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Nesco Food Dehydrator Use And Care Manual

Nesco food dehydrator & jerky maker care/use & recipe guide
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Food Dehydrator &
Jerky Maker
Care/Use &
Recipe Guide



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  Summary of Contents for Nesco Food Dehydrator

  • Page 1 Food Dehydrator & Jerky Maker Care/Use & Recipe Guide...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Our long history of developing and manufacturing food dehydrators and accessories enables us to bring to you the best in patented drying technology. If you have any questions regarding your food dehydrator and/or food dehydration, please contact our Customer Satisfaction Department at 800-288-4545.
  • Page 3: Important Safeguards

    Important Safeguards —This product is designed for household use only— When using electrical appliances, basic safety precautions should always be followed, including the following: 1. Read all instructions. 2. Do not touch hot surfaces. 3. To protect against electrical hazards, do not immerse power unit or any part of the dehydrator cord or plug, in water or any other liquid.* 4.
  • Page 4: Fd-50T Snackmaster ® Pro

    Product Information — FD-50/FD-50T Snackmaster The Snackmaster Pro dehydrator is perfect for amateurs and professionals who Adjustable thermostat Assembling Your NESCO Snackmaster Pro Before using your dehydrator for the first time, wash the trays in warm soapy water. Caution: Do not put base power unit in water. Wipe the top and base power unit with a damp cloth.
  • Page 5 Follow these safety rules when dehydrating food: • When drying liquids, sauces, or purées, use a Fruit Roll Sheet, available from ® NESCO American Harvest. • When drying jerky, place a fruit roll sheet on the bottom tray. The Fruit Roll Sheet will catch drips and make cleaning easier.
  • Page 6: Snackmaster Express

    Product Information — FD-60 Snackmaster The Snackmaster Express dehydrator is perfect for amateurs and professional who Adjustable thermostat Assembling Your NESCO ® Snackmaster Express Before using your dehydrator for the first time, wash the trays in warm soapy water. Caution: Do not put top mounted power unit in water. Wipe the top mounted power unit with a damp cloth.
  • Page 7 Follow these safety rules when dehydrating food: • When drying liquids, sauces, or purées, use a Fruit Roll Sheet, available from ® NESCO American Harvest. • When drying jerky, place a fruit roll sheet on the base. The Fruit Roll Sheet will catch drips and make cleaning easier.
  • Page 8: Gardenmaster

    It is ideal for ® On/Off Switch Adjustable thermostat Assembling Your NESCO ® Gardenmaster Before using your dehydrator for the first time, wash the trays in warm soapy water. Caution: Do not put base power unit in water. Wipe the top and base power unit with a damp cloth.
  • Page 9 Follow these safety rules when dehydrating food: • When drying liquids, sauces, or purées, use a Fruit Roll Sheet, available from ® NESCO American Harvest. • When drying jerky, place a fruit roll sheet on the base. The Fruit Roll Sheet will catch drips and make cleaning easier.
  • Page 10: General Drying Guidelines

    It is possible however, to combine partially dried foods on to fewer trays. • Many people have more than one NESCO American Harvest ® tor. If you have two, it’ s easy to com- bine a load from both dehydrators...
  • Page 11: Drying Time

    Keep records to help you predict future drying times for specific foods. Drying Temperature Foods dried in the NESCO Harvest Gardenmaster ® erally dry more quickly than in other models. Fruits, fruit rolls, and vegeta- bles should be dried at 130°...
  • Page 12 • Fruit rolls should be leathery with no sticky spots. • Jerky should be tough but not brittle. • Dried fish should be tough. If the fish is high in fat, it may appear moist due to the high oil content. •...
  • Page 13: Cooking Dried Food

    The ideal storage temperature for dehydrated food is 60°F (15°C) to below freezing. The ideal storage place is your freezer or refrigerator, particu- larly for storing low acid foods such as meats, fish, and vegetables. All fruits dried with skins intact should be packaged and frozen for a minimum of 48 hours to prevent any possibility of insect infestation.
  • Page 14: Fruits

