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User's Manual
Please forward your warranty card to NEC
Australia Pty Ltd.
This instruction manual is very important. Please read
this manual carefully and completely before connecting,
operating or adjusting the VCR in order to ensure the
best performance. This instruction manual gives instruc-
tions on the effective use of your VCR. Please check
this manual before you call for help, so you may save
the cost of unnecessary service.
Only video cassettes marked "VHS" can be used with
this video cassette recorder.
VHS High Quality technology is incorporated into VCRs
marked "HQ". This VCR is compatible with the conventional
Video Cassette Recorder
Child - Lock System

Getting Started

Features ............................................................2
Controls and Components ................................3
On-Screen Display ............................................6
Remote Control Unit..........................................7
VCR & TV Connection ....................................10
Antenna Connection ........................................11
On-Screen Menu Programming ......................13
Setting the Clock .............................................14
Setting the Reception Channels ....................16
Playing Back Video Cassettes ........................24
Searching for Particular Scenes......................25
Special Playback .............................................26
Convenient Features .......................................28
Recording TV Programmes.............................30
Quick Start Recording (QSR)..........................32
Dubbing Tapes ................................................38
Audio Sound System
Audio Track System ........................................40

Important Information

Before Requesting Service .............................47
General Notes .................................................49
Specifications ..................................................50


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for NEC VH-602

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    Inserting and Removing Video Cassettes ..9 Connections VCR & TV Connection ........10 Antenna Connection ........11 Setting IMPORTANT Please forward your warranty card to NEC On-Screen Menu Programming ......13 Australia Pty Ltd. Setting the Clock ..........14 Setting the Reception Channels ....16 Playback Playing Back Video Cassettes ......24...
  • Page 2: Features

  • Page 3: Controls And Components

    OPERATE STOP/ EJECT NTSC PLAYBACK LONG PLAY & REC Easy Graphic MENU Child - Lock System HEAD Hi-Fi STEREO VH-602 VIDEO IN L-AUDIO IN-R /QSR P/STILL 7 P/STILL Button CH Buttons 8 REC/QSR Button 12 AUDIO IN Jacks Remote Sensor Window...
  • Page 4 Multi-Function Display TIMER Cassette- in Indicator Appears whenever there is a cassette tape in the VCR. Appears when the VCR is in Recording mode. Switchable Display Clock QSR (Quick Start Recording) off time Channel number AV (AV1, AV2) SC (Simulcast) Current tape mode Timer Appears when the VCR is set to record a programme in TIMER mode...
  • Page 6: On-Screen Display

    On-Screen Display VCR-Operation Mode/ Channel Programme Number Tape speed (AV1 (or AV2) in Audio/Video mode, SC in Simulcast mode) STOP PR-01 M 0:02:01 22. 09. 01 SUN Day/Month/Year/Day of Week Switchable Display (Clock, Tape Counter, Tape Remaining Length) When OK button is pressed, OSD (On-Screen Display) displays VCR operation mode, tape speed, channel programme number, date, year and day of the week will appear on the TV screen.
  • Page 7: Remote Control Unit

    Remote Control Unit Almost all VCR functions can be controlled from the wireless remote control unit. The remote control must have line of sight to the remote sensor on the front panel of the VCR and must be within an angle of 30 degrees either side of it. The maximum operating distance is about 7.5 m (25 feet).
  • Page 8 1 OPERATE Turns the unit ON or OFF. 2 MENU (i) Used to enter into menu on the TV screen. 3 CLEAR Press to reset the counter to 0:00:00. 4 CURSOR ( E E D D F F G G E E D D During OSD menu, for moving the cursor, selection bar up or down.
  • Page 9: Inserting And Removing Video Cassettes

    Inserting and Removing Video Cassettes Insertion Insert the video cassette into the compartment with the window side up and the label facing you. The VCR does not have to be ON. So long as it is connected to a power outlet, it will turn itself ON and continue the loading process.
  • Page 10: Vcr & Tv Connection

    VCR and TV Connection If your TV is equipped with an Audio/Video connector, it is possible to connect the VCR directly to the TV. The advantages of this type of connection are superior picture and better sound quality during playback. Stereo TV Aerial To VIDEO OUT terminal...
  • Page 11: Antenna Connection

