Sanyo abc-vw24 Service Manual
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Power source
Power consumption
Fan speed
Air displacement
Recommend able space
Dimensions (WxDxH)
Net weight
Air Purifier
: AC Local voltage
: 50 W
16 W
: 1,280 r.p.m.
800 r.p.m.
: 5.1 m
2.8 m
: 52 dB
37 dB
: 40 m
: Hepa filter & Deodorization filter
: 340 x 180 x 600 mm
: 7.1 kg
8 W
400 r.p.m.
1.2 m
18 dB
- 1 -


Table of Contents

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Summary of Contents for Sanyo abc-vw24

  • Page 1 FILE No. Air Purifier ABC-VW24 SERVICE MANUAL Specifications HIGH MIDDLE Power source : AC Local voltage 50/60Hz Power consumption : 50 W 16 W Fan speed : 1,280 r.p.m. 800 r.p.m. 400 r.p.m. Air displacement : 5.1 m /min 2.8 m /min 1.2 m...
  • Page 2: Wiring Diagram

    Wiring Diagram ABC-VW24 Control circuit C Sensor (Switch) (Dust) CN601 CN105 CN104 Switch (Tank) Control circuit B (Sensor) CN106 Sensor Sensor (Odor/Gas) (Inclination) CN501 CN502 CN101 Electrolyzed terminal CN302 CN403 Control circuit Control (Ultrasonic unit drive) circuit E Ultrasonic unit...
  • Page 3: Operation Of The Fan Motor

    Operation of the Fan Motor ABC-VW24 Clean Indicator Odor Sensor Dust Sensor  The fan motor operates at 5 levels of airflow (revolution speed) as shown in the chart below. In manual operation, use the fan speed button to run the fan at the desired speed – low, medium, or high.
  • Page 4: Automatic Operation

    Automatic Operation ABC-VW24 Clean Indicator Automatic(Green) Odor Sensor Dust Sensor Even in automatic operation, the odor sensor will not operate soon after the power plug is inserted, but will be inactive for a period of 3 minutes. During this time, the automatic lamp will flash on and off and the fan will operate at low speed.
  • Page 5: Operation Of The Dust Sensor

    Operation of the Dust Sensor ABC-VW24 Clean Indicator Automatic(Green) Dust Sensor The Operation of the Dust Sensor When the dust sensor detects dust or tobacco smoke in the room, the fan will operate automatically at low or medium speed. When there is a lot of dust, etc., the fan will operate at medium speed, and when there is only a little dust, etc., the fan will operate at low speed.
  • Page 6: Operation Of The Odor Sensor

    Operation of the Odor Sensor ABC-VW24 Clean Indicator Automatic(Green) Odor Sensor The Operation of the Odor Sensor When the odor sensor detects contamination of the air, the fan will operate automatically at low, low medium, medium, or high medium speed.
  • Page 7 Operation of the Sterilized and Electrolyzed Mist ABC-VW24 The Generation of the Sterilized and Electrolyzed Mist The electrode on the electrolyzing unit is energized to generate electrolyzed water through electrolysis of the tap water in the tank. The electrolyzed water is turned into a nano-sized ultra fine mist using an ultrasonic transducer.
  • Page 8 Operation of the Sterilized and Electrolyzed Mist ABC-VW24 The Operation of Electrode Power Generation The operation to energize the electrode to create electrolyzed water repeats operation and stopping as shown in the chart below. Operation (2) Stop Operation of Electrolysis Operation (1)
  • Page 9 Operation of the Sterilized and Electrolyzed Mist ABC-VW24 <Lamp Display and Status Chart> Electrolyzing off Tank setting malfunction (tank-attached detection switch off) Electrolyzing on <Normal> When electrolyzing is switched off, the electrode is energized for a 4-minute period once every 8 hours or so for the purpose of purifying the water in the tank.
  • Page 10 Operation of the Power Mist ABC-VW24 Upeer Power Mist Lamp Front Electrolyzed Water Lamp Front Power Mist Lamp Upeer Electrolyzed Water Lamp Operation when Using the Power Mist In power mist operation, the airflow volume switches automatically as shown in the chart below and after 30 minutes, turns to automatic operation.
  • Page 11: Manual Operation

    ABC-VW24 Manual Operation & Filter Changes Manual Operation The unit can be operated at the airflow speed desired – low, medium or high – by using the operation mode button. Sterilized and electrolyzed mist operation (when the electrolyzing is on) will operate in accordance with the airflow speed setting.
  • Page 12: Problem Diagnosis Chart

    Problem Diagnosis Chart ABC-VW24 *An inclination sensor (S101) is embedded in Will not operate Control circuit B (sensor) so please conduct manually operational checks and voltage measurements while the equipment is positioned vertically. Check Is the electricity cable plugged into the mains? Is mains electricity from AC Local voltage ±10%?
  • Page 13 Problem Diagnosis Chart ABC-VW24 Sensors do not detect during automatic operation Will operate manually? Will not operate manually Dust sensor Clean Indicator Which sensor is not detecting? Odor sensor Reconnect power and switch on automatic operation Check Is there anything in the room generating gas? If there is, make it not generate gas.
  • Page 14 Problem Diagnosis Chart ABC-VW24 No electrolyzed mist (electrolyzed water) is generated Is a mist generated intermittently Is the electrolyzed water lamp from the sterilized and (blue) on the front panel lit? electrolyzed mist outlet? * For the operation of the electrolyzed mist, refer to “The Operation of the...
  • Page 15 Problem Diagnosis Chart ABC-VW24 Smoke, rubbish, etc., Abnormal noise/ cannot be removed large vibration Are the prefilter and filter Is the shape of the fan distorted? attached properly? Attach the prefilter and filter Turn the fan by hand Are the prefilter and filter...
  • Page 16: Replacement Procedure

    Replacement Procedure ABC-VW24 (1) How to Remove the Electrolyzing Unit and Filter 3, Remove the 2 setscrews on the cord cover in the bottom section and remove 1, Remove the lid and remove the the cord cover. Photo - 3 electrolyzing unit.
  • Page 17: Power Cord

    Replacement Procedure ABC-VW24 (5) Replacing the Transformer and (3) Replacing Control Circuit C (Switch) Power Cord 1, Remove the upper case and switch cover. 1, Remove the holder (power cord) 2, Remove the 3 Control circuit C (switch) setscrew and remove the Power cord.
  • Page 18 Insulator P setscrews Photo - 12 Fan motor Photo - 14 (9) Replacing the Dust Sensor 1, Remove the dust sensor setscrew and remove the dust sensor. Photo - 12 SANYO Electric Co.,Ltd - 18- Jul./2007 Printed in Japan Osaka, Japan...

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