    Drying Fruits ruits are ideal to dry because they have a naturally high sugar con- tent. They are high in acid (and consequently less prone to spoilage and micro-organisms), and taste delicious! Seasonally, fruit can be obtained in bulk from orchards or farms for considerably lower prices than what you may find in the supermarket.
  • Page 15 Should I Pre-Treat? Pre-treatment isn't necessary for most fruits. The majority of fruits are simply sliced and dried. However, some fruits tend to oxidize more than others. Oxidation causes browning of cut food surfaces when fruit is dried, This causes a loss in flavor and vitamins A and C.
  • Page 16 Conditioning Moisture will tend to equalize through- out a container of dried fruit when left at room temperature for several days. If some pieces are drier than others, the conditioning process will allow the moisture to equalize. If any condensa- tion appears on the lid of the container, fruits are insufficiently dried.
  • Page 17 Preparation Wash fruits and cut away any bruised or spoiled portions. Purée fruit in a blender until it is very smooth. In some blenders with some fruits, you may want to add a little juice or water to start the blending process. Fruits generally need no added sweetening, but if fruits are under ripe or particularly tart, you may add light...
  • Page 18: Fruit Drying Guidelines

    Expect a variance in the time needed to dry different fruits. Drying times are affect- ed by the size of the load, fruit thickness, the moisture content of the food itself, as well as other variables discussed in Drying Time, page 10. If pre-treatment is suggested, use one of the pre-treatments indicated on page 14.
  • Page 19 Food Preparation Grapes Leave whole, remove stems If blanched Kiwi Peel, slice 3/8" to 1/2" thick Mangos Remove skin, slice 3/8" thick from seed Melons Remove skin and seeds. Slice 1/2" thick Nectarines Quarter or slice 3/8" to 1/2" thick. Pre -treat Oranges, Slice 1/4"...
  • Page 20: Vegetables

    Drying Vegetables ome vegetables are quite good dried. Others lose their appeal and are better frozen or fresh. Some vegetables are far better frozen than dried, if you must preserve them. Vegetables have a low acid and sugar content that makes them more subject to spoilage, and tend to have a far shorter shelf life than dried fruits.
  • Page 21 and cook on high for about 1⁄2 of the time required to completely cook the fresh vegetable. Depending on the age and design of your microwave, you may want to stop the cooking half way through and stir the vegetables to achieve a more even blanching.
  • Page 22: Vegetable Drying Guidelines

    Vegetable Drying Guidelines Vegetables will also vary in their drying times. Blanching decreases drying times, but not all vegetables are blanched. Again, the average drying times below are general and depend on different variables which are listed in Drying Time page 10. For more accurate times, keep records of your own specific experience and record them in the space provided under each general time guideline.
  • Page 23 Vegetable Drying Guidelines Food Preparation Mushrooms* Clean with soft brush or cloth. Don't wash Onions Remove skins, tops, and root ends. Slice 3/8" thick Peas Shell, wash and blanch Peppers Remove stem & seeds. Cut into 1/2" pieces Peppers (hot) Wash, slice or cut in half remove seeds if you desire a milder pepper.
  • Page 24: Jerky

    (fat), as fat tends to go rancid during storage. A lean cut of flank steak or round steak makes excellent jerky. Using the NESCO ® American Harvest Jerky Works kit, you can make deli- ™...
  • Page 25 surface bacterial growth during the initial stages of drying. If you are making jerky from a ground meat, add one package jerky seasoning mix per pound of ground meat. Mix well and form strips by using the Jerky Works™ kit or a cookie press. Place on trays in your dehydrator and dry.
  • Page 26: Drying Cooked Meats

    Drying Cooked Meats If you are drying meat for other purposes than jerky such as for stew, sandwich spreads, or stroganoff, the meat should be tender and choice. It must be cooked so that it will not be tough and chewy when reconstituted. Using the remainder of a dinner roast or left-over steak saves the step of precooking the meat.
  • Page 27: Herbs