    Antenna Connection In order to receive TV programmes with your VCR, an antenna must be connected as illustrated. Aerial To aerial terminal Coaxial cable (Supplied) To RF OUT AERIAL R - AUDIO - L VIDEO To AERIAL RF.OUT To AC outlet ~100 - 240V, 50/60Hz 14W Unplug the coaxial aerial cable from your TV set and plug it into the AERIAL terminal on your VCR.
  • Page 12: Setting

    Setting the Video Channel on your TV The output channel of the VCR is set at UHF channel 68. Turn on the TV. Turn the VCR on by pressing the OPERATE button. OPERATE Insert a recorded tape and press PLAY. PLAY Tune your TV so that the picture of the playing tape appears on the TV screen.
  • Page 13: On-Screen Menu Programming

    On-Screen Menu Programming The i button on the remote control can be used to activate the menu on the TV screen. Set-up Menu Display Press i on the remote control. The following menu will appear on the TV screen. Pr-12 TIME SYS- ACMS...
  • Page 14: Setting The Clock

    Setting the Clock Use the On-Screen Display and the remote control unit to set the clock. Before You Start The clock uses a 24-hour system. When you first plug in your VCR, the clock will read “- - - -”. While you are setting the clock, a menu on the TV screen will prompt you to go through the correct procedure.
  • Page 15 Set the hour by pressing 2 number buttons on the remote control. Enter 2 more for the minutes (e.g. 1530 for 15:30). 15 : - - . - - - - - TIME DATE Set the date by pressing the number buttons to enter 6 digits (day, month and year in order).
  • Page 16: Setting The Reception Channels

    Setting the Reception Channels The built-in frequency-synthesized tuner in the VCR allows you to receive TV broadcasts and to record programmes without having to turn the TV set on. The VCR tuner can be pre-set for a maximum of 80 stations. Once you have pretuned these stations, you can select them using CURSOR ( ), which advances the VCR directly to the highest or lowest pre-programmed channel.
  • Page 17 Press CURSOR ( ) to select “MFT”. When the correct station is in view, if necessary, adjust picture quality using the CURSOR ( ) buttons. STATION C 28 CHANNEL/CABLE : AV Press CURSOR ( ) buttons to select “STATION”. If you require a channel name for your programmed station you can select from a menu or manually change a channel name.
  • Page 18 To manually change the name of the station, for example; change SBS to NRTV. Use the CURSOR ( ) to input the station name manually. STATION NRTV OK i 1) Enter the first letter of the station name by pressing the CURSOR ( ) and ( buttons repeatedly.
  • Page 19 Auto Channel Tuning Important: This VCR has the following channels preset when it is shipped from the factory. Channel Indication 11-27 Channel Number It must be noted that by entering the Auto Channel Tuning mode (ACMS), all factory preset channels and manually stored channels will be automatically erased, therefore, if you wish to add any channels to the factory preset channels, refer to the manual channel tuning section.
  • Page 20 When Automatic channel tuning is complete, “TV Station table” menu appears on the TV screen. PR-01 PR-02 PR-03 PR-04 PR-05 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - MOVE: DELETE: NOTE: AUTO SEARCH will stop if all channels are scanned or if the i button is pressed again.
  • Page 21 Skipping or Scanning Channel Positions If you want to scan the channels broadcasted in your local area, you can delete unused channels with the following steps. Press i on the remote control. The following menu will appear on the TV screen. Pr-12 TIME SYS-...
  • Page 22 Changing the programming order of the “TV station table” If you want to move the order of the TV stations, you can do it easily with the following steps: Press i on the remote control. The following menu will appear on the TV screen.
  • Page 23 Move the cursor to place the cursor line at the position where you want to insert the selected programme (for example PR No. 04) and press OK. The selected station will be moved to the new programme number. Move other stations, if you wish, by repeating steps 3 to 4. PR-01 PR-02 PR-03...
  • Page 24: Playing Back Video Cassettes

    Playing Back Video Cassettes Normal Playback Insert a pre-recorded video cassette in the VCR. When the cassette is inserted, press PLAY to start playback. The display “PLAY” will appear briefly on the TV screen and on the Multi- PLAY Function Display. The playback speed of the tape will be selected automatically by the VCR.
  • Page 25: Searching For Particular Scenes

