdoor unit 6600 Duplicated M-NET address setting M-NET board 6602 M-NET error in PH/W transmission M-NET board 6603 M-NET bus busy...
  • Page 14: The Following Occurrences Are Not Problems Or Errors

    10.3. The following occurrences are not problems or errors Remote controller display Problem Cause During thermostat OFF mode, light air or low air operation will take place. The fan setting changes during heating. Ordinary display During thermostat ON mode, light air or low air will switch automatically to set notch on the basis of time or piping temperature.
  • Page 15 This product is designed and intended for use in the residential, commer- cial and light-industrial environment. • Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC The product at hand is • Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 89/ based on the following EU regulations: 336/EEC Please be sure to put the contact address/telephone number on this manual before handing it to the customer.

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