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NEC MobilePro 790 User Manual

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Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 NEC MobilePro ™ Handheld Personal Computers 7 9 0 O B I L E U S E R ’ S G U I D E...
  • Page 2 Proprietary Notice and Liability Disclaimer The information disclosed in this document, including all designs and related materials, is the valuable property of NEC Computers Inc. in the United States and Canada (hereinafter “NECC”), of NEC Computers International in Europe (hereinafter “NEC CI”) and/or their licensors. NECC and NEC CI and/or its...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Synchronizing with Your Host PC... 1-21 Synchronizing via the Serial Port ... 1-21 Synchronizing via the Infrared Port... 1-21 Resynchronizing Your MobilePro... 1-21 Using other Communication Devices... 1-22 Connecting Remotely ... 1-22 Getting Help... 1-23 Introducing the NEC MobilePro Contents iii...
  • Page 4 Creating a Network (Ethernet) Connection ... 3-6 Microsoft ActiveSync... 3-7 Backing Up and Restoring Data ... 3-8 Using Microsoft ActiveSync ... 3-8 Online Help ... 3-8 Using the NEC MobilePro Powering On and Off ... 4-2 Making Display Panel Adjustments ... 4-3 iv Contents...
  • Page 5 Backlight ... 4-4 Automatic Off ... 4-4 Automatic On... 4-4 Enabling the Suspend Switch ... 4-4 Using the Keyboard ... 4-5 Using Application Shortcut Keys ... 4-7 Defining Application Shortcut Keys ... 4-8 Other Function Keys... 4-8 Adjusting MobilePro Settings ... 4-9 Using the Scroll Dial...
  • Page 6: Using This Guide

    Using This Guide The NEC MobilePro™ 790 User's Guide gives you the information you need to maximize the use of your NEC MobilePro 790 Professional PC Companion. Read this guide to familiarize yourself with the MobilePro and its features. For specific information, see the following.
  • Page 7: Text Conventions

    Text Conventions This guide uses the following text conventions. Warnings, cautions, and notes have the following meanings: WARNING serious personal injury or loss of life. CAUTION hardware or software. Note Notes give important information about the material being described. Names of keyboard keys are printed as they appear on the keyboard, for example, Ctrl, Alt, or Enter.
  • Page 8: Getting Started

    Getting Started Welcome Unpacking Your MobilePro Getting to Know Your MobilePro Installing and Charging the Battery Connecting the AC Adapter Taking a Quick Tour Introducing the Software Connecting to Your PC via Serial Connecting to Your PC via Infrared Synchronizing with Your Host PC Getting Help...
  • Page 9: Welcome

    Picture yourself in the following situations: Before a business trip you synchronize all your unread email onto your MobilePro 790. In the air you read and reply to fifty messages, which get sent automatically the next time you connect your MobilePro to your office PC.
  • Page 10: Unpacking Your Mobilepro

    Unpacking Your MobilePro Your NEC MobilePro ships with a number of accessories. When you unpack the NEC MobilePro, verify that you have all of the items listed here and that they are in good condition. If anything is missing or damaged, contact the vendor who sold you the unit.
  • Page 11: Getting To Know Your Mobilepro

    Getting to Know Your MobilePro The NEC MobilePro 790 offers you a portable system designed for synchronization with your host PC. Standard features include a VR4121, 168-MHz, 48-MB memory (32-MB RAM plus 16-MB Internal Flash ROM), an 8.1-inch half-VGA STN, 64K color, enhanced touch screen, a V.90 internal modem, a built-in microphone, internal speaker, and Type...
  • Page 12: Accessories

    Accessories The NEC MobilePro 790 ships with the following accessories: AC adapter (varies by country) PC Connect (serial port) cable Modem adapter (countries other than U.S.) RJ-11 Telephone cable For a comprehensive list of MobilePro accessories, including optional extras such as the VGA monitor connector cable, refer to the MobilePro desktop.
  • Page 13: Inserting The Battery Pack

    A – Battery release lock Firmly press the battery until it is secure and clicks (locks) into place. Slide the lock back to the locked position. The NEC MobilePro will not power on when the lock is in the unlocked position.
  • Page 14 Note Before using the system for the first time, charge the MobilePro continuously for 6-10 hours to fully charge the main and backup batteries. Allow the 6-10 hours to pass even if the indicator light changes from amber to green before the 6-10 hours have passed. To protect your data, do not use the system until the backup battery is fully charged.
  • Page 15: Connecting The Ac Adapter