    Searching for Particular Scenes This video recorder will wind a tape forward or backward quickly to search for particular scenes on the tape. Fast forward (FF) Pressing the fast forward (FF) button with the tape in STOP mode, the video recorder will rapidly wind the tape forward.
  • Page 26: Special Playback

    Special Playback Still Playback Press P/STILL to freeze the picture during playback. To continue normal play- back, press PLAY. When the picture is still, unstable noise bars may appear on the TV screen and no sound will be heard. This is normal. Use CURSOR ( ) to eliminate vertical jitter.
  • Page 27 Tracking Adjustment When a tape recorded on another VCR is played back, noise bars and snow may appear in the picture. Use the tracking procedures described below to stabilize the image and improve the picture quality. Digital Auto-Tracking When playback starts, Auto-Tracking functions automatically, optimizing the picture quality. NOTES: Auto-Tracking will function during playback.
  • Page 28: Convenient Features

    Convenient Features This VCR is equipped with a number of convenient features that will enhance your enjoyment of videos. Diagnostic Advising System This function informs you of an error with a message for solving problems more easily. These error messages will be shown on the TV screen. Press i.
  • Page 29: Recording

    Zero Stop The Zero Stop function stops a tape automatically when the tape counter reaches 0:00:00. This feature can be used to return the tape to a preselected position quickly after recording, or to playback a portion of a tape repeatedly. Press OK to set the counter mode.
  • Page 30: Recording Tv Programmes

    Recording TV Programmes Make sure that the timer recording indicator TIMER is OFF. If the indicator appears on the Multi-Function Display, press OPERATE once to turn it off. Check that the safety tab on the cassette is in place. If it has been removed, recording will not start. Full Auto Play will take over instead.
  • Page 31 To Avoid Recording Unwanted Programme Materials Press P/STILL to stop the tape temporarily. The indicator RECP will appear on the Multi-Function Display. RECP on the TV screen will also appear. To continue recording, press P/STILL again. NOTE: After 5 minutes in PAUSE mode, the VCR will automatically enter into STOP mode to protect the tape and the video heads.
  • Page 32: Quick Start Recording (Qsr)

    Quick Start Recording (QSR) Use this features to start recording quickly. Starting Quick Start Recording Press REC/QSR to start recording. Press REC/QSR again. 0H30 and QSR (Ouick Start Recording) will appear on the Multi-Function Display. Each time the REC/QSR button is pressed, the recording time will extend in steps of 30 minutes up to a maximum of 9 hours.
  • Page 33: Timer Recording Using The On-Screen Display

    Timer Recording Using the On-Screen Display The VCR can be programmed to record up to 7 programmes within a period of 1 month. For unattended recording, the timer needs to know the channel to be recorded and the time to start and end. Before You Start If you make an incorrect entry during programming, press CURSOR ( ) to clear the entry.
  • Page 34 Select the programme number that you wish to record using the number buttons (for example, 01). NOTE: Please enter the 2 digits for the programme number and the dates. (For example, “01” for 1 and “02” for 2) DATE TIME PR-01 - - ~ - - - - ~ - -...
  • Page 35 The clock uses a 24 hour system. Enter the start and end times by using the number buttons. Enter 2 digits for the hour and 2 for the minutes (For example, 1300 for 1:00 PM). DATE TIME PR-01 00 ~14 - - ~ - - - - ~ - - - - ~ - -...
  • Page 36 Erasing A Timer Programme Press i. Press CURSOR ( ) to select the “REC” and select it with OK. Pr-12 TIME SYS- ACMS DATE OK i AUDIO Press CURSOR ( ) to select the programme that you want to delete. DATE TIME PR-01...
  • Page 37 If Timer Recording Events Overlap... Make sure that the preset times of the timer recording events do not overlap. If they do, the earlier programme will always be given priority. Example: Programme 1 is programmed to start at 10:30 and end at 11:30. Programme 2 is programmed to start at 11:00 and end at 12:00 In this case, Programme 1 will be recorded in its entirety, but only the last 30 minutes of Programme 2 will be recorded.
  • Page 38: Dubbing Tapes