    Drying Herbs resh herbs and spices have a stronger aroma and flavor than dried herbs and spices. They are prized by food lovers and gourmet cooks. Dried herbs and spices are next-best. They are used more often than fresh because they are more readily available and convenient to use.
  • Page 28 outer covering may be removed. Rub the seeds between the palms of your hands while blowing on them to remove the husks. Place larger seeds on a Clean-A-Screen sheet. Place smaller ® seeds loosely on a Fruit Roll sheet. Dehydrate until there is no moisture evident.
  • Page 29 Most herbs may be dried in your NESCO the plant stalk or stem. Seeds and leaves are easily stripped from the plant when dry. Drying temperature should not exceed 90°-100°F (35°C). Do not dry herbs with fruits and vegetables. Store in glass containers in a cool, dark place to reduce flavor loss.
  • Page 30 Food Part of Plant Preparation Drying Time Uses Fennel Leaves Fennel Seeds Garlic Clove Ginger Root Ginger Leaves Marjoram Leaves Mint Leaves Mustard Seeds Oregano Leaves Parsley Leaves and stems Rosemary Leaves Sage Leaves and stems Tarragon Leaves Thyme Leaves Herb Drying Guidelines Rinse in cold water Rinse in cold water...
  • Page 31: Crafts

    Drying Crafts ou've all seen a flower so perfect in form, color, and texture that you wish you could keep it forever. With the Snackmaster Gardenmaster dehydrators, it now can ® become a reality. Drying Flowers Preserve garden and natural favorites for attractive dried flower arrangements, Christmas and holiday decorations, party favors, place cards and corsages.
  • Page 32: Dried Apple Wreath

    Dried Apple Wreath Supplies: Mod Podge sealer (available in craft supply stores) brush 1500 mgs. vitamin C (dissolved in 1 gallon of water or lemon or pineapple juice.) 8 or more apples (depending on the size of wreath) hot glue gun & glue sticks styrofoam wreath grapevines straw...
  • Page 33: Dough Ornaments

    enough to secure. Do not push the wire through the top of the rose. Trim wire to desired length. Push wire into styrofoam to hold rose upright. Using small brush, seal rose with Mod Podge. When dry, add baby's breath and silk leaves around the top of the rose.
  • Page 34 4 to 12 hours until completely dry (until you become more experi- enced with drying dough-art in your NESCO American Harvest® dehydra- ® tor, it is wise to place a piece of dough,...
  • Page 35: Bread And Glue Ornaments

    transparent and non penetrating so that the surface of your dough-art is strengthened with a hard protective coating. The best choice is a polyure- thane varnish. Be sure to remove your ornaments from your dehydrator and place in a well ventilated area (preferably out-of-doors) before applying varnish.
  • Page 36: Sweet & Spice Potpourri

    12 to 24 hours. In the dehydrator, they are usually dry in 6 to 12 hours. Paint and seal as directed in the salt dough recipe. Potpourri Home dried potpourri and sachets are fun and easy to do in your dehydrator. Take advantage of your flower garden in the summer by dehydrating petals, for potpourri, to use the rest of the year.
  • Page 37: Breakfast Recipes

    Breakfast Recipies Chunks of dried banana gives this old favorite a new twist. ⁄ cup margarine or butter ⁄ cups sugar 2 eggs 1 teaspoon vanilla ⁄ cups mashed ripe banana (4 to 6 bananas) ⁄ cup buttermilk Preheat oven to 350°F (175°C). Generously grease and flour 3 small (3" x 5") loaf pans or two medium (3-1⁄2"...
  • Page 38: Awesome Bran Muffins

    Glamorize Sunday morning waffles with bits of dried apple, 2 eggs, separated ⁄ cups buttermilk ⁄ cup vegetable oil ⁄ cups all-purpose flour ⁄ cup corn meal Preheat waffle iron. Separate eggs. In small bowl, beat egg white until stiff. Set aside. In medium bowl, beat egg yolks, buttermilk, and vegetable oil until blended.
  • Page 39: Desserts Cookies Candies

    Desserts Cookies Candies 24 pieces dried fruit, cut in half (apricots, peaches, pears, or prunes) 3 ounces cream cheese, softened 3 tablespoons sour cream or plain yogurt ⁄ cup chopped slivered almonds Dried fruits should be pliable. If too hard, allow to stand in boiling water 5 minutes to soften.
  • Page 40: Dried Apple Pastry Squares

    Dried Apple Pastry Squares This is an elegant dessert or tasty breakfast pastry. 5 to 6 cups dried apples 2 cups boiling water ⁄ cups cake or pastry flour 1 teaspoon salt 1 cup plus 2 tablespoons margarine or butter 1 egg yolk + almost ⁄...
  • Page 41: Apricot Cream Cheese Coffee Cake