    Keep your MobilePro on for long periods AC adapter and the NEC MobilePro. When using the AC adapter, make sure the AC outlet is near the NEC MobilePro and is easily accessible. Keep the main battery installed when running on AC power.
  • Page 16 NEC recommends that you wait ten seconds after powering off, before powering on the NEC MobilePro. Continue working with the NEC MobilePro 790 as it charges and leave it connected to AC power after the light turns green.
  • Page 17: Taking A Quick Tour

    This section takes you through the process of setting up your system for the first time. Open the display panel to start your NEC MobilePro 790 for the first time. Press the Power button if the system does not start automatically.
  • Page 18: Connecting To Your Pc Via Serial

    Connecting to Your PC via Serial The MobilePro is designed to be a companion PC. Most users want to synchronize the MobilePro 790 with a host PC. The latest work done on either the MobilePro or the host PC automatically appears on both machines, once the synchronization process occurs.
  • Page 19: Ensuring The Availability Of The Serial Port

    Ensuring the Availability of the Serial Port The serial port on your host PC must be available for synchronization with your NEC MobilePro. Follow these steps to ensure the availability of the serial port. Access the Setup utility on your host PC to verify that the port is enabled.
  • Page 20 Connecting the PC connect cable Connect the other end of the cable to the 9-pin serial port on your host PC. If your host PC has a 25-pin serial port, use an adapter (available in most computer stores). Proceed to the next section to install Microsoft ActiveSync. Note Before connecting the PC Connect cable to the serial port on your host PC, be sure that the serial port is enabled in the host PC's BIOS...
  • Page 21: Installing Microsoft Activesync

    Installing Microsoft ActiveSync You must install Microsoft ActiveSync on your host PC to enable synchronization with your MobilePro. The Microsoft ActiveSync CD that ships with your MobilePro contains the ActiveSync software designed for synchronization with Microsoft Office components. The following procedure assumes Microsoft Outlook as the host PC synchronization component.
  • Page 22: Creating A Partnership

    Insert the Microsoft ActiveSync CD in the CD-ROM drive of your host PC. If auto-insert is enabled on your host PC, the setup window appears. If auto insert is not enabled, go to Start, Run, browse for the CD-ROM drive, and run the setup.exe file. Click Next to start the setup wizard.
  • Page 23: Connecting To Your Pc Via Infrared

    Connecting to Your PC via Infrared If your host PC is not equipped with a serial port or the serial port(s) is in use, use the infrared port to synchronize the NEC MobilePro with your host PC. The following section provides an overview of the synchronization process, using the infrared port, followed by detailed instructions for each stage of the process.
  • Page 24: Modifying Pc Connection Settings

    Proceed to the next section to set the infrared connection speed, if necessary. Setting the Infrared Connection Speed Your NEC MobilePro supports both SIR (115 Kbps) and FIR (4 Mbps) IR communications. Follow these steps to set the infrared connection speed. Tap Start, Settings, Control Panel, and double tap MobilePro Settings.
  • Page 25: Installing Microsoft Activesync

    If infrared is disabled, select the options tab and place a check in the box “Enable infrared communications.” Place a check in the boxes, “Search and provide status for devices in range,” and “Install software for Plug and Play devices within range.” Uncheck the box, “Limit connection speed to.”...
  • Page 26: Installing Activesync

    Configure the host PC's IP address on the MobilePro as follows: Tap Start, Settings, Control Panel, and double tap the network icon. Highlight NE2000 Compatible Ethernet Driver and select the Properties button. In the IP address tab, select (place a dot beside) “Obtain an IP address via DHCP.”...
  • Page 27: Creating A Partnership

    The Get Connected window appears. Place the NEC MobilePro so that the infrared port is within range of the host PC infrared port and read the instructions about connecting your device. Click Next. On the NEC MobilePro, tap Start, Programs, Communication, and PC Link.
  • Page 28: Synchronizing With Your Host Pc

    Once your MobilePro is configured for synchronization with your host PC, synchronization occurs when the ActiveSync components on the NEC MobilePro and on the host PC are activated. When synchronizing via the serial port, the process occurs automatically. When synchronizing via the infrared port, manual intervention is required.
  • Page 29: Using Other Communication Devices