    Dubbing Tapes It is possible to copy recorded material from one tape to another. In order to do this, you need to connect the VCR to another VCR as follows: Connecting Two VCRS to Each Other Aerial PLAYING VCR CHANNEL RF.OUT AUDIO OUT AERIAL...
  • Page 39 Start playback on the playing VCR and start recording on the recording VCR. NOTES: If VH-602 is the recording VCR, select the AV mode by pressing AV. Unauthorized recording of copyrighted television programmes, films, video tapes and other material may infringe the right of copyright owners and be contrary to copyright laws.
  • Page 40: Audio Track System

    Audio Track System This VCR is equipped with a VHS Hi-Fi audio sound system for recording and playback of sound. Further to this, it can also receive stereo and bilingual broadcasts for maximum video enjoyment. The VCR has regular audio track and two VHS Hi-Fi audio tracks, allowing you to record sound in STEREO or BILINGUAL modes from TV broadcasts, a stereo audio system, stereo video disc player or VCR, and play them back in STEREO or BILINGUAL mode.
  • Page 41: Simulcast Recording And Playback

  • Page 42 Simulcast Stereo Recording Connect the stereo tuner or receiver to the left and right AUDIO INPUT connec- tors (AV2) on the front panel of the VCR. Press AV to select SIMULCAST (SC). Adjust the stereo sound quality on your stereo tuner or receiver. Other operations are the same as for general recording.
  • Page 43 AV Button Used for selecting the video input source and the appropriate audio tracks for recording. This button has no effect during playback. Tuner (TU position) Mono TV broadcasts are recorded automatically and simultaneously onto the mono audio track and VHS Hi-Fi tracks. Stereo broadcasts are recorded in the same way.
  • Page 44: Receiving Stereo Or Bilingual Broadcasts

    Receiving Stereo or Bilingual Broadcasts The VCR can receive stereo or bilingual broadcasts sound signals. Receiving TV Sound (Stereo or Bilingual) When the stereo indicator STEREO is on, the VCR will record in stereo onto the VHS Hi-Fi audio tracks (it will also record mono audio onto the mono audio track).
  • Page 45 Playing Back a Tape Recorded in Stereo or Bilingual Mode Stereo TV Aerial To VIDEO OUT terminal Coaxial cable (supplied) To VIDEO IN terminal To AUDIO IN (R/L) terminals To AUDIO OUT (R/L) To AUDIO OUT VIDEO terminals ( R/L) terminals To "RF OUT"...
  • Page 46 Press i button. Pr-12 TIME SYS- ACMS DATE OK i AUDIO Press CURSOR ( ) to select “AUDIO” menu and press OK button. Pr-12 TIME SYS- REC PR ACMS DATE AUDIO OK i AUDIO Press CURSOR ( ) to select desired audio output mode. STEREO Pr-12 LEFT...
  • Page 47: Before Requesting Service

    Before Requesting Service Before requesting service, check the following items. PROBLEM CHECK CORRECTION No Power Unit plugged in? Plug in the power cord and switch on. Video cassette cannot be inserted Is there a video cassette already in? Replace it. Insert the video cassette with the window side up and the safety tab facing you.
  • Page 48 Power Failures If the timer was programmed, all programmed information will be lost in the course of the failure, and if timer record- ing is in progress it will be interrupted. If Tape Movement Stops Automatically If trouble occurs during tape movement or in the mechanism inside the VCR, a safety device works to stop the operation of the VCR.
  • Page 49: General Notes

    General Notes After playing a video tape, remove it from the VCR if the VCR is not going to be used for a long time. Do not transport the VCR with a video cassette inserted. It is a good idea to save the original shipping carton and packing material. They will come in handy for moving the VCR in the future or returning it in for service.
  • Page 50: Specifications

    Specifications Tape Format : Tape Width 1/2" (12.7 mm high density VHS tape) Video Recording System : Double Azimuth 4 heads, helical scanning system Video Signal System : PAL colour format Tape Width : 12.7 mm (1/2 inch) Tape Speed : 23.39 mm/sec (SP mode) 11.69 mm/sec (LP mode) Maximum Recording Time...
  • Page 51 Perth 45 Sarich Court, Osborne Park, 6017 (08) 9446-5333 For service in outer areas, please contact your NEC retailer for the address of the nearest NEC Australia Pty. Ltd. Authorized Service Centre. NEC Australia Pty Ltd 244 Beecroft Road EPPING 2121...
  • Page 52 P/N 3834RP0068N...

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