    Apricot Cream Cheese Coffee Cake Strawberry preserves and dried strawberries can be substituted for the apricots. Or try pineapple or apple. ⁄ cups all-purpose flour ⁄ cup brown sugar, packed ⁄ cup butter ⁄ teaspoon baking powder ⁄ teaspoon baking soda ⁄...
  • Page 42: Crispy Pinwheels

    Dates, apricots, and other dried fruits can be used to fill these delicious cookies. Dried Fruit Filling (see below)* ⁄ cup butter or margarine ⁄ cup brown sugar, packed ⁄ cup granulated sugar 1 egg Prepare dried fruit filling. In a medium bowl, cream butter or margarine with brown sugar and granulated sugar.
  • Page 43: Condiments Dressing Stuffing

    Condiments Dressing Stuffing Sauces & Salads Soups & Snacks Dried Tomatoes in Olive Oil These tomatoes taste better than the expensive "sun dried" ones at the supermarket . 1 cup extra light olive oil 1 lb. dried tomato slices Dip dried tomato slices in vinegar. Shake off excess. Pack in a jar and cover with olive oil.
  • Page 44: Tomato Paste Supreme

    Store in freezer to maintain the best flavor. 4 quarts ripe tomatoes 1 teaspoon oregano ⁄ cup chopped carrots ⁄ teaspoon garlic powder Cook all ingredients over low heat until vegetables are tender. Strain through a sieve, and simmer the puree until thick. Spread on Fruit Roll sheets or spread on trays lined with plastic wrap (be sure not to cover the center hole or the side vent hole on the outer edge of the dehydrator trays).
  • Page 45: Homemade Chili Powder

    Add to your favorite Mexican recipe or use in ground meat for tacos. 3 ounces dried chilies such as Anaheim, or a combination of mild and hot peppers)* 1 tablespoon ground cumin 2 teaspoons salt 1 teaspoon ground allspice 1 teaspoon garlic powder Remove and discard stems and seeds.
  • Page 46: Tangy Dressing

    ⁄ cup mayonnaise ⁄ cup lemon juice 1 tablespoon prepared mustard ⁄ teaspoon dried garlic powder 1 teaspoon lemon rind (grated fresh) or ⁄ -1 teaspoon dried 1 tablespoon prepared horseradish Blend mayonnaise, lemon juice, mustard, dried garlic powder, lemon rind, horseradish, and parsley in a blender.
  • Page 47: Harvest Granola

    Most often served as a breakfast food, it can also be a snack or an ingredient in desserts, cookies, or main dishes. 5 cups rolled oats ⁄ cup brown sugar firmly packed ⁄ cup wheat germ ⁄ cup dried apple, chopped ⁄...
  • Page 48: Accessories

    Look for these exclusive accessories wherever NESCO ® American Harvest ® Food Dehydrators are sold. Add-A-Trays ® NESCO ® American Harvest Add-A-Trays ® allow you to expand your dehydrator to meet your needs. LT-2W (Set of 2): For use on FD-40, FD-50, FD-50T and FD-60.
  • Page 49 Accessories (continued) If you are unable to locate NESCO please contact our Customer Satisfaction Department at 1-800-288-4545. Jerky Making Kits NESCO ® American Harvest are the fast and easy way to make deli- cious jerky at a fraction of the cost of store bought jerky.
  • Page 50: Index

    Accessories ............. . .47-48 Breakfast Recipes Awesome Bran Muffins .
  • Page 51 Index (continued) Fruits Conditioning ..............15 Fruit Drying Guidelines .
  • Page 52: Warranty

    Your new food dehydrator comes equipped with numerous safety features. Any attempt to interfere with the operation of these safety features makes this warranty null and void. In the event we receive a dehydrator for service that has been tampered with, we reserve the right to restore it to its original state and charge for the repair.
  • Page 53: About Your Warranty

    Five Easy Steps to Satisfaction Should you have a problem with your food dehydrator, please refer to these steps for help: 1. Call us on our toll free number, 1-800-288-4545, and tell us about your prob- lem.
  • Page 54 Food Dehydrator & Jerky Maker The Metal Ware Corporation, 1700 Monroe St., Two Rivers, WI 54241 © 2000 The Metal Ware Corporation 300-01448...