    Power off, then power on the MobilePro unit. Using other Communication Devices During synchronization, the PC Connect (serial) cable must be connected to your host PC. However, you must disconnect the serial cable before using the internal modem, IR port or a network card in your MobilePro. Connecting Remotely In addition to using your MobilePro as a companion PC, when you travel you can connect by modem directly to an internet service provider or a...
  • Page 30: Getting Help

    Getting Help The following table provides a comprehensive list of where you can get help on your MobilePro 790, the software, connections, accessories, and support. Item MobilePro Operation Windows CE ActiveSync Pocket Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Internet Explorer, Inbox, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks...
  • Page 31 NEC Computers Inc. MobilePro Support NEC Computers Inc. Support Telephone Numbers 800-632-4525, fax: 801-579-1552 NEC UltraCare Warranty Terms and Conditions Refer to this booklet to find out how to contact the local office in your country. NEC Computers Inc. MobilePro Home
  • Page 32: Introducing The Nec Mobilepro

    Introducing the NEC MobilePro Identifying System Features Opening the Display Panel Using the Stylus Using the MobilePro's Power Sources Caring for the MobilePro...
  • Page 33: Identifying System Features

    Identifying System Features The NEC MobilePro 790 is compact with features on every side. The next few sections provide figures and feature descriptions. Around the Front of the System The following sections describe front features beginning with the display panel.
  • Page 34: Keyboard Panel And Base Unit

    Scroll Dial — Allows you to scroll up/down or upon your MobilePro settings. Keyboard Panel and Base Unit The NEC MobilePro keyboard panel and base unit provide the features shown in the following figure. Features are described after the figure. Keyboard panel and base unit A –...
  • Page 35: Around The Back Of The System

    Puts the MobilePro into a suspend state when the lid is closed (if enabled in MobilePro Settings). Around the Back of the System The back of the NEC MobilePro offers the features shown in the following figure. Features are described after the figure. Introducing the NEC MobilePro Status LEDs B –...
  • Page 36: Around The Left Side Of The System

    Main Battery Pack — Provides battery power to the MobilePro when away from an AC power source. Around the Left Side of the System The left side of your NEC MobilePro offers the features shown in the following figure. Features are described after the figure. A – AC power port B –...
  • Page 37 AC Power Port — Lets you connect the AC adapter to run your unit on AC power. VGA Port — Provides a connection point for the VGA cable. Serial Port — Provides a connection point for the PC connect cable. Port not used in some models. Introducing the NEC MobilePro...
  • Page 38: Around The Right Side Of The System

    Around the Right Side of the System The right side of your NEC MobilePro offers the features shown in the following figure. Features are described after the figure. A – PC card eject button B – PC card slot PC Card Eject Button — Allows you to remove an installed PC card.
  • Page 39 B – ROM bay cover C – Speaker Soft Reset Button — Lets you do a “soft reset” to the NEC MobilePro in case of malfunction. Your data is preserved if it has been saved in a file. Use your stylus to press the soft reset button.
  • Page 40: Opening The Display Panel

    MobilePro. Using MobilePro's Power Sources The NEC MobilePro 790 can be powered using the AC adapter or the system's main battery, making it a truly portable system. The MobilePro also contains an internal data backup battery that recharges whenever the unit is connected to an AC power source.
  • Page 41: Determining Battery Status

    See “Connecting the AC Adapter” in Chapter 1. The battery charging LED indicates the charging status of the main battery pack when the NEC MobilePro is connected to an AC power source. The LED status displays as follows: Lights amber while charging.
  • Page 42: Recharging The Backup Battery

    Do not remove the main battery from the unit for an extended period of time unless the unit is connected to an AC power source. The backup battery is not user-replaceable. The MobilePro's internal data backup battery Introducing the NEC MobilePro 2-11...
  • Page 43: Battery Replacement

    Slide the lock to the unlocked position in the direction of the arrow as indicated in the following figure. Slide the release latch in the direction of its arrow, as indicated in the following figure, and hold it. Remove the battery from its bay. Introducing the NEC MobilePro 2-12...
  • Page 44: Removing The Battery Pack

    Insert the new Lithium-Ion battery pack in the bay and slide the battery in the direction of the arrow, as indicated in the following figure. Inserting the battery pack A – Battery release lock C – Lithium-Ion battery pack C – Lithium-Ion battery pack Introducing the NEC MobilePro 2-13...
  • Page 45: Battery Precautions

    Do not use a battery that is damaged or deformed, has any rust on its casing, is discolored, overheats, or emits a foul odor. Caring for the MobilePro The NEC MobilePro is a durable, dependable unit built for extensive use and travel. Follow these guidelines to maintain the condition and performance of your MobilePro.
  • Page 46: Precautions

    When cleaning the system, use a soft, clean, slightly damp, almost dry cloth. Avoid wiping the display surface with abrasive material, including rough fabric. Do not use a cleaning solution; this may damage the plastic. Immediately turn off and unplug the MobilePro Introducing the NEC MobilePro 2-15...
  • Page 47: Storage Requirements

    Keep the AC adapter away from the IrDA port to ensure stable communication/transfer operations. Storage Requirements Store the NEC MobilePro and AC adapter in an environment that meets the following conditions. Maintain storage temperatures between 14°F and 140°F (–10°C and 60°C).
  • Page 48 Never use harsh solutions, household cleaners, or spray cleaners that contain caustic materials on the MobilePro. These cleaners are usually high in alkalinity, which is measured in pH. Using these cleaners can cause the plastic surface to crack or discolor. Introducing the NEC MobilePro 2-17...
  • Page 49: Introducing Windows Ce

    Introducing Windows CE Windows CE Operating System Microsoft ActiveSync Online Help...
  • Page 50: Windows Ce Operating System

    Tapping Your NEC MobilePro comes with a stylus, a pen-like device that allows you to touch, tap, or double tap objects on the MobilePro touch screen. The touch, tap, and double tap act just like a point, click, and double click of a mouse.
  • Page 51: Dragging And Dropping

    Internet via the MobilePro's built-in modem and an internet service provider. Inbox — Allows you to send and receive email messages on your NEC MobilePro. Refer to Chapter 5, “Setting Up a Remote Connection,” for details about configuring your MobilePro to send and receive email.
  • Page 52: Pocket Applications

    Microsoft Pocket Access — Allows you to access and synchronize information from other databases. Microsoft Voice Recorder — Allows you to record voice memos. In addition, your NEC MobilePro includes other programs and utilities accessible through the Start, Programs menu. Pocket Applications...
  • Page 53: Printing Features

    Microsoft Voice Recorder — Provides an easy way to quickly capture thoughts, reminders, ideas, and phone numbers. ActiveSync — Lets you initiate synchronization with your host PC. PC Link — Allows you to initiate a connection with your host PC. Remote Networking —...
  • Page 54: Network Capabilities

    Select other printing attributes as required. Tap OK. Note With the optional printer cable (MC-RC3E) connected to the serial port of your NEC MobilePro, you can print to a supported, high-speed parallel printer. For information about MobilePro accessories, access the web site
  • Page 55: Microsoft Activesync

    In the Settings dialog box, enter the information for your server. Most networks use DHCP, so you should not have to change these settings. See your network administrator if you need assistance. If the Settings dialog box does not appear, go to Start, Settings, Control Panel, and double tap Network.
  • Page 56: Backing Up And Restoring Data

    PC. When you restore data from a backup file created by Microsoft ActiveSync, all data on your NEC MobilePro is replaced by the data in the backup file. All data on your MobilePro is overwritten including files you created, settings that you changed or programs that you installed since the last backup.
  • Page 57: Using The Nec Mobilepro

    Using the NEC MobilePro Powering On and Off Making Display Panel Adjustments Using the Keyboard Adjusting MobilePro Settings Using the Scroll Dial Using the Voice Recorder Using PC Cards Using CompactFlash Cards Using the IR Port Resetting the MobilePro Using the FlashROM Configuration Utility...
  • Page 58: Powering On And Off

    CompactFlash cards. In addition, repeatedly powering off and quickly powering on, may cause data loss. NEC recommends that you wait ten seconds after powering off, before powering on the NEC MobilePro. Slide the display panel latch to the right. Lift the display panel up towards the rear of the unit.
  • Page 59: Making Display Panel Adjustments

    Chapter 3, “Backing Up and Restoring Data.” Making Display Panel Adjustments You can adjust the brightness of the display panel in the NEC MobilePro using two function keys located at the top right of the keyboard. Increasing panel brightness can dramatically lower battery life.
  • Page 60: Backlight

    Enabling the Suspend Switch You can configure your NEC MobilePro to power on or off by simply opening or closing the display cover. The Suspend switch acts as a switch for both the power and the display panel. With the suspend switch enabled opening the NEC MobilePro powers on the unit.
  • Page 61: Using The Keyboard

    External Power,” or both, to enable the display linkage switch. Note While running on battery power your NEC MobilePro will not automatically suspend during synchronization, while running on battery power, unless the battery charge is at a very low status. You may want to connect your MobilePro to an AC power source before synchronizing with your host PC.
  • Page 62 Shortcut Keys.” Brightness up/down keys — Use the brightness up/down keys to adjust the NEC MobilePro's panel brightness. Cursor Control Keys — Cursor control keys let you position the cursor on the screen where you want. The cursor indicates where the next typed text is inserted.
  • Page 63: Using Application Shortcut Keys

    Using Application Shortcut Keys The NEC MobilePro provides application shortcut keys located at the top of the keyboard. Use these keys to launch applications directly from the keyboard. The key defaults are listed in the following table. Default Application Shortcut Keys...
  • Page 64: Defining Application Shortcut Keys

    Other Function Keys In addition to the application shortcut keys, your NEC MobilePro is equipped with default function keys as described in the following table. Fn + Space...
  • Page 65: Adjusting Mobilepro Settings

    Alt + Down Arrow Adjusting MobilePro Settings Your NEC MobilePro is equipped with a desktop icon labeled MobilePro Settings. To access MobilePro Settings, simply tap Start, Settings, Control Panel, and double tap the MobilePro Settings icon to display the applet's window.
  • Page 66: Using The Scroll Dial

    Tap to highlight an application on the MobilePro desktop, then push in the dial to launch the application. 4-10 Using the NEC MobilePro Select the appropriate country setting for your Up/Down...
  • Page 67: Using The Voice Recorder

    Using the Voice Recorder The NEC MobilePro features a voice recorder application to record and play voice memos. Recording is dictation quality only and not intended for musical recording. Recording voice memos with the NEC MobilePro is easy. Recording Memos Follow these steps to record with the Microsoft Voice Recorder.
  • Page 68: Using Pc Cards

    Using PC Cards Your NEC MobilePro comes with a PC card slot that supports one Type I or one Type II PC card. All PC cards are approximately the same size, have a standard 68-pin connector and vary only in thickness. PC cards add a variety of storage and communication functionality to your MobilePro.
  • Page 69: Inserting A Pc Card

    Inserting a PC card Verify that the PC card is securely in the slot. Make sure you align the PC card correctly for insertion. Inserting a PC card incorrectly can damage the card and/or the NEC MobilePro. Using the NEC MobilePro 4-13...
  • Page 70: Removing Pc Cards

    Once the card is released, pull it the rest of the way out of the slot. Using CompactFlash Cards Your NEC MobilePro comes with a CompactFlash card slot that supports one Type I or Type II CompactFlash card. A CompactFlash card provides a storage device for your MobilePro and when inserted, creates a Storage Card 2 folder.
  • Page 71: Removing Compactflash Cards

    Save your data if you are storing it on the inserted CompactFlash card. Press the button beside the CompactFlash card. When the card pops out slightly, pull it out of the slot. Make sure you align the CompactFlash card Using the NEC MobilePro 4-15...
  • Page 72: Using The Ir Port

    Using the IR Port With the NEC MobilePro, you can send and receive data to and from another similarly equipped device using the infrared (IrDA) communication port. In addition, you can use the IR port to synchronize data with your host PC, in place of using the PC Connect (serial) cable.
  • Page 73: Resetting The Mobilepro

    Power button, or when the operating system stops responding. The NEC MobilePro is equipped with two reset buttons, designed for use depending upon specific conditions. The two reset buttons are: Soft Reset Button — The soft reset button allows you to restart the NEC MobilePro operating system while preserving any saved data.
  • Page 74: Using The Full Reset Button

    The full reset button is located inside of the main battery's bay. Follow these steps to remove the battery before using the full reset button to reset the NEC MobilePro. 4-18 Using the NEC MobilePro Soft reset button A – Soft reset button...
  • Page 75 Slide the release latch in the direction of its arrow, as indicated in the following figure, and hold it. Remove the battery from the bay. Removing the battery pack A – Battery release latch B – Battery release lock C – Battery pack Using the NEC MobilePro 4-19...
  • Page 76: Using The Flashrom Configuration Utility

    Restoring Your Data,” for details about backing up and restoring your MobilePro. Using the FlashROM Configuration Utility The MobilePro 790 provides the Internal FlashROM Configuration Utility, which allows for the instant recovery of customized applications even after a cold boot.
  • Page 77 Internal FlashROM Configuration Utility Click OK. Note Each application is placed in its own folder in the HPC Internal FlashROM folder, and a separate Default_Info folder holds the application files (Help, shortcut, etc.), in order by application. Using the NEC MobilePro 4-21...
  • Page 78: Setting Up A Remote Connection

    Setting Up a Remote Connection Preparing for Connection Setup Connecting the Internal Modem Connecting to an Internet Service Provider (ISP) Connecting to a Remote Access Server (RAS) Sending and Receiving Email Activating a Connection...
  • Page 79: Preparing For Connection Setup

    Follow these steps to connect an RJ-11 telephone cable to the internal modem. Open the modem cover on the right side of the NEC MobilePro by pullin down the top of the cover. Carefully plug the RJ-11 telephone cable into the modem connector.
  • Page 80: Connecting To An Internet Service Provider

    Failure to do so may result in explosion or fire and will damage your modem. During thunderstorms be sure to disconnect the modem phone cable from the NEC MobilePro. Failure to do so may result in explosion or fire. Connect the other RJ-11 connector into an active (analog) phone jack.
  • Page 81: Connecting To A Remote Access Server

    Connection,” later in this chapter, to send and receive email through your ISP. For ISP settings, access: Although not an official NEC web site, this site contains important information about ISP settings. Connecting to a Remote Access Server Once you establish an account with your RAS and gather the necessary configuration information, you are ready to create a connection on your MobilePro for your RAS account.
  • Page 82: Sending And Receiving Email

    Tap TCP/IP Settings and configure the required General Settings and Name Servers. Tap OK. Tap Next and enter the required dial-up telephone number. Tap Finish. Once your RAS connection is established you can configure your MobilePro to send and receive email through your RAS. Follow the instructions in “Sending and Receiving Email”...
  • Page 83: Activating A Connection

    Enter ISP information as follows: — POP3 Host — ISP POP3 Host name — User ID — Your user id — Password — Your password, if required — SMTP Host — SMTP Host name — Return Address — Your email address (if in a UNIX environment <your email address>) Enter RAS (Exchange server) information as follows: —...
  • Page 84 Tap Services (again, if necessary) and tap Connect. The connection dialog box displays and may prompt you to enter a password. Otherwise, the connection dialog box displays the connection progress and indicates when the connection is successful. Enter your password, if required. Once the connection is established, you are ready to send and receive email.
  • Page 85: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Your NEC MobilePro is designed to provide many hours of service while you are at home or on the road. For optimum performance, frequently back up and synchronize the MobilePro data with your host PC. Then if something happens, most of your data is still available.
  • Page 86 Problem A low battery message appears. When using a PC card, such as a modem, the unit powers off. The AC adapter doesn't work. The keyboard doesn't respond. The serial port doesn't work. The IrDA port doesn't work. The PC card cannot be accessed.
  • Page 87 For further assistance, call NEC Support Services at Note If you purchased this computer outside of the U.S. and Canada, please refer to the NEC Ultracare Warranty Terms and Conditions booklet that contains all necessary information to contact NEC CI Support Services in your country.
  • Page 88: Specifications

    The following specifications are standard except where noted. Display 8.1-inch, 640 x 240, 64K color, liquid crystal display (LCD), with backlight, touch screen NEC VR4121, 168-MHz processor, optimized for Windows CE User Data Entry Methods 79-key QWERTY keyboard with stylus 17.5 mm alpha key pitch...
  • Page 89: Serial Interface

    Baud rate — FIR 4 Mbps maximum Distance — 2 to 20 inches Serial Interface Baud rate — 115.2 Kbps maximum I/O Ports Serial port (Direct Cable connection) IrDA port VGA port (output) Earphone Microphone Modem port Power port (DC in) Modem Data —...
  • Page 90 Main battery — One rechargeable Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery pack (included). Memory backup — Approximately 7 days (with depleted main battery) at ambient temperature of 73ºF (23ºC). Note The period for safe memory backup can vary with ambient temperature and other factors. Always make sure your MobilePro is powered off before you store it, and always recharge your MobilePro as soon as possible after depleting the main battery.
  • Page 91: Operating Environment

    Dimensions 9.64 in. (w) x 5.2 in. (d) x 1.13 in. (h) 245 mm (w) x 132 mm (d) x 28.8 mm (h) Weight 1.69 lb. (with battery) 770 grams (with battery) Operating Environment Temperature — 32º to 104ºF (0º to 40ºC) Humidity —...
  • Page 92 Note If you purchased this computer outside the U.S. and Canada please contact your local NEC dealer about the options available for your computer. Specifications B-5...
  • Page 93: Regulatory Statements

    Regulatory Statements for U.S. and Canada The following regulatory statements include the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Radio Frequency Interference Statement, the Note for Canada, battery disposal and replacement information, and the Declaration of Conformity. FCC Statement for United States Only expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment.
  • Page 94 If this happens, the telephone company will advise you in advance to make the necessary modifications to maintain uninterrupted service. If you have trouble with the MobilePro, please contact NEC Support Services at 1-800-632-4525 for repair and warranty information. If the...
  • Page 95 The Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 makes it unlawful for any person to use a computer or other electric device to send any message via a telephone fax machine unless such message clearly contains in a margin at the top or bottom of each transmitted page or on the first page of the transmission, the date and time it is sent and an identification of the business or other entity, or other individual sending the message and the telephone number of the sending machine or such business, other entity,...
  • Page 96 Note The Industry Canada label identifies certified equipment. This certification means that the equipment meets telecommunications network protective, operational and safety requirements as prescribed in the appropriate Terminal Equipment Technical Requirements document. The Department does not guarantee the equipment will operate to the user's satisfaction.
  • Page 97 A lithium battery in some computers maintains system configuration information. In the event that the battery fails to maintain system configuration information, NEC recommends that you replace the battery. For battery replacement information, call your local NEC dealer. incorrectly replaced. Replace only with the same or equivalent type recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Page 98: Battery Disposal

    Contact your local waste management officials for other information regarding the environmentally sound collection, recycling, and disposal of used batteries. If you purchased or are using this computer outside of the U.S. or Canada, contact a local NEC dealer in your country. 6 Regulatory Statements...
  • Page 99 In the event that the battery fails to maintain system configuration information, NEC CI recommends that you replace the battery. For battery replacement information, call your local NEC CI dealer. incorrectly replaced. Replace only with the same or equivalent type recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Page 100 Battery Disposal The main battery is a Lithium-Ion battery. The sub-battery is a Lithium-Vanadium battery. Do not place used batteries in your regular trash. The incineration, landfilling, or mixing of batteries with the municipal solid waste stream is prohibited by law in most areas. Contact your local waste management officials for other information regarding the environmentally sound collection, recycling and disposal of used batteries.
  • Page 101: Declaration Of Conformity

    NEC Computers Inc. NEC Computers International B.V. DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY We, the Responsible Party NEC Computers Inc. 15 Business Park Way Sacramento, CA 95828 NEC Computers International B.V. Nieuweweg 279 PO Box 337 6603 BN Wijchen declare that the product...
  • Page 102: Index

    Index AC adapter, 1-8 connecting, 1-8 AC power port, 2-6 Accessories, 1-5, B-4 Activating a connection, 5-6 Adjusting MobilePro settings, 4-9 panel brightness, 4-3 Auto Suspend, 4-4 Available options, B-4 Backing up and restoring data, 3-8 Backlight settings, 4-4 Battery determining status, 2-10 installing and charging, 1-5 precautions, 2-14...
  • Page 103 4-5 Windows key, 4-6 Lithium-Ion battery, 2-8 Microphone, 2-4 MobilePro power management, 2-11 settings, 4-9 Modem port, 2-7 NEC support services, A-3 Index-2 Opening the display panel, 2-9 Panel brightness, 4-3 PC cards eject button, 2-6 inserting, 4-12 removing, 4-14...
  • Page 104 battery, B-3 CompactFlash card slot, B-2 CPU, B-1 dimensions, B-4 display panel, B-1 I/O ports, B-2 infrared (IR) port, B-1 modem, B-2 operating environment, B-4 PC card slot, B-2 RAM, B-1 ROM, B-1 serial, B-2 speaker, B-1 storage environment, B-4 weight, B-4 Status LEDs, 2-4 Storage requirements, 2-16...

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